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Streets of Rage

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Streets of Rage

Portada de Streets of Rage
2/8/1991 (Mega Drive), 27/11/1992 (Game Gear)
Estados Unidos
1991 (Genesis), 1992 (Game Gear), 01/26/11 (PC)
1991 (Mega Drive), 1992 (Game Gear), 1993 (Master System)
B (mayores de 12 años)
Hilos oficiales

Pantalla de título.

Streets of Rage (conocido como Bare Knuckle o Bare Knuckle: Ikari no Tekken en Japón) es un videojuego de lucha callejera múltiple desarrollado por Sega en 1991 para su videoconsola doméstica Mega Drive. Poco después fue versionado para las otras consolas de Sega del momento, Master System y la portátil Game Gear. Fue una respuesta al Final Fight de Capcom, solo que el título de Sega introducía algunas novedades: Dos jugadores podían participar simultáneamente, un movimiento especial permitía al personaje golpear hacia atrás y era posible lanzar a tu compañero para golpear a los enemigos con una patada voladora.

Tuvo su lanzamiento en la Consola Virtual de Wii en 2007.




Axel, Adam and Blaze - ex-cops, the solution to punk pollution. The city's a war zone, and they're going out two at a time to give the gangs a kick in the guts. This is the ultimate in street combat. These city fighters are martial arts maniacs with a battery of 40 individually controllable attacks - including jabs, head butts, and overhead kicks. They're up against a mob of Kung-Fu creeps and axe-hurling fiends. On the streets it's only two of them against hordes of attacking scum. Slam into pipe-wielding weirdos and bash 'em with their own metal. Throw an uppercut or an elbow smash - these goons keep comin'!

This city was once a happy, peaceful place... Until one day, a powerful secret criminal organization took over. This vicious syndicate soon had control of the government and even the police force. The city has become a center of violence and crime where no one is safe.

Amid this turmoil, a group of determined young police officers has sworn to clean up the city. Among them are Adam Hunter, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding. They are willing to risk anything... Even their lives... on the... Streets Of Rage.

What was once a happy, peaceful, productive city

    full of life and activity, has fallen into the 
    hands of a secret criminal syndicate.  The 
    leader of the syndicate has somehow managed to
    keep his identity a secret.  The organization
    soon absorbed the city government (anyone can be
    had if the price is right).  They even have the
    metropolitan police force in their back pocket.
    Looting, random violence and destruction are
    rampant.  No one is safe walking the streets, 
    day or night...
    As the chaos continued at full strength, three
    young police officers tried to establish a 
    special attack unit.  They were repeatedly 
    refused by their superiors, most of whom had 
    either been bought by the organization or were
    too afraid to make a stand.  One day, when they
    could no longer stand by and watch their city
    being demolished, they quit the force!
    Adam Hunter, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding 
    decided to forego their careers in legal law
    enforcement and put their lives on the line.
    They are without weapons, but each possesses 
    great hand-to-hand combat abilities.  Take them
    into the heart of the city and battle the most
    dangerous wave of bad dudes and chicks ever
    assembled.  Make the city a place where people
    no longer have to walk the Streets of Rage!


Streets of Rage - Retrato Axel (Mega Drive).png Axel Stone
He's an ex cop in the city and is one of the ones who decided to take down the evil syndicate. His hobby is video game and has a fighting ability in martial arts. He's not really an all rounder but pack some punch with power though.

Streets of Rage - Retrato Adam Hunter (Mega Drive).png Adam Hunter
He's an ex cop in the city and is one of the ones who decided to take down the evil syndicate but later rejoin the police force in SOR2 and 3. His hobby is bonsai and has a fighting ability in boxing. He's only appearance is in this game if you don't mention ROM hacking.

Streets of Rage - Retrato Blaze (Mega Drive).png Blaze Fielding
She's an ex cop in the city and is one of the ones who decided to take down the evil syndicate but later join as private investigator in SOR2 and 3. Her hobby is lambada and has a fighting ability in judo. DShe's fast in attacks like in all SOR series but attack power is rather weaker.



Appearance: Wears a jacket (colors varies), jeans, brown shoes and hand pad. Abilities: Normal attacks like punching the character. Personally I think they are great and best of all Galsias in this appearance than among their three appearances of the SOR series. Moves fast so if you don't anticipate it in time, you will often get beaten up by them. Some of them tend to live longer. They also carry all sorts of weapons like knife and pipe in the game. Very commonly found in the game. They also can throw knife and seem to have unlimited knives that they can throw.


Appearance: Spike hair (color varies), wears a color vary coats, and brown boots Abilities: Sliding down to attack character, throwing character. To me, he's sliding is the best here among all the series because he can slide very far. Very good at throwing character so maater the UP + C move to counter throwing attacks from them.

Electra / Tundra

Appearance: Wears a sexy outfit (color varies) and carries a whip and a hat in this game. Abilities: Whipping attack's fast, can also feign death and takes a while before she rises up again which somehow taken away from her in SOR 2 and 3. Also can take damage as her lifespan is quite high. Quite commonly found in the game.


Appearance: Looks like Shiva in SOR2, with long hair. Abilities: His best attribute is speed and jumping. He can jump quite high. When he jumps towards you, chances are high he will do a straight kick towards you. Can also jump in speed also. He also has a surprising move of flying kick towards you with speed as his flying kick is fast and not flying kick high so the chances are quite high that he nails you.


Appearances: Looks like a clown while he does a juggling act Abilities: He juggles some weapons but sometimes juggle nothing. In range, he will throw weapons towards you so take note of that. Also hit away his weapons when he comes near you. If not, you will get damage. Very irritating fellow, but I do miss him in SOR 2 and 3. Don't know while Sega chose to remove him though.

Note: Take note that they do not have names, but is found out later in SOR 2 and 3 except for Clown.

Mecánica de juego

Axel lucha en el primer escenario de Streets of Rage.

El jugador recibe puntos por cada enemigo derrotado. Al finalizar cada nivel, también ganará una bonificación de finalización (Clear Bonus):

Clear Bonus - 20.000 puntos.
Time Bonus - 100 puntos/segundo.
Level Bonus - 10.000 puntos (+10.000 por cada nivel de dificultad por encima de Normal).
Player Bonus - 1.000 puntos/vida (+1.000 por cada nivel de dificultad por encima de Fácil).

El jugador obtendrá una vida adicional (1UP) por cada 50.000 puntos acumulados. Las vidas también se pueden encontrar en forma de objetos en los escenarios.
Ataque especial
El ataque especial consiste en un ataque de gran potencia que solamente puede ejecutarse una vez durante la partida. El juego queda paralizado y aparece un coche de la policía del que asoma un agente con un lanzacohetes. El agente dispara, y una explosión de fuego rodea el área donde se encontrase el personaje del jugador.


Botella - Golpea a los enemigos con la parte rota.
Navaja (se puede lanzar) - No muy efectiva, pero cuando es lanzada el daño al oponente es letal.
Tubería - Bastante potente, pero de ataque lento.
Bate de Baseball - Bastante potente, pero de ataque lento.
Pimentero - Aturde a los enemigos durante algún tiempo.

Objetos de bonificación
Manzana: Regain some health
Pollo: Recupera toda la salud.
Lingote de Oro: Recibe 5000 puntos.
Bolsa de Dinero: Recibe 1000 puntos.
1 up: Gana una vida.
Coche: Puede tener un ataque especial adicional (se encuentra raramente).


Fase 1 - Calle de la Ciudad
Jefe de Nivel: Boomer

Quite big size, but in SOR 2 he degraded in power but not variety in attacks.
Attacks: Can throw knife like broomarang that returns to him. When near, he

delivers a kick to the face which is quite damaging.

Estrategia: Just be near him and punch him fast and do the most damaging combos

you can dish out. Be slow he will kick you to the face so take note of that. Be offensive and don't let him be offensive or he will dish out some attacks. Easy boss to beat though.

Summarise attacks: His attacks: · Knife throwing · Straight kick to the face

Fase 2 - Interior de la Ciudad
Jefe de Nivel: Zamza
Quite big size, but in SOR 2 he is still quite powerful with more

attacks which I will not cover.

Attacks: When near, he does the slashing attack at you. If you jump, he will

teleport with slashing attack so don't jump.

Comment: If you jump, he will teleport with slashing attack so don't jump.Just

be near him and attack him with combos and you will beat him. He can't do anything to you when you are far away from him unlike the first boss.

Summarise attacks: His attacks: · Slashing attacks · Teleport in speed

Fase 3 - Frente a la Playa
Jefe de Nivel: ABADEDE
He's also appeared in SOR 2, but more powerful in SOR 2. The size

and shape is also still the same except for new moves added to him in SOR 2.

Ataques: Once you are in range, he will run towards you and deliver a punch at

you. I think it's only attack, but he moves rather fast and when you hit him down, he gets up and retreats quickly so you can say that he best attribute is speed and you must time right to beat him down.

Estrategia: Just lure him to run towards you and then move away or punch him when

he exactly near you(timing must be right). Then quicky move back and hit him and slam him with combos and repeat it until you beat him. Only thing you will need to worry about is timing as well as enemies during the boss time.

Summarise attacks: His attacks: · Dashing and gives you a punch(straight death) · Move in speed · Grab you and throw you and gives you a dashing punch(straight death)

Fase 4 - Puente en Construcción
Jefe de Nivel: Big Ben
Found in SOR 2 and 3, but not so powerful than in this game. He's

quite powerful, but in SOR 2 and 3, he degraded a bit but has added some new moves for him.

Ataques: When he starts to attack, he will stop for a while and open his mouth

and move quickly towards you with a flame from his mouth with a range and hits you and do not slam him because he will topple on you and damage you even more so don't bother to grab him and slam him.

Estrategia: Just move towards him and grab him and press attack twice to hit him

and then let go and then grab him again and repeat. Very easy boss to beat. When he does his only attack, just move away and find a chance and use the strategy and you will beat him easily.

Summarise attacks: His attacks: · Dashing with flame attack (Can kill or damage you badly) · Topple over you when you try to slam him

Fase 5 - A Bordo del Barco
Jefe intermedio: Abadede

Jefe de Nivel: Mona y Lisa
Found in SOR 3 but this game they are better because they are

quite hard to kill and they also have your power of throwing and slamming as well as flying kick.

Ataques: Pain in the neck man. They always jump around which is rather

difficult to beat them or even damage them. When near you they will throw you or slam you depending on how they grab you. At times they will jump with a flying kick towards you so time may be your enemy yet because they jump around and quite difficult to damage them so do damage them fast though.

Estrategia: Move around and wait for one of them to land and grab her and damage

her with combos but at times, but they will grab and throw you so if time is running out, use the special attack which you will have two and keep waiting for them to land down and damage them and you will defeat them.

Summarise attacks: Their attacks: · Jump around, quite difficult to damage them · Jump and do a flying kick towards you · Grabs you and throws you · Grabs you and slams you

Fase 6 - La Fábrica
Jefe intermedio: Big Ben
Jefe de Nivel: Zamza x 2
Quite big size, but in SOR 2 he is still quite powerful with more attacks which I will not cover.
Ataques: When near, he does the slashing attack at you. If you jump, he will

teleport with slashing attack so don't jump. Comment: If you jump, he will teleport with slashing attack so don't jump. Just be near him and attack him with combos and you will beat him. He can't do anything to you when you are far away from him unlike the first boss. This time you will meet two of them, which is quite hard. Moreover, they always stick close to each other so when you hit one, the other will hit you. So try to move around and seperate them and take them down one at a time or use the special attack if they are going to hit you because they bring a lot of damage.

Summarise attacks: His attacks: · Slashing attacks ( more powerful) · Teleport in speed

Fase 7 - Montacargas
Sin jefe
Cada vez que el ascensor se detenga, el jugador deberá hacer frente a una oleada de adversarios.

Fase 8 - Cuartel General del Sinditaco
Jefe intermedio 1: Boomer
Jefe intermedio 2: Zamza
Jefe intermedio 3: ABADEDE
Jefe intermedio 4: Big Ben
Jefe intermedio 5: Mona y Lisa
Jefe Final: Mr. X
The boss of the syndicate, appear in all SOR series but more involve in SOR and SOR 2. Same pattern of attacks throughout the SOR and SOR 2 with only slight improvement from SOR.
Ataques: Stays at the top corner and shoots/sprays bullets all over the place.

He also uses weapon to attack character and moves around fast. But most importantly, there's a constant pour of enemies which make it difficult to damage him because you are surrounded by enemies. This is the only stage you can't use a special attack.

Estrategia: Move near to him and hit combos whenever you can. When he sprays

bullet, go to the corner where he is to avoid being caught in open fire. Just stick close and damage him and you will defeat him and the game ends with the story which ever choices you choose will constitude to a different ending.

Summarise attacks: His attacks: · Stays at a corner and sprays bullets all over the place · Move very fast · Use weapon to attack character · Constant pour of enemies until he's defeated · Weapon hit constitude to straight death


Creadores de Streets of Rage

  • Diseñador - Atsumiya Seishi.
  • Diseñadores del Juego - Atsumiya Seishi, Nandemo, Rascal Fuku-Chan Udi.
  • Compositor Musical - Yuzo Koshiro.
  • Programador - Momonga Momo, Little Sun.
  • Sonido - Takayuki Nakamura.
  • Agradecimientos Especiales a - Bo, Ore, Kottu, Thunder, Yamaichi, Scott.



  • El coche de policía que dispara el ataque especial es el mismo coche de la cyber-policía de E-SWAT, un viejo videojuego de Sega.
  • Streets of Rage ha sido reeditado en las siguientes versiones o antologías:
6-Pak - Genesis - 1996.
Mega 6 Vol. 3 - Mega Drive.
Mega Games 2 - Mega Drive.
Mega Games 6 - Mega Drive.
Sega Classics Arcade Collection (5-in-1) - Mega CD.
Sega Classics Arcade Collection 4-in-1 - Mega CD.
Sonic Gems Collection - PlayStation 2, GameCube.
Sega Mega Drive Classic Collection: Gold Edition - PC.
Blaze SEGA Megadrive Handheld - Streets of Rage Edition - SOAC de AtGames - 2010.
SEGA Genesis Classics Pack 4 - PC.
Sega Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage - Xbox 360.
Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection - Xbox 360, PlayStation 3.
  • La versión de Game Gear carece de la fase 6 y tiene solo dos personajes protagonistas.
  • El edificio Empire State aparece dibujado en las carátulas norteamericana y europea.
  • La versión de Master System no permite el juego cooperativo de dos jugadores.
  • Streets of Rage was ported to Sega's Mega-Tech arcade hardware shortly after the home console release in 1991. A working ROM does exist for this coin-op version, compatible with MAME 0.146 [Thanks to DarkValentine] but the physical cartridge is now extremely rare. The game is identical to the JP Mega Drive release (Bare Knuckle) in pretty much every detail, slight technical differences aside.
  • Streets of Rage was developed by many of the people from Team Shinobi, who were responsible for Revenge of Shinobi.
  • All versions of SOR/BK are multi-language and are not chiplocked to prevent use on machines from different territories. Change the country setting on your Megadrive (by fiddling with the insides) or your emulator to do this.
  • Blaze guiña un ojo en la pantalla de selección de personaje tras esperar algunos segundos.
  • In 2012, to coincide with the release of the SOR trilogy on Xbox Live Arcade, SEGA re-released the official soundtracks for all 3 games, along with a special club mix disc, in this commemorative 4-disc release
  • El enemigo Garcia se parece mucho a unos punkies de la primera fase del videojuego Batman basado en la película de 1989.
  • In 1991 Sega teamed up with Tiger Electronics, Inc. to produce a standalone Streets of Rage LCD handheld video game, as part of its "Pocket Arcade" series. Ideal for younger kids, the game was pretty basic and contained 6 levels, with Axel, Blaze and Adam all playable.
  • En el 2010 fue lanzada al mercado una edición limitada de consola portátil "Streets Of Rage Sega Mega Drive Portable" de la empresa "Blaze" (coincidiendo con el nombre de la luchadora protagonista, además). Incluía 18 juegos grabados en memoria, que incluían versiones emuladas de Streets of Rage y Streets of Rage 3. Extrañamente, Streets of Rage II faltaba en la lista de juegos.
  • En el 2012 Sega encargó a Jane Evelyn Nisperos, también conocida como Chibi-Tech, producir música "chiptune" completamente nueva para acompañar las pantallas de menú en Streets of Rage de su "Sega Vintage Collection" para Xbox Live Arcade.
  • La modificación gratuita Beats of Rage está basada en Streets of Rage.


Modo Cheat
Highlight the "Options" selection on the main menu, hold Right + A + B + C on controller two, and press Start on controller one. This will allow level selection and game play with seven lives.
Continuaciones adicionales:
En la pantalla de título presiona "Izquierda", "Izquierda", "B", "B", "B", "C", "C", "C", "Start".
Vidas de bonificación
Press Start at the end of a level before the point total is calculated for an additional life. Up to nine lives can be accumulated. Wait until the count is done at the end of each level before proceeding. You will sometimes get more lives.
Selección de Nivel y Vidas
Go to the main menu. Hold down (A) + (B) + (C) + RIGHT on controller 2 while selecting Options on controller 1 (best if done with two people). You can now select how many lives you start with and which stage to start on.
Selección de Nivel (Master System)
At the Player Select screen, press Right 20 times. Then press the 1 button once for each stage you want to skip, then select your character and press 2 to start.
Puntos adicionales
Defeat the level 3 Boss and use the special weapon before he lands on the ground to receive a 5,000 point bonus.
Opciones Secretas
Press Start on controller two at the title screen. Use controller two to highlight the "Options" selection, hold A + B on controller two and press Start on controller one. The "Easiest" and "Mania" difficulty levels may now be selected.
Un único Jefe en el modo 2 jugadores
Begin game play in one player mode, then press Start on controller two when player one appears. Only one Boss will appear during the game, which will switch to two player mode.

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