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<3 <3 Thank you very much for your nice post <3 <3

first, yes it is true, future development is over since the "inventor" of the FC3000 has spoken.
but i try to speed up the CFW a little now, i got speed up RAM and CPU, feels like my system runs smoother now.
I even try to collect most source codes of emulators and apps to try optimize it a little.

if i am right, i succesfully raised RAM speed from 152MHz to 204MHz, and CPU from 702MHz to somewhat 900MHz.

since i speed it a little up, there is less tearing (there is still tearing).

we disabled the brighness setting cause if you set brigness under 100% you can hear the PWM (whining sound) out of the speaker, so we setting it to 100%.

i try to correct the battery indicator in gmenu2x (seems broken at the moment).
added more skins.

i give up on adding USB support cause it looks like the USB Connector is not wired to the USB port at the ARM-CPU, it seems it is wired to GPIO and the "Inventor" used a custom USB Driver.

Stay Tuned, i work slow at the moment.

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