[hilo oficial] • Espgaluda II - Black Label

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Plataforma: Exclusivo de XBOX 360
Nombre original: エスプガルーダ II
Genero: Soohting
Desarrolla: Cave
Jugadores: 1 o 2
Fecha de salida: 25 de Febrero 2010
Region: Region free (solo la edicion normal)


- Asagi -

- Ageha -

- Tateha -


Modos de juego:


- Novice: es el modo mas facil, aqui la velocidad del juego es inferior al resto y hay menos disparos, ideal para principiantes.

- Arrange: nivel medio de juego, a sido diseñado por Shinobu Yagawa, es probable que incluya algún tipo de sistema de rango por el cual el juego se hace cada vez más difícil... En este modo podras repeler el disparo enemigo con tu propio disparo.

- Black Label: el modo mas dificil y rapido del juego, a sido diseñado por Tsuneki Ikeda, en el podremos controlar a un nuevo personaje.

- Otros modos: Xbox 360 y Omake!

Aqui dejo una explicacion detallada de los distintos modos:
buemo pues aqui dejo la explicacion de los modos de juego, la cual e sacado de los foros de shmups:

Black Label

- Asagi is replaced by Seseri.

- New chaining bar, it's at the top of the screen. The multiplier for canceling bullets now goes to 1000x, and it will won't reset as long as this chaining bar doesn't drop to zero. You build the chain bar up by killing enemies and canceling bullets. In Kakusei and Zesshikai it drops much slower. In either Over mode it also slows down but not nearly as much.

- New 'Invincibility' bar that is used in Zesshikai mode, replaces the Player 2 bomb meter. It builds up from canceling bullets and drains slowly over time.

- Extends at ... ?

Normal Mode:
- Your shot now bullet cancels like Kakusei mode used to. You still get Gems for killing and more for point blanking. You can cancel respawned bullets this way too.
- Your chain bar drops off rapidly in this mode.

Kakusei Mode:
- Killing stuff in Kakusei mode causes them to shit out a lot of suicide bullets, but it doesn't cancel bullets anymore.

Zesshikai Mode:
- New 'Hyper' Meter replaces the P2 bomb meter. It fills up when you collect gold. While in Zesshikai, it appears over you as that dark green circular meter. You seem to be completely invincible during this. It takes a while to start dropping but then drops very fast.
- You can buzz bullets in Zesshikai, but not Zesshikai Over. Causes bullets to split, so you can get a lot more bullets on the screen by doing this. You can make bullets split more than once too.
- No idea what happens when you kill stuff in Zesshikai.

Over Mode:
- Kakusei Over doesn't cause enemies to shit out suicide bullets. Also doesn't seem to give you anything for killing enemies.
- You can cancel bullets in Zesshikai Over but they don't turn into gold. Seems to cause some limited bullet respawn. Respawned bullets seem to give gold when canceled.

Seseri Stuff:
- Normal Shot is just a strait linear, in Kakusei it has trailing options that seem to slightly arc with your movement and shoot blueish bullets. Seems pretty similar to Asagi.
- Normal Laser is just a strait forward set of small lasers. Kakusei Laser has 'aimable' shots kind of like Sakyura, they aim in the opposite way you are going, like Trace formation from Garegga.

Arrange Mode

- You can stock up to 1000 gems now. Gold still capped at 1000.
- Extends every 100m points.
- You start with 5 lives.

- There are more bullet colors now:
Blue = Cancel with Shot (turns into Gems)
Pink = Cancel with Laser (turns into Gems)
Purple = Can't be canceled with shot/laser. Can be canceled by killing the parent in Kakusei/Zesshikai. Fairly rare but respawned bullets are this color too.
Dark Purple = Can't be canceled with shot/laser. Blue/Pink change to this color in Kakusei/Zesshikai, and can be canceled just like Purple bullets.
Dark Red = Bullets change to this color in Over mode. Can be canceled with anything, turn into gold (which is just worth points it seems).

Normal Mode:
- Shot Cancels Blue Bullets, Laser Cancels Red Bullets. They turn into Gems.
- If your gems are maxed out, canceled bullets still turn into Gems (not Gold).
- Switching into Laser or back to Shot causes you to LOSE Gems! You lose 5% (rounded down) of your current stock.
- No Autobomb.
- If you try to activate Kakusei while completely out of gold/gems, you just get a barrier instead.

Kakusei Mode:
- Basically the same as normal. Multiplier still caps at 100x, all bullets cancel and turn into gold.

Zesshikai Mode:
- Basically the same as normal? Bullets will only respawn once though.
- Respawned bullets are light Purple in color but can be canceled as in the normal game.

Over Mode:
- Consumes Gold. All bullets turn Dark Red and can be canceled with Shot or Laser, they turn into gold bars when canceled but it isn't added to your gold meter. The size of the gold bars increases the longer you are in this mode, and they seem to be worth a lot of points at max value.
- If you run out of gold while in Over, you switch back to normal mode.

Omake Mode

- New 'Total' Counter at the top of the screen. Builds up over the course of the level. Seems to directly relate to scoring. Drains rapidly while fighting bosses.
- Grabbing gems or gold increases your total counter.
- When you grab a gem or gold, it displays your Total counter above your character, and below that it shows a small +counter. This +counter is the number of that item you have in stock currently (so if you have 400 gems, it shows +400).

- Gems seem to not have much value, but Gold is multiplied by your Total Counter?

- Extends at 15m and 35m as normal.
- You can get the extend in Stage 3 even if you have bombed. You just need Kakusei to do it.

- Some large enemies will play the 'almost dead' voice like bosses do.

- You can't activate bomb manually??
- You will always autobomb when hit. It only costs maybe 1/8th your meter? But you can choose to charge longer and use additional meter.
- Bombing bullets turns them into gems. They will not turn into gold even if your gems are full.
- Killing enemies with bombs still causes them to drop items.
- Getting 1000 Gold refills your bomb meter by 50%.

- Having full Bomb and Gold plays a unique sound. When here, you can activate a special Zesshikai mode?

Normal Mode:
- When bullets get close to you, they turn red and slow down. You can cancel these bullets somehow and they turn into gems. They will never turn into gold even if your gems are full.
- Killing enemies drops gems as normal, but if you are maxed on gems, they drop gold instead.
- If you kill a boss form in this mode, all of the bullets cancel into gems.

Kakusei Mode:
- Killing enemies makes the coin insert sound. :I
- Your circular meter is doing something weird. It has three colors (red/green/yellow) and drains rapidly. It fills back up when you kill stuff.
- Total counter drains slowly in this mode.
- Switching into or out of Kakusei mode causes all red bullets around you to cancel, but they don't turn into gems!

- If you switch out of Kakusei after killed a boss form, you may cause some of the bullets to turn into gems and some into gold.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

tambien dejo mas informacion sobre dichos modos de juego ademas de personajes, guias, jefes de pantalla y mas cosas...

History, etc.

* 07.27.06 - some clean up, got rid of superfluous info
* 05.14.06 - added requirements for Shin Seseri
* 01.16.06 - added the two zesshikai and bullet speed graphs
* 01.08.06 - added a bit of info to the kakusei shikai section
* 12.28.05 - deleted a part that I think was wrong, added valuable bug & gem collecting info
* 12.25.05 - changed the order of some things; added info on getting hit
* 12.22.05 - fixed the clear bonus and added comments
* 12.18.05 - added some kakusei over info
* 12.13.05 - added links and more scoring info
* 12.10.05 - added boss strategies

Background & Basics:
-Zako: A "popcorn" enemy. Basically the enemies that die with one hit..
-Hakkyou: A term which literally means "to go mad" but in Galuda II is referred to when the bosses spit out a stupid amount of bullets, in excess of 500 on screen at once, to be precise.

Each of the three characters has two firing attacks. Like most Cave games, presseing the button repeatedly will fire a shot, keeping ship speed the same. Holding the button down will result in the lapia (laser), and ship speed will decrease. Note each character's specifcs in their own section.

Guard Barrier:
Like it's prequel, ESPGaluda II has the guard barrier in place of bombs. Pressing the guard barrier (C button) once, without holding it down will result in losing 25% of your remaining guage. Holding it down will result in a greater amount, relative to how long the button was held. The longer you hold down the button, the more damage is dealt. Notice that destroying items with the guard barrier will not generate gems. As talked about later, auto guard barrier results in losing 50% of your guage in kakusei mode, and 100% in kakusei zesshikai.

Hit Box:
The hit box is a very small area on the character's back. When holding the fire buton down, the hit box will shine.


* Ageha: The most well-rounded of the characters. Character on the left of the character select screen. Male, becomes female in kakusei mode. Like in the original ESPGaluda, shoots straight, but can achieve an angle if he fires as he moves laterally. In kakusei mode, his laser is strengthened.
* Tateha: Said by some as the most challenging of the three characters. A female, that becomes male in kakusei mode. The character on the right during the stage select. Shoots in a spread fashion, but moves much slower than Ageha or Asagi. In kakusei mode, her shot is strengthened.
* Asagi: The newest character, is in the middle/top of the character select. Her shot is strong linear, but she has ghosts (otpions) that trail her. Her shot shoots a laser, and the ghosts have a sort of homing function. Shooting laser in kakusei mode results in ghosts surrounding an enemy and shooting him directly. [Not sure exactly what decides which enemy is sorrounded]. She seems extremely weak when she starts off, but is the strongest of the three in at full power, which happens during stage 3. It's said that the boss fights towards the end of the game are easiest with Asagi.
* Tsubame: First stage boss.
* Madara: 2nd stage mid-boss and 4th stage boss. Most (JPN) forums refer to him by his is a nickname, Wehha, due to his (wehhahaa) laugh.
* Janome: 3rd stage boss, Tsubame's older sister. Pronounced JAH-NO-ME (as in merit).
* Ikare Seseri: 5th stage boss. Bullet patterns intensify if reached with specific criteria met. No miss + Kakusei Over Level 3.


* Normal Mode: This is the mode that the game is started in. Destroying enemies results in collecting gems. Getting hit by a bullet or enemy in this mode will result in a loss of life. Gem counter will go to 250. Kakusei level, shot strength, and gold count remain the same.
* Kakusei Shikai: The mode you enter by pressing B. In this mode, bullets go slower, and are turned to gold if you destroy the enemy firing them which are intern factored by a multiplier for higher points. The multiplier maxes at x100 in this mode. Only gems deplete in this mode. Destroying enemies in this mode will consume extra gems, depending on their size. Hitting a bullet or enemy in this mode will trigger the auto-barrier. This will result in depletion of 50% of the total guard barrier bar. If less than 50% remains, it will then be empty. No gems or gold are lost. If no guard barrier remains when getting his, this will result in the loss of one life.
* Kakusei Zesshikai: Entered by pressing and holding B, in this mode bullet patterns often become more fierce, but the multiplier is maxed at x500. Note that bullets in this mode are not turned into gold, but actually spawn more bullets. Gold and gems both deplete in this mode.
* Kakusei Shikai Over: This mode is entered when player either presses B with no gems, or gem counter reaches zero in kakusei mode. Bullets speed up, and become red. Destroying enemies in this mode render one gold, and are not factored by a multiplier. Getting hit by a bullet in this mode will trigger the auto barrier, and will consume the entire barrier meter. Arcade translated the gold depletion rate opposed to gem depletion as follows:

Stage 1 500 gems 999 gold
Stage 2 500 gems 999 gold
Stage 3 500 gems 666 gold
Stage 4 500 gems 666 gold
Stage 5 500 gems 499 gold
Stage 6 500 gems 499 gold

Unlike regular kakusei mode, destroying enemies in this mode results in very small (if any) loss of gems. A chart for both modes is listed below (as found in Arcadia).
Boss Normal Enemy Zako
Kakusei -60 -25 -5
Zesshikai -50 -10 0

Striking a bullet in this mode will trigger the auto-barrier, and will result in the loss of the entire remaining barrier gauge. Mode will then be changed to Kakusei, where normal kakusei rules apply. The multiplier should pick up where it left off, but will not exceed x100. Note that if you continue to kill enemies in this mode thinking you're in zesshikai, you will find your gem counter hit zero, very fast. Other than the cost of going form zesshikai to regular kakusei, there is no loss of gems or gold. If no guard barrier remains when getting his, results will be the same as dying.
* Kakusei Zesshikai Over: Entered when gem counter reaches zero in kakusei zesshikai mode, or if attempting to enter zesshikai mode with a gem counter of zero. This mode cannot be entered with a gold count of zero. Hitting a bullet or enemy in this mode will trigger the auto-barrier, and consume the entire barrier gauge. If no gauge remains, a life is lost.


* Gems: Gems (seiseki) are collected when defeating enemies, and are used in the two kakusei modes. In the original game, destroying enemies in the top 20% or so of the screen resulted in a small amount of bonus gems. This seems to not be the case this time. For starters, the gem counter is incremented in 1's when enemies are destroyed with the shot (from a far distance), and in 2's, when destroying them with the lapia. By getting as close to the enemy as possible and shotting with the shot, more gems should be produced. You can test this on the first stage. Up to the first cannon, if you kill everything with the shot from the bottom of the screen, you should have about 200 gems. If you kill everything with the lapia, you should have about 230 gems. If you kill everything from a short distance, you should have 250-260 gems. Bosses act in a similar manner. Finishing the first form of the Stage 1 boss with the shot results in 22 gems, whereas the lapia results in 44. Finishing this form with the shot from almost zero distance will result in 88 gems. NOTE: I have gotten 22 gems when killing the boss with the lapia, so there are still some unknowns.
* Kakusei Level: Like in the first game, there is a kakusei level. Stay in either kakusei mode with no gems, and a dial will circle your character in counter-clockwise motion. When it finishes (at level 4) the dial will disappear. The higher the kakusei level, the more gems are generated from defeated enemies in normal mode, and more gold is generated in either kakusei over mode. Red bullets will also travel faster in relation to the kakusei level. Unlike the previous installment, your kakusei level is retained when you die.
* Scoring:
Still no specifics are known, but it appears that not all bullets have the same base value. Specifically, bullets that are spawned by other bullets and by killing enemies do not result in that many points, even if applied to a x500 multiplier. As such, destroying an enemy (IE, a boss) with 500 bullets on screen will yield a far higher score than chaining several zako together, even though you can get a considerable more amount of x500s. This should be apparent from the level 1 video floating around on the net. Towards the end of the stage, the player gets quite a few x500's, but only makes about 5 million points total. On the boss, he only gets the multiplier up to x400, but gets close to the same amount of points.
* Clear Bonus
o Basic Bonus: 10,000,000
o Each Life: 20,000,000
o Barrier: Max 10,000,000
o Each Gold: 10,000
o This is what it says, but I got about 80 million as my clear bonus, with no remaining lives, about half my barrier, and however many gold you get when you kill the last boss.

Other Useful Stuff:
Boss Fights:

* Gold:Some noticeable differences occur during boss fights. For starters, your gold is continually depleted. The longer the boss fight, the more gold you lose. As far as I know, gold is lost at the same rate as the first game.
* Zesshikai Notes:
o Only in boss fights, bullets cancelled in Zesshikai do not spawn other bullets, regardless of whether the boss fight is ending or not.
o Certain patterns will result in double or more the amount of bullets. Unfortunately, you often have to wait a while for these patterns.
o Finishing off a bar section (IE - triggering the multiplier bonus) in a boss fight in zesshikai makes the gem and gold counter behave like regular kakusei mode. That is, after the multiplier is triggered, both counters will be depleted by a certain amount.


* 1-UP item: This is a multi-step process:
o Destroy all the parts on the Stage 3 mid-boss (3 on the left, 3 on the right)
o Don't use your barrier (including auto) from the mid-boss until the life item
o At the very end of the stage, as you get the energy replenishing item, there's a spot on the left with two brownshaped cones. One is slightly to the left and up from the other. Shoot this area in Zesshikai mode for a 1-up item.
* Shin Seseri: No-miss up to Seseri (stage 5 boss) in Kakusei Level at 3. 1-Player mode only.
* Stage 2 Gem/Gold Fountain: Destroying the Stage 2 midboss (Madara) quickly (guard barrier or a lot of gems required) will result in the turret at the end of the battle ship when the screen scrolls horizontally to give off a fountain either gems or gold. The strategy book accompanying the DVD says it's random, but some evidence proves otherwise. Not destroying the first battleship (at the first of the stage) seems to throw things in favor of the fountain giving off gems (the more beneficial of the two).

Advice for clearing:

* MAX Kakusei level is a must. Even if you die, kakusei level is retained. The kakusei meter speed also dosen't change if you're shooting or at a standstill.
* Kakusei Zesshikai is not only for points. Gems and gold in Zesshikai mode only deplete with time, not enemies killed like in normal Kakusei mode. In Zesshikai, there are many safe places throughout the game that would be otherwise difficult. Stage 5 goes to reverse-vertical scroll, and when the Alice clones pop out on stage 6 to name a few.
* Close up Zesshikai with normal Kakusei. When leaving Zesshikai mode, depending on how many enemies you killed, you'll have quite a few bullets to dodge through... sometimes an impossible amount. If you've saved some gems, go into normal kakusei mode, and kill anything on the screen to cancel these bullets. The multiplier will only go to 100, and they won't turn to gold, but it is a much safer route.


* Rank: The only things related to rank thus far are the stage 2 fountain and True Seseri. All boss bullet patterns are sequential - with no variations.
* Tutorial bug: During the tutorial, as your character starts shooting enemies and gems appear, before the character in the demo grabs them and they're added to the counter, press the start/fire button to start the game. You will start with this many gems.
* Seseri's Stand: For those that don't know how to use Google's language tools, the writing on Seseri's podium say, "Shinra, my homeland" in German.
* Sound bugs:Perhaps limited to my board, or even my ears, it seems that some special effect sounds are sometimes muted... even the extend chime.
* Stage 2 Freeze Bug: There's some situations where the game will freeze when getting the power up item just before the Stage 2 boss. This has also been reported to happen on the Stage 2 mid-boss.
* Life up bug:
(This may be bullshit)
A very bad bug that I've not gotten to test myself, but apparently one can really abuse this one to help with a 1CC. I believe for it to work, you need to be on the last form of the 2nd boss, with a score under 35 millon (or whatever the 2nd extend is). Suicide, then go into zesshikai during his hakkyou for big scoring. When the 1UP is triggered at 35 million, you should have 7 full life containers. Picking up the 1UP item on stage 3 will give you another life, but the containers will not extend past 7.

UPDATE: There's a video out there where the player has 7 life containers, so I think this one is real, although I'm not 100% sure if that's how it works.

Advanced Strategy
We're now getting into my realm of trial (and moreso) error, so take everything with a grain of salt.

A bit beyond the basics of scoring:
The main gist of it is to raise the gem and gold counter, and then destroy enemies in zesshikai mode. In the original, you would aim for an enemy that shot out a lot of bullets. For the most part, that idea still remains, but to take full advantage of the multiplier, you'll almost always have to chain a few enemies - preferrably ones that are firing. As stated before, any cancelled bullets spawn more bullets, which is where the chaining comes in. Also worth noting is that killing an enemy that has shot no bullets results in a "spiral" of bullets that shoot in multiple directions. This can be beneficial, as you can in theory rack up points even from enemies that don't fire. A very simple example would be the following. Let's say there's 3 enemies on the screen, and I've got the benefit of killing them when I want. The first one shoots of 100 bullets. I enter zesshikai and blow him away. For the first bullet, the multiplier is at x1, and for the last it's at x100. Great. Now, all 100 of those bullets spawn more bullets. I'm not sure exactly how many, but we'll say 1 for 1 to keep it easy. Now, I kill enemy number two who has also shot 100 bullets (that are still on screen mind you). After killing him, the counter starts at x101, and will go up to x300 as there are 100 respawned bullets and hundred normal bullets on screen. I go to enemy #3 who has only shot 50 bullets. The counter starts at x301, and quickly goes to x500, as there are 250 bullets on screen. I now get x500 for every bullet on screen when any enemy on screen is destroyed. If more enemies appear on screen, great. Killl them, and keep the x500's coming. That is, the very simple way of looking at it. The down side is that spawned bullets do not give as many points as bullets that are shot. It can still be a great scoring opportunity, but not as good as a boss that spams bullets.

The Dangers of Zesshikai:
There are two things that take a while to get used two.

First, things can quickly get messy, so thinking out where is a good place to go into zesshikai is half the battle. Doing it on a midboss where you're surrounded by bullets might be the answer, but you're going to have some bullets chasing you. There's a small frame of time where these bullets are harmless. Now is a good time to haul balls across the screen and kill another zako to rack up some points. There are only two ways to get rid of the respawned bullets at this point. Go out of zesshikai into normal mode, and then back into normal kakusei mode, and kill something. Youll be awarded an x100 multiplier for each bullet, but recieve no gold and this will require a handful of gems, but the bullets will be gone. The other method is to let the bullets go offscreen, which isn't always that hard, but always carries a certain amount of risk. Everytime the bullets respawn, they will eventually start coming for you. This will require you to think ahead, but if there's ample space, you can easily lead the bullets offscreen, and don't have to waste any gems to "clean up" the screen.

Secondly, there's a small lag between killing the enemy, and the bullets respawning. If you kill one too fast, the bullet's will not respond. This will suck b/c you don't make as many points (in theory), and the bullets are most likely on a direct path to mess you up. If you're one of those players that likes to dash across a screen full of bullets during the respawn (when it's safe) you might have only half a screen full of harmless, spawning bullets, and another half full of painfully harmful real ones. Unfortunately, there's really no way around this other than putting in a little lag between each enemy you destroy. If you go into zesshikai mode and start blasting, you just have to figure out what bullets are spawning and which aren't.

Fans of the original game might find the new mode a bit hard to get used to. The safety of normal kakusei isn't really there. In fact, there are only a few places where the zesshikai is truly a safer option. The biggest danger of all though, is actually leaving the zesshikai mode. It seems that onscreen bullets simply change speed at random. There is, however, some conformity to this. Understanding what you're up against when you leave zesshikai mode will help. Below is a chart of bullet speeds from Aracdia. It's rather cryptic in itself. As best as I can make it, the different occurences are:

Regular = is the mode before or after kakusei
At Start = this is the "entering" of the mode phase
During = obviously, during the mode
At Stop = the split second gap between during, and regular.

Bullet Types are
Regular = regular bullets
Respawn = bullets that are spawned from enemies, or other bullets.
Changing = the stage inbetween the two above types.

Condition | Bullet | Regular | At Start | During | At Stop
Kakusei | Regular | Normal | Slow | Slow | Slow
| Respawn | Slow | Normal | Normal | Fast
Zesshikai | Regular | Normal | Slow | Medium | Medium
| Changing | Slow | Stop | Stop | Stop
| Respawn | Slow | Normal | Normal | Fast

Raising the Kakusei Level:
For scoring or clearing, maxing one's kakusei level is a must. Much like the first game, doing at least most of it on stage 1 is not a bad idea. Considering you can get 900+ gold long before the stage 1 mid-boss, this is an ideal time to get it out of the way. One can gain 2 kakusei levels by going into kakusei over mode a bit after the big cannon (lefthand side of the screen) and ending just into the mid-boss's first attack. Make sure not to destroy his claws in kakusei mode... the gems will come in handy later. If you're not a stickler for score, doing it again at the end of stage 1 just before the boss is okay, but you likely lose a good zesshikai opportunity. The beginning of stage 2 is also a place where point loss is minimal. The beginning of stage 3 is okay, but that's a little late in the game.

Boss Strats:

* Stage 1: Pretty standard. Does a hakkyou in his 2nd form, 3rd (?) wave. There's a higher scoring opportunity, but requires the player to go to the far upper right corner at the right moment, enter zesshikai, and then destroy the boss.
* Stage 2: Also pretty easy. Has a few Mushihime-sama-esque patterns. Features one true hakkyou on his 3rd and final form, 1st wave, and not a hakkyou, but enough bullets to hit x500 if zesshikai mode is entered quick enough, on the 2nd wave of his 2nd form. You can even get up to around X475 relatively easily on the last wave of his first form, for a total of three zesshikai scoring opportunities, assuming you have the gems.
* Stage 3: The first boss with some genuine difficulty, particularly the pattern on her final form. Staying in the middle is tricky, to say the least. Before the pattern starts, try going almost all the way to either the right or left side. Does a hakkyou twice, but neither in very opportune times. The first is the end of the 3rd wave on her 1st form. Inconvenient (for at least Ageha players) as if you're continually firing your rapier, you'll kill her too fast. Slow it down, or do some dodging and go into zesshikai just before she fires the third round of round bullets (in all directions). A scream marks the first round, so you can't miss it.. Kill her too fast or too late, and you won't get to x500. Her 2nd hakkyou is like the first but worse. You have to wait much longer (losing gold as you go, btw) and have a tricky pattern to dodge if you're not firing your laser (which you won't be as Ageha unless you didn't fire at all earlier). The timing of this hakkyou is less forgiving as well. In all honesty, I usually don't bother. Maybe it's easier as Asagi.
* Stage 4: This boss takes a while to get used to, and even then can dish out some problems. I'll break this one up to make it easier to read.

There's a slightly safe spot on his 1st waves of his 1st two forms - directly above him. He will shoot at you, but once you get in the groove, these bullets are easily dodged. The 2nd wave of the 1st form will shoot straight down, so you're in the clear. The 3rd wave will fire at you, so best go down and start attacking.

The 1st wave of the 2nd form is much like the 1st wave of the 1st form, but he fires at a higher frequency. Once you dodge, he will fire straight down again for the next wave. Note that to avoid both of these waves, you need to be directly in the middle of the boss. When the 2nd wave is done, wait for the little doors to open. This signals the 3rd wave. Wait a second, then go clockwise around down to below the boss. If you time it right, he'll fire a bunch of shit out to the right, and you've got a few free seconds to unload on him. The 4th wave is coming for you though, so put your dodging cap on. Note that destroying the parts on either side of him results in a more intense pattern. Good for scoring, but not for living.

The 1st wave of the 3rd form isn't that hard to figure out. Just dodge through the "grid" of bullets, and be ready for the next wave, which can be tricky. It consists of "strings" of bullets. You'll most likely have to quit firing your lapia to get out of the way. The 3rd wave is pretty straight forward, but gets a bit intense if you wait too long.

The 4th form has some pretty shitty patterns -- all of them you just have to get used to. There's no real safe spot or method that I know of. Destroying the parts on either side (at the top) results in a much more intense firing of bullets. It is good for scoring, but most patterns on the 4th stage involve a very long Zesshikai at the very end, which requires 500 gems and 500 gold -- meaning you won't have enough gold (if any) to go into zesshikai on the 4th and 5th form.

The only wave of the 5th form starts off very easy, but gets a little tricky. It will eventually feature shit coming from the top, and both left and right. You can destroy the parts on either side for a pattern alteration, but then you've got some diagonal bullets to mix it up.

There are at least two places to get x500 in zesshikai on this boss. Namely, the last two forms. On the 4th form, destroying both parts will work, but is very risky. For the 5th form, destroying only 1 part can result in x500 in zesshikai, but destroying both will get quite a few more x500's. Of course, this carries a bit of risk to it.
* Stage 5: Coming Soon
* Stage 6: Coming Not So Soon :(

• Fuentes:
shmups: http://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.ph ... 81&start=0
ISTGWiki: http://magus.main.jp/cgi/wiki/pukiwiki. ... 9%B6%CE%AC


Seran 6 y aqui os dejo unas imagenes: Mapa1 - Mapa2 - Mapa3 - Mapa4 - Mapa5 - Mapa6


Imagen Imagen Imagen Imagen Imagen Imagen Imagen Imagen Imagen Imagen


Seran 50 logros y 1000G:

Arcade/Novice/Xbox 360 modes
悲劇の王子 - Defeat Tsubame (Stage 1 boss)
哀しき軍人- Defeat Madara (Stage 2 boss)
無垢な姫 - Defeat Janome (Stage 3 boss)
哀しき男の末路 - Defeat Asmodeus (Stage 4 boss)
ずっとこの時を待っていた - Defeat Seseri (Stage 5 boss)
未知なる力 - Defeat Gades Galuda (Stage 6 boss)
究極の進化 - Defeat Kujaku (Stage 6 final boss)
まだみぬ未来を - Clear the game with Ageha
羽ばたく蝶 - 1CC the game with Ageha (Novice doesn't count)
想い - Clear the game with Tateha
本当の想い - 1CC the game with Tateha (Novice doesn't count)
結末の願い - Clear the game with Asagi
さよなら - 1CC the game with Asagi (Novice doesn't count)
任務完了 - Clear the game with all characters (Novice mode is OK)

Arrange Mode
聖霊マニア - Change 10 million enemy bullets into gems (over all plays)
聖霊マニア - Change 10 million enemy bullets into gold ingots (over all plays)
勝利 - Clear the game with all characters
完全勝利 - 1CC the game with all characters
吐き出せ! - (??) Let the enemies shoot 10 million bullets (over all plays)
太っ腹 (??) Go from 0 to 1000 (MAX) gold ingots in one use of Kakusei Over.
はじめての弾消しっ! - Cancel a bullet.
ランク王 - Raise the rank by one level.
哀しき少女の涙 - (??) Destroy Enraged Seseri with level 5+ rank
見物人- (??) Download an All-Clear replay that is not your own (...seriously??)

Black Label (all achievements can be done on Novice)
ブラック社長 - 1CC the game with all characters
ケンカはやめて - While playing as Seseri, destroy Enraged Seseri.
1000倍発見! - Get a x1000 multiplier.
赤がお好きですね? - Stay in Kakusei Zetsu Shikai Over for 1 minute.
手助け無用 - (??) Destroy a boss without using the bullet proximity slowdown.
生めよ増やせよ - Create 500 enemy bullets in Kakusei Zetsu Shikai.
減点王 - (??) Use the bullet proximity slowdown to lose 1 million points on a single run.
加点王 - (??) Use the bullet proximity slowdown in Kakusei Over to gain 1 million points on a single run.
どんだけ1000倍マニア - Obtain an x1000 multiplier and 10000 gold ingots in one play.
絶 is 無敵 of 満タン - Max out the Absolute Invincibility Gauge (on the lower right)
FINISH 1000! - Kill a boss in Kakusei Zetsu Shikai and get a x1000 multiplier
無茶しやがって - Kill a boss in Kakusei Zetsu Shikai Over and get a x1000 multiplier
金塊万 - Get 10000 gold ingots during one run.

○○○のおまけ - 1CC the game with all characters.

Secret Achievements
1面番長 - Get 2 extends in Stage 1.
レッドフォックス - Play in Kakusei Over Level 3 for 5 minutes.
the 15th Anniversary - Collect 15 "L" (1up) items.
待てぬ海路に泉あり - (??) Get 1000 gold ingots and 1000 gems from the two hidden spots in Stage 2.
サディスティック・エリート - While playing as Asagi, destroy 5000 Asagi Clones.
反逆のアルケミスト - While playing as Ageha, transmute 10 million bullets into gold.
どうして、こんなになっちゃったの? - While playing as Tateha, defeat Enraged Seseri.
ソーマ完全崩壊 - 1CC the game with all characters, fighting Enraged Seseri.
ウェーッハッハッハー - (??) Destroy all the parts of the stage 4 boss, then time him out
気合で避けろ! - (??) No-miss the Stage 1 boss without using Guard Barrier, Kakusei Shikai, or Kakusei Zetsu Shikai. If playing 2P, both players must do this for the achievement.
毎月30日発売 - Use 30 continues.
ムネタツのようにブラックレーベル - (??) Run into an enemy within 10 seconds of the start of Stage 1

agradecer a Phellan_Wolf la traduccion de los logros.
Impresionante!!! este me lo pillo! he visto el video y está genial ^^
Gracias por la info.
Un saludo
Cuanta más gente compre Espgaluda II mejor que mejor, porque asñi se fuerza a que Cave a partir de ahora lance sus juegos region free y se olviden de distribuidoras como Aksys. Esperemos que el nuevo Death Smiles en versión barata que viene además con la expansión Mega Black Label (que eran 1200 MS Points en el bazar japo) sea region free también.
Por mi parte me haré tanto con la edición normal como con la coleccionista y es que es un coñazo tener que cambiar de consola cada vez que quiera jugar a un juego de este tipo.
Hehe, esta mañana cuando vi la noticia de que lo iban a traer en Kotaku pense en avisarte onivla, pero al final dije "bueno, da igual dejalo" [+risas]

Me alegro mucho de que se vaya a traer el Espgaluda, aunque sea en su version normal (que ya de por si, esta bastante bien) Han comentado que a Cave le fue muy bien con el mushifutari, que recibio buenas criticas, ventas y que se estan interesando en el mercado de ultramar (ya surgieron rumores y comentarios de que podrian traer mas juegos fuera de Japon [sonrisa] )

Pues eso, despues de lo que me gusto el mushifutari, este me lo pillo seguro. Lo esperare... Me alegro que ya tengamos hilo oficial [risita]

Un Saludo!
Yo todavia sigo con el vicio al futari y casi es al unico que estoy jugando ultimamente. Ahora a esperar a que me llege la edicion coleccionista del Espgaluda.

La verdad es que les costaria hacer los juegos region-free. Para los pocos que venden en japon, si los hiceran region-free la ventas crecerian bastante.

Hay mucha gente en el mundo a la que le gustan estos juegos, no solo a los japoneses. Microsoft tendria que haber hecho la consola region-free como la play3.
RPD_Nightmare escribió:Hehe, esta mañana cuando vi la noticia de que lo iban a traer en Kotaku pense en avisarte onivla, pero al final dije "bueno, da igual dejalo" [+risas]

Me alegro mucho de que se vaya a traer el Espgaluda, aunque sea en su version normal (que ya de por si, esta bastante bien) Han comentado que a Cave le fue muy bien con el mushifutari, que recibio buenas criticas, ventas y que se estan interesando en el mercado de ultramar (ya surgieron rumores y comentarios de que podrian traer mas juegos fuera de Japon [sonrisa] )

Pues eso, despues de lo que me gusto el mushifutari, este me lo pillo seguro. Lo esperare... Me alegro que ya tengamos hilo oficial [risita]

Un Saludo!

Realmente aunque Futari haya vendido bien siendo region free, las ventas han sido muy inferiores a las que tuvo Death Smiles.
En una reciente entrevista a Siliconera Asada hacía mención a las intenciones de la compañía de lanzar sus juegos fuera de Japón, como lo demuestra que Aksys haya decidido lanzar una versión para los USA del Death Smiles. Caben 2 posibilidades, que Cave haya decidido a partir de ahora lanzar sus juegos region free, por lo que se ahorrarían las localizaciones y sus ingresos serían mayores porque no habría compañías intermediarias como Aksys, o bien que Aksys vaya a lanzar también una edición especial del Espgaluda en los USA, de ahí que sólo sea region free la normal. Todo esto son especualciones, pero pronto lo sabremos con su próximo lanzamiento físico que tiene toda la pinta de ser el Death Smiles 2.
bueno pues dejo el post principal asi por ahora, en cuanto tenga un momento lo actualizo con nueva informacion...

y dar las gracias a newdreamer por enlazar este hilo (y el del mushi) a el hilo de los "matamarcianos"... [oki]

tambien comentar que ya hay alguna web donde comprarlo, que dice que el juego es region free...
joder a sido la noticia de la semana sin ninguna duda... que de puta madre...
onyvla, eres un hacha con los hilos de shmups, animo!! Un amigote de mi barrio tambien tiene un hilo similar. Miratelo por si se te escapa alguna cosa:

A día de hoy todavía no entiendo como podéis jugar a un juego así... Tiene que ser increíblemente estresante no? Yo vengo de la época de los matamarcianos, pero esquivar toda esa cantidad de "bolas de colores" sin dejar de disparar y recoger power-up's a la vez.... ¿No acabáis lelos? [looco]

Tengo unos cuantos en mi recreativa con mame y son infernales... cuanto más modernos son más cantidad de cosas hay en pantalla... ¡Atrás quedaron los Moon Cresta y Terra Force.... ja ja ja.

Os admiro!!!!
Yo tambien me curti con los matamarcianos de principios de los 80 y todavia me acuerdo de las ampollas que me salian con el Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back en el Atari 2600, alla por el 82-83 [carcajad]

No hay ningun secreto con los danmaku, aparte de estudiarte la manera de puntuar ya que si se ignora este punto, es realmente dificil disfrutar con estos shmups y mas aun sobrevivir si se intenta jugar a la vieja usanza.
AnimAitor escribió:Yo tambien me curti con los matamarcianos de principios de los 80 y todavia me acuerdo de las ampollas que me salian con el Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back en el Atari 2600, alla por el 82-83 [carcajad]


joder veo que eres todo un veterano (ademas de un crack)... yo en ese año vi la luz del sol por primera vez... [+risas]

y gracias por el enlace de tu post anterior (ya lo tenia por aqui...)
No pretendo desvirtuar el hilo principal del post, pero este era mi reto allá por el año 85 o así... batir la mejor puntuación en el Moon Cresta, Phoenix, Terra Cresta, Commando...

Quizás deba probar algún juego de este tipo en Xbox para ver si me pico con la puntuación... ¿Cuál me recomendáis para empezar? Que conste que era un crack con el RAIDEN (la primera parte naturalmente).
zatoichidani escribió:No pretendo desvirtuar el hilo principal del post, pero este era mi reto allá por el año 85 o así... batir la mejor puntuación en el Moon Cresta, Phoenix, Terra Cresta, Commando...

Quizás deba probar algún juego de este tipo en Xbox para ver si me pico con la puntuación... ¿Cuál me recomendáis para empezar? Que conste que era un crack con el RAIDEN (la primera parte naturalmente).

[hilo oficial] • Mushihimesama Futari Ver. 1.5

PD: yo no e podido jugar Raiden IV... pero despues de jugar y terminarme la tercera parte con solo un credito, creo que Raiden IV puede ser algo impresionante... y bueno que te aconsejen los habituales del genero con consolas japo (que yo no tengo...) por que yo en 360 solo e jugado 4 de este genero: Ikaruga, Triggerheart Exelica, el del enlace que te e puesto arriba (para mi junto con Under Defeat (DC) y Raiden III (PC) son mi trio de ases) y 0 day Attack on Earth (que por cierto tambien tengo un hilo creado de este juego, el cual puedes encontrar en mi firma) pero este no es gran cosa... me a decepcionado...
y a parte de todo esto tambien contamos con un hilo de "matamarcianos" donde puedes encontrar mucha informacion sobre este genero en esta consola...

por cierto me pongo ahora mismo a jugar el primer espgaluda... ya contare que tal...
Chevere el hilo oficial de Galuda2 ... ahora ke se ke es region free, me lo compraré sin dudar.

y si, juegate el galuda 1, es una joyita de esas ke no olvidas... yo lo tengo pa la PS2, y de cuando en cuando me echo un fichito... definitivamente el jefe final es una pasada (INMUNE A LAS BOMBAS!!!), este juego me encanta... claro ke desde ke salio el mushi futari, lo tengo algo abandonado.
Ojito con este Espgaluda II, a quién le parezca difícil Futari con este va a flipar, no sólo porque sea más difícil, si no porque su sistema de puntuación es de los más fastidiados junto con Ibara. De todos modos no llega a los niveles excesivos de Daiojou.
Me encanta, tiene una pinta estupenda.
Phellan_Wolf escribió:Ojito con este Espgaluda II, a quién le parezca difícil Futari con este va a flipar, no sólo porque sea más difícil, si no porque su sistema de puntuación es de los más fastidiados junto con Ibara. De todos modos no llega a los niveles excesivos de Daiojou.

bueno no se... yo no lo e probado.

el que si que he jugado a sido el primer espgaluda, y si es algo mas dificil que el mushihimesama, pero tampoco tanto.
he de decir que dicho juego me a encantado, lo unico que no me a gustado demasiado a sido la musica, es mucho mejor la del mushi, y en terminos generales tambien me gusta mas mushi. luego lo de las puntuaciones ya habia leido algo, y sinceramente, paso, paso de comerme el tarro, por lo menos por ahora, seguire disfutando de esta perimera parte hasta que me llegue el II...

por cierto ibara es junto con dodonpachi y triggerheart exelica enhanced los unicos shootins que me quedan por jugar en PS2 (de los que me interesan claro esta...)

tambien comentaros que e leido en algunos foros que cierto distribuidor a confirmado que espagluda II es region free en su edicion normal... asi que kotaku ya no son los unicos que lo comentan...

PD: por cierto si alguien tiene un cupon (que no vaya a usar) para compra superior 50$ en play-asia que me mande un mp...
Te recomiendo que juegues al TrigerHeart en Dreamcast o en su versión para Xbox Live. La versión de PS2 digamos que la han cagado un poquito.
Espgaluda II no es sólo un poco, es bastante más. Por ejemplo al último boss las bombas no le hacen efecto. Habrá que dominar los modos Kakusei y Zeshikai si se quieren conseguir puntuaciones elevadas. A ver si PA empieza a enviar los juegos antes como ha ocurrido más de una vez.
ya e jugado tanto la version de dreamcast como la de 360, y claro solo me queda la de PS2 asi que tengo que jugarla. lo me me comentas de que la han cagado... ya en su dia me lo comentaron otros compañeros de estos foros, pero bueno, lo voy a jugar igual...

lo de que las bombas no le hacen efecto al ultimo boss... es de el primer spgaluda (o por lo menos tambien pasa en el primero) que que cabron que es, es imposible matarlo sin que el te mate...

y tambien una cosa que no comente ayer... en espgaluda hay sangre. me parecio algo raro, y creo que es el primer juego de este genero que la tiene. es una chorrada pero me parecio curioso...
bueno, bueno, bueno. Pero si esto es mata marciano o un arcade de los 90. Me hace recordar buenos momentos. Uno más para el cesto.
De puta madre, mas shooters.

Entonces esta 100% confirmado por cave que la edición normal es RF? En ese caso me hago el preorder lo que viene a ser YA.
no esta confirmado al 100%... pasara como con mushi, hasta que no lo pongan a la venta no se confirmara... al 100%... pero bueno siguiendo ese mismo ejemplo creo que finalmente si sera region free.
como mucho tardar en una semana slimos de dudas...
En esta 2ª parte pasa lo mismo el último boss no le hacen efecto las bombas tampoco. Lo de la sangre es lo de menos. Lo más raro y curioso son los cambios de género y sexo que sufren los protas. En fin se nota que los japos y sobre todo Cave se les va un pelín la pinza.
En cuanto a lo que mencionas del Mushi, Cave ya dijo antes de su salida que iba a ser refion free y que era un test para probar como serían las ventas internacionales, no ha sido como este Espgaluda II que se ha anunciado a apenas 10 días del lanzamiento.
Ya falta menos.
onyvla escribió:ya e jugado tanto la version de dreamcast como la de 360, y claro solo me queda la de PS2 asi que tengo que jugarla. lo me me comentas de que la han cagado... ya en su dia me lo comentaron otros compañeros de estos foros, pero bueno, lo voy a jugar igual...

lo de que las bombas no le hacen efecto al ultimo boss... es de el primer spgaluda (o por lo menos tambien pasa en el primero) que que cabron que es, es imposible matarlo sin que el te mate...

y tambien una cosa que no comente ayer... en espgaluda hay sangre. me parecio algo raro, y creo que es el primer juego de este genero que la tiene. es una chorrada pero me parecio curioso...

ya habia comentado lo del boss del galuda 1 ... es bien cabroncete el hecho ke las bombas no le hagan, y ke de hecho, mas bien le den algo de vida cada ke te tiras una.

y lo de la sangre, si mal no recuerdo, en ESP.Ra.De tambien habia sangre...
reservado en play asia :)

ahora a ver quien es el guapo que me desengancha del mushi, que acaba de tener el honor de ser el primer juego en que me gasto dinero en un dlc por el black label y toy alucinando :)

nota de Famitsu: 8/8/7/7 = 30/40
Es dificil que tenga una mala nota. Un apunte importante, esta conversión la ha llevado a cabo la propia Cave creo, al igual que la del Death Smiles (Futari ha sido porteado por M2). Espero que lleve multitud de opciones de pantalla como Futari, pero lo mejor de todo es que ya lleva todo incluido desde el principio y los Black Label no habrá que descargarlos.
Bueno, preorder hecho, ahora a esperar :)
bueno pues aqui os dejo buenas y malas noticias...

Thank you for the warm messages from all over the world.
Espgaluda II Black Label Normal Edition is region free.
But I'm afraid new games after Espgaluda II Black Label won't be region free.
I assure you that Espgaluda II Black Label Normal Edition will be the last region free game for the time being.


Makoto Asada

asi que se confirma oficialmente que espgaluda II en su version normal (no coleccionista) es region free, asi que cualquier persona de cualquier pais con cualquier consola podra disfrutar de este juego...
ahora la putada es que este sera el ultimo juego de cave en ser region free...

por el momento...
de todas formas hay una cosa que no entiendo..... se supone que cave dijo que si vendia mucho, haria los juegos region free, y que si no vendia, no lo harian....

eso no es un pelin contradictorio ??? es decir, si venden mucho, quiere decir que hay interes, y por lo tanto les conviene vender la licencia a una distribuidora y que lo distribuya en europa. Si no venden mucho, les interesa sacarlo region free y que al menos las pocas unidades extras que puedan vender a europa, pues eso que llevan ganado...

fijaors en electronic arts, la empresa mas pesetera y mas rastrera que existe... y es que incluso ella saca juegos region free. Eso si, los tiger woods, maddens, y demas, precisamente poruqe no venden mucho

Yo lo que creo que ocurrira, es que cave andara buscando un distribuidor para europa, sus juegos no seran region free, pero se venderan bajo formato pal
Bueno dejo un vídeo que debe estar en el bazar japo pero como no todos tienen acceso o son demasiado vagos para hacerse la cuenta pues dejo el enlace. Es una entrevista a Asada (al loro a los pelos que me lleva el notas [qmparto] ) Hay también gameplay del juego.
Gracias Phellan_Wolf! Asada parece salido de cualquier tugurio de Kabukicho... menudo hosto esta hecho. Al menos vemos a una pichurri jugando al BL (y teniendo una especie de orgasmo al mismo tiempo) y Asada dando un tutorial [carcajad]
Hype aumentando tras ver el video... [looco] [looco]
ostias despues de ver el video tengo que actualizar el primer post... el modo xbox360, el personaje de pelo azul... espero que no tarden mucho en abrir la web del juego...

el video mola, y como dice Yuu... hype aumentado...

y el pelo de asada... no se yo, pero cuando lo tenia de color naranja molaba mas... [carcajad]

PD: la japonesita jugona... [amor]


dejo aqui la caratula a mayor resolucion:


y en este spolier la de la coleccionista, que recuerdo a todo el que no este al corriente que no funciona en consolas pal:
Bueno en Play Asia mi edición especial está en preparing order, por lo que en breve será enviada. Supongo que al resto de vosotros os sucederá lo mismo. En 2 semanas como mucho espero tener el juego entre mis manos. Mientras tanto a practicar con el primer Espgaluda que ya casi se me ha olvidado jugar.
La putada es que no tengo el Ibara de PS2 [buuuaaaa] que es mucho más chungo todavía, si no estaría practicando con ese
Pues el mío también aparece en preparin order, asi que espero tenerlo la semana que viene y empezar a darle caña.

pues por aqui otro con estado Preparing order...

y yo tambien estoy practicando con el primero...

Yo tambien lo tengo en preparing order. Con suerte para la semana que viene ya lo estamos catando :)
Yo con suerte, en 3 dias... con bronca por parte de mi mujer incluida [sonrisa] Una pena que las tiendas en Japon no se salten la fecha de venta oficial, salvando alguna contada excepcion.
AnimAitor escribió:Yo con suerte, en 3 dias... con bronca por parte de mi mujer incluida [sonrisa] Una pena que las tiendas en Japon no se salten la fecha de venta oficial, salvando alguna contada excepcion.

Algunos tendremos bronca también y una larga espera como extra. XD
AnimAitor escribió:Yo con suerte, en 3 dias... con bronca por parte de mi mujer incluida [sonrisa] Una pena que las tiendas en Japon no se salten la fecha de venta oficial, salvando alguna contada excepcion.

Bronca por qué? porque no quieres jugar a dobles? XD XD
no es que ande muy sobrado de dinero ultimamente... [+risas]
AnimAitor escribió:Yo con suerte, en 3 dias... con bronca por parte de mi mujer incluida [sonrisa] Una pena que las tiendas en Japon no se salten la fecha de venta oficial, salvando alguna contada excepcion.

Ni que lo digas. Cuando fui a japón, el juego de DS Subarashiki Kono Sekai=The World Ends With You salía justo el día siguiente de irme yo de allí. Intenté por todos los medios el que me vendieran la consola limitada con el juego. No hubo forma, son tozudos hasta decir basta.
Ya falta menos a ver si PA me lo envía de una vez y en 10 días lo estoy disfrutando.
Por cierto no te olvides de hacerte alguna fotillo con Asada, y si pudieras con Ikeda y Yagawa no estaría de más :)
Suerte a la gente que ha hecho el pedido con Play Asia. Nunca he tenido problemas con ellos y el envio a Japon es gratuito pero espero que no repitan lo de Mushi Futari...

Ya veremos quien hace aparicion en el Shooting Festa y que peinados me traen... hahaha!
Que ganitas le tengo a este también por Dios. Yo también voy a ir calentando motores con el primero, además hace muchísimo que no lo juego.
Bueno, pues otro con "Preparing order" en play-asia, a ver si para la semana que viene llega ...
Mientras a quemar el Mushihimesama Futari Ver 1.5, que por fín me he atrevido a jugar en el modo 1.5, al modo maniac y vaya tela, supongo que el Espgaluda II estará al mismo nivel o superior en cuanto a número de balas en pantalla ^_^
bueno pues mas cosillas:

un par de videos donde se muestran las opciones de menu y algo nuevo de ingame: #1 / #2

y aqui dejo la lista de logros, en completo japones...

seran 50 logros y 1000G:

悲劇の王子 ツバメを倒す。(Arcade・Novice・Xbox 360モードのみ) 10
哀しき軍人 マダラを倒す。(Arcade・Novice・Xbox 360モードのみ) 10
無垢な姫 ジャノメを倒す。(Arcade・Novice・Xbox 360モードのみ) 10
哀しき男の末路 アスモデウスを倒す。(Arcade・Novice・Xbox 360モードのみ) 15
ずっとこの時を待っていた セセリを倒す。(Arcade・Novice・Xbox 360モードのみ) 15
未知なる力 ガッデスガルーダを倒す。(Arcade・Novice・Xbox 360モードのみ) 20
究極の進化 クジャクを倒す。(Arcade・Novice・Xbox 360モードのみ) 25
まだみぬ未来を アゲハでクリアする。(Arcade・Novice・Xbox 360モードのみ) 15
羽ばたく蝶 アゲハでノーコンティニュークリアする。(Arcade・Xbox 360モードのみ) 30
想い タテハでクリアする。(Arcade・Novice・Xbox 360モードのみ) 15
本当の想い タテハでノーコンティニュークリアする。(Arcade・Xbox 360モードのみ) 30
結末の願い アサギでクリアする。(Arcade・Novice・Xbox 360モードのみ) 15
さよなら アサギでノーコンティニュークリアする。(Arcade・Xbox 360モードのみ) 30
任務完了 全てのキャラでクリアする。(Arcade・Novice・Xbox 360モードのみ) 25
聖霊マニア 敵弾を(累計)1千万発、聖霊石に変える。(Arrangeモードのみ) 10
金塊マニア 敵弾を(累計)1千万発、金塊に変える。(Arrangeモードのみ) 10
勝利 全キャラでクリアする。(Arrangeモードのみ) 30
完全勝利 全キャラでノーコンティニュークリアする。(Arrangeモードのみ) 50
吐き出せ! 敵が敵弾を(累計)1千万発出す。(Arrangeモードのみ) 15
太っ腹 赤走行で金塊を一気にMAX(1000)から0まで使い切る。(Arrangeモードのみ) 15
はじめての弾消しっ! 敵弾を消す。(Arrangeモードのみ) 5
ランク王 レベルが上がった状態でプレイする。(Arrangeモードのみ) 20
哀しき少女の涙 レベル5*5以上で真セセリを撃破する。(Arrangeモードのみ) 75
見物人 ダウンロードした(自分の物ではない)All-Clearリプレイデータでレベルを更新する。(Arrangeモードのみ) 5
ブラック社長 全キャラでノーコンティニュークリアする。(Black Label・Black Noviceモードのみ) 20
ケンカはやめて セセリを使用し、憎悪に満ちたセセリを撃破する。(Black Label・Black Noviceモードのみ) 10
1000倍発見! ×1000倍を達成する。(Black Label・Black Noviceモードのみ) 10
赤がお好きですね? 絶赤走行を1分(ゲーム内時間)継続する。(Black Label・Black Noviceモードのみ) 30
手助け無用 敵弾の近接スローを一度も発動させずに、ボスを撃破する。(Black Label・Black Noviceモードのみ) 20
○○○のおまけ Omake!モードをノーコンティニュークリアする。(Omake!モードのみ) 10
生めよ増やせよ 絶死界での敵弾への近接で、敵弾を500発増やす。(Black Label・Black Noviceモードのみ) 10
減点王 敵弾の近接スローで、1プレイ内でマイナス100万点を達成する。(Black Label・Black Noviceモードのみ) 20
加点王 赤走行時の敵弾の近接で、1プレイ内で+100万点を達成する。(Black Label・Black Noviceモードのみ) 20
どんだけ1000倍マニア 1プレイ内で、×1000倍を10000回出現させる。(Black Label・Black Noviceモードのみ) 30
絶 is 無敵 of 満タン 絶無敵ゲージをMAXにする。(Black Label・Black Noviceモードのみ) 10
FINISH 1000! ボスを絶死界で倒し、かつ1000倍を出す。(Black Label・Black Noviceモードのみ) 20
無茶しやがって ボスを絶赤走行で倒し、かつ1000倍を出す。(Black Label・Black Noviceモードのみ) 20
金塊万 1プレイ内で累計取得金塊数10000個達成する。(Black Label・Black Noviceモードのみ) 20

1面番長 ステージ1で2回エクステンドした。 50
レッドフォックス 覚醒オーバーレベル3を5分(ゲーム内時間)継続した。 20
the 15th Anniversary Lアイテムを累計15個取得した。 10
待てぬ海路に泉あり ステージ2の隠しポイントから出現する聖霊石と金塊を、それぞれ累計で1000個ずつ取得した。 20
サディスティック・エリート アサギを使用し、アサギクローンを累計5000体撃破した。 20
反逆のアルケミスト アゲハを使用し、敵弾を累計10万発金塊に変えた。 20
どうして、こんなになっちゃったの? タテハを使用し、憎悪に満ちたセセリを撃破した。 20
ソーマ完全崩壊 すべてのキャラクターで、憎悪に満ちたセセリを撃破してノーコンティニュークリア(ノービス不可)した。 60
ウェーッハッハッハー ステージ4ボスでパーツ類をすべて破壊し、最終形態を時間切れで自爆させた。 10
気合で避けろ! ステージ1ボスをノーミス(二人同時なら二人とも)でガードバリア、覚聖死界、覚聖絶死界は使わず倒した。 10
毎月30日発売 累計30回コンティニューした。 5
ムネタツのようにブラックレーベル ステージ1スタート後、10秒以内(ゲーム内時間)に被弾または敵と衝突した。 5

en cuanto los vea en ingles los añado al primer post...
Gracias por los videos y los logros, onyvla! Han metido un porron de tutoriales para cada modo. Espero que esto ayude a la gente (yo incluido) a exprimir este juegazo al maximo. Lo que no he visto en las opciones de pantalla del juego es filtros. Quizas solo los muestren en el modo Arcade? Ya me veo con el XRGB 3 y el Emotia a rastras para poder jugar en 240p y sus correspondientes scanlines...

Ya de paso, mostrarlos la tarjeta de telefonos que dan en Messe Sanoh. A ver si llego a tiempo maniana para pillar una!

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