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nueva versión del emu de 64 en vwii


Por cierto quien es el moderador en wii para que desarchive el hilo y podamos actualizarlo.
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Buenas tardes a tod@s.....

Avance en la scene....:

Dimok789 released this 20 hours ago

Wii U Homebrew Launcher v1.2 RC1

- added official support for 4.0.0 and 4.1.0 with proper sound support
- added official support for 5.5.x firmwares (only preparation still requires a kernel exploit for those firmwares)
- one click link launch (no need to run the link twice or execute the exploit prior to launch (exception for 5.5.x))
- removed requirement of loadiine kernel memory mapping (any mapping is accepted as long as kernel_write is available)
- fixed receive from wiiload and other application that send the elf header one byte at a time
- improved OS driver exploit integrated
- skip ELF files starting with '.' and '_'
- added version string to main view

Pensaba que la scene estaba de vacaciones....pero siguén trabajando duro para tod@s nosotr@s. [oki]
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@rioazuki y @byevoltor Gracias por los avances, para la próxima por favor, reportad este hilo y lo abrimos para postearlos aquí. [beer]

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WUP Installer portado a Homebrew Launcher:
So guys,

as mentioned above I ported WUP installer to HBL. It went pretty quick which is why I also took the time and changed the way wup installer works by a bit to to make it work on any firmware HBL works on and I also "pimped" it a bit.

I made two versions. The first version shows the install progress on the console during the installation and you always know how far you are with it which is pretty cool but there is a side effect by that though. After the installation is finished, it shows that it is completed successfully and it tries to go back to the WUP installer selection menu and hangs on that. You have to turn off the console then. The install is finished by that point though and it is safe to turn off the console. This does not happen if I don't try to get the progress of the installation. I didnt have much time to figure out what is causing this side effect but probably is something i overseen. I will look at it some other time again. That is why I will release the source code later when its complete. So until then I made a 2nd version which does not show the install progress but a message that install is started and then a transition screen from system menu to mii maker while the install is running. After the installation is finished it enters the WUP installer menu again and tells you it finished successfully. In that menu you can swap the SD card (if wanted) and do another title installation or return back to HBL. It would also be possible to list all titles on the SD card and make a menu to choose which title to install but for now its only this.

Both versions should run on any firmware that HBL runs on and have the same security as the original WUP installer by crediar. Since it is possible to damage your console with that software (for example by installing wrong region system titles spoofing) I have to say that I am not responsible for any damage done to your console by this software.

Have fun with it.



Descarga versión Con Progreso.
Descarga versión Sin Progreso.

dimok ha portado el WUP Installer al HBL para cargarlo mas fácilmente y que funciona también en versiones inferiores a 5.3.2, también ahora hay dos versiones:
  • Una que muestra el progreso por pantalla para saber si el módulo/actualización se ha instalado correctamente aunque al final siempre se cuelga y hay que apagar la consola.
  • Y otra versión en la que no muestra el progreso pero esta funciona sin cuelgues.

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revisen el hilo https://gbatemp.net/threads/hey-listen.424936/page-8
estan por sacar el expliod. lo subieron pero lo borraron de mega dado que no esta bien el compilado seguramente lo volveran a subir en cualquier momento.

han publicado que para que funciones:

1) reverse folder names
2) delete that dumb WithLove.png
3) install java 8+
4) java -jar HaxServer.jar
5) tell me which one of 2 people

leaked my server setup I gave them

https://twitter.com/NWPlayer123/status/ ... 0564533248
welp someone leaked my server setup, wasn't @ryanrocks462 tho, have fun with your 5.5.1 sploit, has all my nice stuff :^)

alguien que tenga twitter para la configuracion en el enlace:
https://twitter.com/NWPlayer123/status/ ... 0564533248 dice que @ryanrocks462 publico la configuracion no tengo twitter plop

algo mas:
Well, I suppose y'all can stop derailing that other thread, yes it is my server setup which I only sent to two people (everyone else only got the exploit binaries, not the server with the rest of the other payloads)
It's just HaxServer with Java 8, from here https://gbatemp.net/threads/beta-wii-u- ... er.414647/
run it via command line, "java -jar HaxServer.jar", or if your computer has it set up just double click the jar to run it
needs to be able to bind to port 80 which is why I recommend making sure Skype's not open and using command line cause it'll complain
Then find your local IP, "ipconfig", and go to http://<localip>/hax?kexploit31 or kexploit10 if you wanna be arrpirate loadiine me matey
Don't forget to like comment and subscribe
https://gbatemp.net/threads/wii-u-hacki ... st-6308154
------------- EDITO
no tengo el twitter de @ryanrocks46 si alguien lo tiene puede leer o pegar lo que pone alli que es la configuracion funcional, como no he usado los expolids actuales lo que entiendo es que:

0) descargar en: https://gbatemp.net/threads/hey-listen. ... st-6308406
1) instalar java 8 o superior
2) desde cmd acceder a la carpeta donde lo han descomprimido:
cd:/tuCarpeta/java -jar HaxServer.jar
cd:/tuCarpeta/ Enter
java -jar HaxServer.jar Enter

3) desde la wiiU accedes a tu servidor local HaxServer:

4) bueno debo suponer que debes tener la estructura de carpetas que tienes para loadine y como nunca lo he cargado no puedo asegurarles si funcion en teoria deberia, ojo dentro del conjunto de app se incluye loadine. estoy esperando que carge el gamepad para probar ya esta cargado el server.

me faltal archivos y aqui el video donde explica en ingles:
https://twitter.com/NWPlayer1234/status ... 4596576256

data (eliminar la carpeta vacia data y cambiar atad por data)
sredaol (cambiar a loaders)
sdaolyap (cambiar a payloads)
boot.bat (no esta ese archivo debe ser el que contiene el comando DOS java -jar HaxServer.jar)
gubWrapper.jar (este archivo es del splatoon)
HaxServer.1.jar (no esta ese archivo)
kexploid10.bin(dentro de payloads antes sdaolyap )
kexploid31.bin(dentro de payloads antes sdaolyap )
run.bat (este archivo es del splatoon)
si alguien tiene algunos a ver si nos facilita donde descargarlos.
#239928# está baneado por "Saltarse el ban con un clon"
Parece ser que no hay necesidad de IOS-U Exploit para jugar online, solo haría falta Loadiine, según dimok:

Dimok escribió:You are wrong on that point. It is not some arbitrary aoc check in our code and there is also no hint to how this works in there. It is quite a bit more work than to just comment something out. That is all that I will be saying to this. For now let's continue to live with the lie that a custom IOS firmware is necessary for free DLC, online playing and whatever else the gold goose is said to bring to us ;).


Pero por su tono, no creo que vaya a liberarlo.
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Esta noticia es de hace unos días, pero nadie la ha puesto por aquí...
Nuevo emulador para Wii U:
I made a Gameboy emulator using GX2 graphics. Thanks to the 145 people that downloaded the initial version. The emulator has now been updated from Version 1337 to Version 9000. Here's the readme -
gacubeboy emulator with IOSU hack Version 9000 by brienj

I created this emulator in less than 8 hours of actual programming. The Gameboy ROM compatibility isn't the best and it has no sound, but was made to prove that even if you half-heartedly attempt homebrew, you CAN make something. IOSU IS NOT REQUIRED TO MAKE OR USE HOMEBREW!!!

Put the gacubeboy.elf file in the sd:/wiiu/apps/gacubeboy/ folder of your SD card. Put all of your Gameboy roms in the sd:/roms/gb/ folder of the SD card with the .gb extension. Sub-folders are acceptable, but not needed. Keep the number of ROM files less than 200 for best results.

Load a ROM and press the Play button. If you select the play button with a WiiMote, that WiiMote will be used as the controller, with sideways orientation. The A and B buttons will be swapped with the 1 and 2 buttons if you play with a WiiMote. Once a game is started the Play button becomes a Pause button. If the game stops playing, that means it crashed, and either the ROM isn't supported or something crazy just happened. Just load a different ROM and try again. Not every game is supported. Plus button is the Start button and Minus button is the Select button.

New in Version 9000, press L on the Gamepad, or A on the WiiMote, to toggle Full Screen.

Planned to be added:
Nothing, the engine is going to be a port next time. I don't have time to build a Gameboy engine from scratch and want to get a better version out soon with better ROM support and sound.

-dimok for all of his HBL code which makes it simple to build homebrew

Version 1337 - Basic ROM support, no sound
Version 9000 - Added Full Screen key press


Se trata de un emulador de GB, utiliza el motor GX2 para los marcos aunque también se puede poner a pantalla completa con la nueva versión.

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La verdad es que parece que no avanzará más la scene en WiiU, ni IOSU ni nada más para la última versión, así que podemos ir despidiéndonos de ellos por lo menos hasta dentro de unos años que alguien le de por acabar cosas a media como suele pasar en muchas consolas [beer]
GrimFregando escribió:La verdad es que parece que no avanzará más la scene en WiiU, ni IOSU ni nada más para la última versión, así que podemos ir despidiéndonos de ellos por lo menos hasta dentro de unos años que alguien le de por acabar cosas a media como suele pasar en muchas consolas [beer]

Bastante se hizo con el exploit...
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Sencilla app para Android que actua como servidor local de Loadiine, Cafiine, HBL, etc:

Setting Up SD Card:
1) Insert SD Card into computer
2) Download Hombrew Launcher from here
3) Extract the contents of the zip to the root of your SD Card
4) Add any other apps you may want, such as Loadiine
5) Insert SD Card into Wii U

Setting Up the App:
1) Download the apk below
2) Install apk using ES File Explorer or whatever
3) Run application
4a) Click Offliine button to start exploit hosting
4b) Click Cafiine button to start Cafiine server
NOTE: Mobile network may give you the wrong IP

Wii U:
1) Launch Wii U Browser
2) Enter the IP Address shown by the app into the browser
3) A web page will pop up allowing you to select what payload to load

Se trata de Offliine, una app desarrollada por skettios que hará mas sencillo el uso de Loadiine como servidor local desde un móvil con android.

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