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Tu_kolega escribió:Me anime y me pille la loki mini pro intel , llegara para navidades ?

Para Navidades del 2036 con suerte.
Tu_kolega escribió:Me anime y me pille la loki mini pro intel , llegara para navidades ? Hice la reserva ayer y creo que va por el ticket #70XX

Tienen un retraso importante con Odin así que es altamente probable que Loki sufra el mismo destino
yo me animé con la Loki Zero, tengo el ticket 60XX es decir para verano del proximo año...ahora me arrepiento un poco por eso, por el desfase...
yo tengo de ticket la orden OD2143 por una loki de 128 no se si estare adelante en la lista o que pero viendo la odin me espero sentado jugando a mi deck [+risas]
Está cancelado mucha gente, así que el número de pedido cuenta poco a estas alturas
alguien sabe si hay novedades acerca de esta máquina? xq me estan tentando de cancelar
Solo han presentado la pcb y ya... Nada más
Update 2 --2022/9/30

Since we got the 6800u/6600u board weeks ago, we have been working on all kinds of tests the whole time. There are a lot of progresses achieved which keep moving this project going ahead steadily. Let me share the detailed updates sorted by skus:

Progress for Loki/Loki max

Tested items (worked fine):

TypeC (DP/USB3/Charging)
USB 4.0 20G
Controllers ( Powerbutton, Audio rocker, Joystick/Dpad/ABXY/L1R1/L2R2, ... )
WiFi-6 + BT
Audio Jack and Speaker
Micro SD card
CPU Fan and power LED indicators

Ongoing items(Not finalized):

Heatpipe for aging and stress test
eDP & touch
Vibration motor
Ambient LEDs

We would like to share more details about the screen. We have been working on driving eDP port to MiPi for a while. Now this screen works in MiPi video mode, while AMD 6800u doesn't have MiPi port available, so we added a bridge chip to drive this screen from AMD 6800u eDP port. We are very close to solve this issue.

Progress for Loki zero

Tested items (worked fine):

DDR4 Onboard and SODIMM
eMMC onboard and SATA & NVMe
TypeC (DP/USB3/Charging)
WiFi-5+ BT
Audio Jack and Speaker
Micro SD card
CPU Fan and power LED indicators

Ongoing items(Not finalized):

Heatpipe for aging and stress test
eDP & touch
Vibration motor
Ambient LEDs

Mostrarán la unidad final con la carcasa cuando acaben las pruebas, ahora están de vacaciones toda la semana
Hi Iron,

Not sure the exact time but the fastest shipping time is in December.


Sobre el shipping de la Loki.

No les creo tanto fíjate.
Se estaba aguantando la risa el chino mientras te escribía.
Este es el resumen de Q&A que hicieron hace poco en el Discord de AYN, en resumen comentan que las Loki y Loki Max las quieren enviar para Q1 2023 y que entre octubre y noviembre veremos el primer prototipo funcional, una vez que solucionen el problema de conexión de la pantalla

1. Do you have a working prototype of the Loki that can be shown? Are any of the Loki's on track to be delivered this year?

Long story short, we should be ready to show a working prototype of loki max on the end of this month, now we are still working on the eDP to MiPi bridge, we picked a converter chip which has perfect power efficiency compared with compeitor's converter chip, but this chip has known issues interfacing with AMD 6800u when fetching EDID over eDP AUX channel,so we need an extra FPGA with super small footprint and super low power consumption to fix this issue, that is why we are quiet during the past 2 weeks.

Now it is still too difficult to say we are able to ship Loki within this Q4, but I think we can have more realistic answer after we finalize the screen issues

2. Can you share any information on the change to the joysticks?

We changed to the joystick with the biggest size and travel after we got plent of user's suggestion emails

3. I just want a general ship date for the max. The Odin Pro was well worth the wait so I assume the Loki Max will be as well. I have to work in the morning so PLEASE put any updated info in the news section? Thank you! Y'all rock at Ayn

Ayn's team are too stressful and too careful about all the specs of skus in Loki family, I think basically it was the old Odin users who backed us again with Loki, but in Windows gaming handheld market, we have too many competitors here in China, and as everyone knows, Aokzoe started shipping months ago, so now, the first goal for Loki is not to create the earliest shipping time, but still to create the best quality and best customer satisfaction. The estimated shipping time is Q1 of 2023.

4. what's the memory timings on the chosen DDR5 modules?

The newest LPDDR5 @ 6400Mt/s, if you need further detailed timing spec, you can email us for component datasheet.

5. What are the dimensions of the loki?

Since we changed to the biggest joystick, more space on the controller is required, the width will increase and we will release the new ID of Loki when we can have a working prototype which is supposed to be ready on the end of this month.

6. What is the estimated weight of the loki?

I can only give a rough answer here, around 600g

7. Is the loki bag design finalized if so, can it be shown?

No, not recently, the bag design is an easy and quick task and process

8. Will the loki use windows 10 or 11?

It comes with Windows 11 as default

9. What are the colors of the vinyl skins for the loki? What are the estimated amount of loki units will be sent?

We will vote the favorite colors for the vinyl skins for loki, and since the moq for a specific color isn't very high so the cost will be very limited, so we will create vinyl skins for high demanding colors as possible as we can

10. What is going to be used to dissipate the heat of the loki?

Heatpipe + heatsink with fins + Fan

11. Can we expect the loki max to be delivered this year?

Unfortunately nope, new estimate shipping date is 2023.Q1(roughly)

12. How much input has Taki had on the Loki?

He gave us a lot of inputs, lol;), and over 90% of his complaints and suggetions were well accepted

13. How are the ergonomics for the loki?

Right now, Loki will still have grips similar as Odin and more outstanding design for ergonomics, Loki is a quite different product with significantly higher power consumption and way much bigger battery which make the ergonimics more challenging compared with Odin. Excpets for the grips, Loki will have colored LEDs and better joysticks, as well as better L1/R1 and analog shoulder buttons, in a single word, loki will be designed to be control friendly with better ergonomics

14. Will we have a control center to control the lights tdp and fans etc...?

Yes, of course

15. Can we ever expect an ayn hyper dock ( a dock meant for the loki that is connected to a egpu)? How big are the new hall effect joystick sticks in comparison to the old joysticks?

We don't have plan on hyper dock with eGPU enabled, it is a super power hungury device and full of design chanllenges, and I think a third party hyper dock might be ready to go to the market next year under well-known brands. The new hall effect joysticks are much bigger than old switch style joysticks, it is basically the same size as the joystick of big existing gamepads

16. What is going to be included with the loki max ? If the loki max is not complete what is left to be done for it to be complete and be ready to ship?

The biggest challenge right now is still going with the way to bring up the MiPi screen, we have mature solution on our hand which has over 600mW power consumption which blocked us to try, the high power consumption eDP to MiPi bridge will be our last safe choice, but, however, it is still to early to give up our current solution which require only 130mW, and this solution just has the last issue waiting to be fixed by a small FPGA. The power consumption of the current eDP to MiPi solution sounds too good/decent, and I hope people can hold your breath to wait our good new on next week. for me, to choose the old safe solution is the way to make people happy, it seems too stupid to take weeks long waiting for bringing up the new solution, but I hope the final power consumption of Loki can get around 500mW lower than the other competitiors, it was my dream to control the overall power consumption as possible as we can, so I need everyone's patience here

17. Why hasn’t there been any information for months after the preorders?

First I am sorry that we can't make every small steps visible for all the people who preordered Loki. In my mind, I think only the progress at milestone level should be marked as a decent progress, but Nicole told me we are losing people's trust since too many users feel anxious without any good news feeding. I have to admit, our competior did a better job than us especially on marketing and communication. We are more serious on loki's design, and since we are monitored by too many competitors around, so I have to keep the design ideas confidential until it is safe to reveal. Just as what I mentioned above, we have kept answer emails on all kinds of design recommendations, and learning all kinds of stuffs from existing comments and reviews from existing models, ayn seems too slow in somebody's mind, but we are not a stupid company but with full attention on product innovation and customer's advice and suggestions. I will try to do one QA every 2/3 weeks from now on

18. Will this eDP->FPGA->MiPi-bridge->MiPI add latency?

No, it won't add any latency that noticeable, just add latency in us level(less than 1ms) literally

19. Will the device come with a tuned icc profile for the screen?

I am not sure whether the EDID has a separate section for ICC profile, if yes, then the aswer is yes.
but I need to check with our engineer

20. What about software? Is Ayn developing anything to controls TDP, fan power and other stuff?

Sure, we will have an app come with the device for controlling all device peripherals and TDP

21. Any chance of having Steam OS support at launch?

Sure, Ayn will be the partner of SteamOS

22. Any futher information on the screen, for example how many nits, is it 6 inch and 60 Hz?

FHD, 1080*1920, low power consumption, TDDI, 5.9' and exact 60Hz working in MiPi video mode

23. But when will be the release date of low-end SKUS like Loki Zero and Loki Mini?

The DVT board of Loki Zero is ready but it has the same problem interface with MiPi screen, it requires an external eDP to MiPi bridge solution as well, so the release date of Loki Zero should be quite close to Loki max, but Loki Mini used Mendocino which was announced on this October, so Loki Mini should be released 2 months later than Loki max

24. Any info at all on the mini and mini pro? Or the other Loki models? Great to get some max info, but there are other devices people are waiting on info about, too

Please refer to up mentioned Question 23

25. Does that mean all the tdp controls etc will work in steamOS


26. Can we have adaptors to fit Loki Max in the Odin Dock removing the front acrylic panel?

It seems to be a creative idea, but since the speed of typeC will be limited, I don't know whether people minds the speed loss or not, and if not, this idea should be a great idea and it worths a try

27. Is the manufacturing process going to run smoothly for Loki after what you have learnt for Odin?

haha, this is a fantastic question, ya actually we are trying our best to cooperate with big assembling factories with very decent productivity and good quality management flow, and actually we have 3 candidates and each of them have around 500 workers and more than 20 assembling lines and stable amount of employees and excellent management team

28. what kind of thermal headroom can we expect with the cooling system - like what kind of wattage can we run at realistically (assuming we are plugged into the wall)?

The design goal of the current cooling system of Loki max and Loki is 28W~30W

29. USB 4.0 20G is working fine as you guys mentioned but is 40G the goal?

Yes, 40G is my dream and also the dream of AMD support team

30. What would you say to someone on the fence about cancelling their preorder for a similar product from a competitor? Why should someone choose a Loki over competing handhelds shipping this year?

I don't want that people will think Loki is scam for collecting money, that is why I didn't choose IGG but preorder on Shopify, your money is safe because Paypal won't release the money until the shippment happens. I have nothing to say to the people who on the fence abouth cenceling their preorder, since it was people's free chocie, but I want to say THANKS to the people who keep his faith trusting ayn. Except for the affordable price wise, we care every technical details and Loki's eDP to MiPi bridge is a typical example. So, the safe money, the price, the efforts on detail aspect of specs, the continuous listening to customer's voice, the honest attitude on technology, any of the item listed above should be reason for people to wait Loki

31. What i want to know Is The Release date of loki mini Pro Intel ? When is the release date

The begining of Q2

33. Will AYN pursue more Android handhelds in the future, like an Odin sequel? Or are you firmly moving to Mini PCs? What's the general vision of the future for AYN products?

I hope ayn can shine like a super star in Android handhelds, and actually for the consideration of Odin sequel, we will give some amazing surprise to supported users, we will not choose outdated processor but maybe the most modern technology from Qualcomm, and we don't have plan to move to MiniPC currently. Since now we have good userbase of Android handhelds and maybe good userbase of Windows handhelds, we won't stop on mid-end product only but a higher end product tier should be targeted. Both Steve Jobs and Apple are my learning example, I hope we can be Apple in this niche market one day in the future

34. Any chance for replaceable battery pack design similar to Sony PSP? And playable when having wired charging without battery. In that edge use can we can get Better ergo from the lighter weight ( without battery)[b]

Ya, the current board doesn't have this consideration for power the device using wired charging without battery, but I think it is a very nice idea, and we will consider your request, I need to check with our engineer. Thanks so much!

[b]35. So Loki Zero would also be released in the same release window as Loki Max?

Ya, should be very close

36. What about the regular Loki?

same timeframe as Loki max

37. can we have some specs for the audio?

At this point what I can tell is, it will have better audio than Odin, since the room for the speaker is way larger

38. Taki Udon told Brazilians that at one point Ayn was thinking of offering an Upgrade from the AMD 3050e to a Ryzen 3 3200u for the Loki Zero model, and that this Upgrade would cost between $30 or $40, is that correct?

Yes, now it is still possible, since 3200u is pin to pin compatible with 3050e, the final decision is depends on the MOQ, that is to say, if we got enough people (typically 500) who like a 3200u upgrade, this will happen

39. will it void warranty replacing the oroginal SSD?

No, if you follow our instructions and keep loving ayn. ;)

40. How much bigger than Odin is the device going to be? Or wider rather

It will be wider for giving room to the big joystick with good enough travel

41. I would like to know how many accessibility buttons there will be on the final Loki device? AYANEO has two buttons on the front shell (for TDP control via AYA Space and return to desktop) and 2 on the top besides the shoulder buttons which act in two ways: pressing it once (on-screen keyboard and ESC) and holding it for a few seconds (task manager and application overview) which gives us a total of 6 action buttons and they can be customized in the AYA Space app. I can see 3 buttons on the mockup from your website (one home button on the front and two on the back like the Odin). Are there any changes and can they be customized via your own app?

We will have 2 accessibility buttions on the front shell and 2 on the back, the functions are software defined( these 4 buttons have wired connections to EC(bios managements)

42. I know all your current devices have 6-inch screen (or 5.9 for that matter). Do you plan for larger screens for future devices? Especially for Windows handhelds

I think it depends on 2 factors for us to consider a wider screen.
1. People love it
2. The screen is decent enough especially with good specs and features

43. Hi Nicole if the wattage is 28-30Wwhats that going to mean for battery life? Seems quite high

It means how many watt the cooling system can handle for 6800's TDP

44. Are you considering add 4px shipping to more products aside from Loki Zero? Also, can Andy sign my Loki? OD2791 (still need to be able to pay it once again)

Thanks for your suggestion, we will consider adding 4px for more products soon, and yes, it will my pleasure and my great honor to sign your Loki

45. Are the aesthetic design of all SKUS similar or do they have differences and particularities from each other? Has the design changed a lot from the ones shown on Ayn's website, or are they still the same?

Not the same as the we showed on the website, and we will reveal the design once the screen issue is fixed, maybe in the middle of November

46. I understand that but what’s it going to mean for real world battery life? Under 2 hours?

That depends on the TDP you are working with. Literally speaking, for a 45wh battery, if you are working with a 15W TDP, you are likely to have 2hours as the battery life

47. Will the battery life be more than 2 hours for the mini pro intel and lower devices?

I think for miniPro AMD, it should be better, but for mini pro Intel, since it was the same 15W tdp device, I think the batter life advantage won't be that big

48. Can we have 40Hz and 50Hz refresh rate options along with 60Hz? 40Hz is a good compromise for heavy AAA PC games, 50Hz is useful for emulating PAL retrogames

Yes, actually we will have 6 candidate eDP timing defined in EDID table, we got the suggestion for enabling 40Hz refresh rate for heavy AAA games from email discussion

49. not Loki but is the upside down Android bug after installing win11 on new Odins known?

yes, it was a known issue, and our engineer will help the community to fix it, it is easy fix though

50. I don't know if it has already been answered but since you use hall sensor analog triggers according to the website, will the two joysticks also be hall sensor technology? It's only mentioned for the shoulder buttons

ya, the two joysticks are swapable to be hall base or not. we have both components for people, don't worry
Yo estoy tan contento con mis dos odins que les creo todo.
¿Cómo están los ánimos entre mis Lokibros? xD.
Yo, después de leer el Q&A y viendo el vídeo de la Aya Neo 2 de Taki Udon, qué queréis que os diga... cada vez tengo menos claro el seguir apostando por Loki.
A mí modo de ver, la mejor pantalla y ese pequeño extra de batería hacen a la Aya bastante más atractiva (también más cara sí, pero por lo que tengo entendido Aya es más receptiva a declarar un valor menor del paquete que Ayn con lo cual lo que te ahorras en la Loki lo mismo lo acabas pagando en aduanas...).
Y luego la Loki, por lo que saco del Q&A va a ser igual que la Aya pero con peor pantalla y batería... Amén de que, cómo no, se han pasado la supuesta fecha de envío por el forro, apuntando a un Q1 de 2023 que vete tú a saber.
No sé, ¿qué pensáis vosotros?
Ces escribió:¿Cómo están los ánimos entre mis Lokibros? xD.
Yo, después de leer el Q&A y viendo el vídeo de la Aya Neo 2 de Taki Udon, qué queréis que os diga... cada vez tengo menos claro el seguir apostando por Loki.
A mí modo de ver, la mejor pantalla y ese pequeño extra de batería hacen a la Aya bastante más atractiva (también más cara sí, pero por lo que tengo entendido Aya es más receptiva a declarar un valor menor del paquete que Ayn con lo cual lo que te ahorras en la Loki lo mismo lo acabas pagando en aduanas...).
Y luego la Loki, por lo que saco del Q&A va a ser igual que la Aya pero con peor pantalla y batería... Amén de que, cómo no, se han pasado la supuesta fecha de envío por el forro, apuntando a un Q1 de 2023 que vete tú a saber.
No sé, ¿qué pensáis vosotros?

Yo la esperare pacientemente, pero igual si se llega a abrir el cupo de comprar Steam Deck en sudamerica, pues la compro y tendria las dos.
@Ces Pues yo voy a mantener la reserva de la Loki Max por diversas razones:

- Tengo la consola 100% pagada (excepto la parte de aduanas) y es un dinero que ahora mismo no necesito
- Sigue siendo la opción más barata con 6800u viendo el resto de la competencia (Aok, Aya, GPD) y tiene pinta que no van a dejar de subir
- A mí personalmente los diseños de AYA no me terminan de convencer, aunque es cierto que parece tener mejores controles y pantalla, pero es una diferencia de precio que en mi opinión no compensa

De AYA me gustaban los modelos de Flip y Slide, pero esos ya no se presentan hasta primavera de 2023 como pronto (entrega en verano) con lo cual ya será tarde, el único modelo que tengo curiosidad por ver es la GPD Win 4

Veremos si AYN muestra o no el prototipo entre octubre y noviembre y si la entregan en el Q1 2023, el tiempo juega en su contra pero cuentan con el factor precio con respecto a la competencia
Yo solo tengo reservada la Loki Max (pagué los $25 por ello), pero cada vez me entran más ganas de cancelarla. Primero, porque con lo que le doy a la Steam Deck no me hace falta ya la consola y segundo, porque la que si me hace tilín viendo lo buena que me esta saliendo la gpd win3, es la gpd win4.
me canse de esperar, mejor ire por la steam deck. Alguien sabe cual es procedimiento para cancelar?
Vectorchile escribió:me canse de esperar, mejor ire por la steam deck. Alguien sabe cual es procedimiento para cancelar?

Correito a info@ayn.hk con tu número de pedido y ya... en pocos días mandan el dinero
Vectorchile escribió:me canse de esperar, mejor ire por la steam deck. Alguien sabe cual es procedimiento para cancelar?

Amigo de chile? como compraras la Steam Deck siendo de alla?
Aún no lo tengo decidido, pero por Ebay ofrecen la deck por el precio oficial (con algo de recargo) con envío por DHL. Eso sí, me tendré que comer el impuesto de importación si o si
Manda link para ver :0
Vectorchile escribió:Aún no lo tengo decidido, pero por Ebay ofrecen la deck por el precio oficial (con algo de recargo) con envío por DHL. Eso sí, me tendré que comer el impuesto de importación si o si

Comparte el dato, yo desde hace rato he estado con ganas de la deck pero oficialmente es imposible desde acá.
@Vectorchile el impuesto de internacion es casi 250 lucas

Igual sale 900 lucas hueon, no conviene en lo absoluto.

Retomando el tema de la Loki, espero que en este mes salga el Pvc funcionando y etc.
MUY interesante actualización de Loki que han lanzado esta mañana:

Loki Update 3 ---2022/10/29

First, after weeks of so much design and verification efforts, this adapter chip finally works, and the dream to keep it less power consuming than competitor's solution finally comes true.

Second, we are finally make Loki screen that works perfectly, and what's more, thanks to the FPGA working as a featured Aux-channel protocol manager, we make this screen worked in 60/50/40Hz refresh mode, which was requested by so many existing Loki buyers for the consideration that to reduce the cpu/gpu load of 2d/3d rendering significantly, and thus to extend the battery life by a great amount of time.

Third, the further good news is, we can even make custom resolution work at 60/50/40Hz mode, and with the help of multiple frame rate, the rendering workload can be further reduced by setting the frame rate lower(50Hz/40Hz).

For example, if we choose custom resolution to be 800x600@40fps, then the overall workload is 800x600x40/1080x1920x60 = 15.4%, that means, all the rendering pixels in this case can be 15.4% of 1080p60, and literally the battery power might be able to be extended by 5~6x longer, that should be a huge improvements






Menor consumo de pantalla y refresco configurable por el usuario [beer] grandes noticias de AYN que esperemos muestren el prototipo funcional en breve
Ese será el tamaño de la pantalla al final? Nice
Ayer se celebró otro nuevo QA que dejo por aquí el texto íntegro, si bien una nueva decepción al saber que no habrá prototipo hasta mediados de diciembre, pero la fecha de entrega de la Loki 6600u y Max se mantiene para Q1.2023, habrá reviews de youtubers pero seguramente eso no sucederá hasta enero como pronto

El diseño está completo a excepción del motor de vibración que de momento sigue sin funcionar, que será el último paso antes de dar por cerrado los modelos Loki y Max, para luego ponerse manos a la obra con los modelos Mini y Mini Pro:

1. Can we ask again about how deep the SteamOS compatibility will be?- Will we be able to suspend the system etc?

It is still too early to discuss the compatiblility related topic, but since we have partnership with SteamOS, so literally what all the features that steamOS have should be supported in Loki.

2. Is there a chance for 48hz screen to play 24fps movies without screen tearing?

We didn't support 48Hz yet(Only 40/50/60Hz), but literally speaking, 2x refresh rate won't cause any problem.

3. What will the plastic shell texture will look like?

It was a little bit wider and higher than the current Odin, we will reveal the rendering once the MD design is really, so hopefully in the begining of December, we can finalize MD design.

4. Which Mendocino will the mini pro uses?

May I answer your question on next QA? Probably in the middle of December.

5. Have the heat pipes passed the stress and aging tests?

Yes for Loki Max and Loki.

6. Are the LEDs, Vibration motor working now?

This week we are finally get touch panel worked, LEDs worked weeks before, and the last item is X-axis vibration motor, we will start the design from next week.

7. Will the led lights be able to do different patterns?

Yes, they will

8. What are the dimensions of the loki max? When can we see the new loki design?

We will reveal details in the middle of December.

9. Can the Loki bag have storage for micro sd cards? Could there be a Loki Bag that would be slim like a tomtoc switch case?

Not determined yet

10. Could you elaborate when you said, “the two joysticks are swapable to be hall base or not.”

Yes, it will be Hall swapable.

11. Will there be a clear case for Loki like we do for Odin? Is Loki going to be made of the same plastic as Odin?

Since it seems impossible for us to get the same quantity as Odin, I think high MOQ blocks the possibility, but if we can reach a higher sales volume, I think it is still possbile. Loki will share same qualified plastic material the same as Odin

12. Will the loki have cracking shells like odin?

No, it won't, the front shell of Odin has a metal frame that fixed in the center, which will make heat induction of the plastic stream during plastic injection to be unbalanced, that is why the cracking shells happen. The front shell of Loki and the center metal frame are designed to be separated, so basically, no worries, it won't be a issue.

13. What innovative features will Loki have that will make it stand out?

Nothing sounds to be breakthrough innovations, but we do have some small steps that have moved ahead already, and basically they are most hardware stuffs at the current phase.
(1) Screen fresh rate features, 40Hz/50Hz/60Hz
(2) Flexible resolutions, like 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x720, etc
(3) Hall sensor based Joysticks/shoulder buttons
(4) Low power video bridge technologies (eDP to MiPi)
(5) Natural USB HID based touch, 10 fingers multi-touch support
(6) Natural XBOX gamepad protocol support
(7) The best X-axiels vibration motor experience
(8) Good ergonomics and low power TDDI screen (we are the first one that support TDDI in-cell touch )

14. What is left to finish Loki and get shipped to customers?

Loki and Loki max will be the first one to release, and just X-axiels vibration motor was not finalized

15. Will there be a docked mode if we connect Loki to a dock?

Not planned yet

16. Will there be recovery images for windows and steam os for loki?

It won't be too difficult to backup the images for Windows and SteamOS, so yes, I think so.

17. Will there be a dual boot manager for people who would like to dual boot?

Not planned yet

18. Will there be an option for those of us who want a signed Loki by Andy?

Haha, again, it will be my pleasure and my honor

19. Will there be a teardown skin like the steam deck?


20. Will there be loki skins for sale?


21. What is the warranty on loki?

One year

22. What suggestions has influenced the design of loki?

(1) Hall swapable sticks
(2) ppl like big sticks the same as X-box game pad
(3) to give enough travel to Hall based shoulder buttons
(4) to deliver better vibration experience
(5) high quality speakers which requires more room
(6) better ergonomics

23. Will the loki Max's micro sd card reader be fast?

Yes, both AMD 6800u/6600u have good spec on micro sd card interface.

24. How will the loki be updated?

For windows itself, and ppl isn't new to windows update, and for Loki control interface, currently ppl can download apps from our website, I know it is very basic, but at least we have a way for ppl to update apps

25. Will there be a game manager? When will be the next update?

Not determined for the game launcher, on the beginning of December will have next update, all the design should be done at that time

26. Have the ergonomics been improved by the new design?


27. Will you be putting liquid metal (for the LOKI MAX), Will there be ayn hud, basically to quickly access things

- To control tpd
- To control display brightness
- To control display hertz

Window has natural display brightness control and display hertz control already, so we will focus on TDP control/Fan speed control for the first step apps release

28. Will you be making attachments for the LOKI MAX like

- battery bank
- Grip case
Not planed yet, since we are mainly for all the necessary functionality and stability implementation for the main device unit first, as for the accessories like battery bank, grip case as well as dock, it is a little bit earlier to answer these questions. We need enough concentration at the phase, please understand.

29. Memory extension pack case (for an SSD drive or a micro sd)

It will be well packed and shipped.

30. How is the LOKI MAX development going?

Both Loki/Loki max going very well, now we only have vibration motor not finalized.

31. Will there be a Loki Max Pro?


32. When will we see renders for the Loki Max?

Before the middle of this Dec

33. How many Loki Max will be released during the launch?

We will plan the first batches in order like, 50pcs, 300pcs, 1000pcs

34. Do all the buttons work on windows 10 and 11 for gaming and internet browsing?

It works like a natural x-box game pad

35. Can you make different audio profiles for the Loki Max?

Loki Max will have only one audio profiles, but windows can apply different equilizer profile easily.

36. Will the Loki Max come in stock with the AMD control Panel?, ( I have it on my steam deck which is running windows 10 and it makes a huge difference visually)

We need check with AMD whether this tool can open to public without NDA.

37. Will you send review units to Youtubers?


38. Will the Loki Max’s buttons symbols be printed on or molded?


39. Will there be a kickstand case?


40. Will there be a silicone grip case?

Not yet

41. When should I expect my Loki Max to arrive?


42. Will there be an anti-glare screen protector (which makes a huge difference in gaming on the go)?

It should be possible, we have good supplier here.

43. Will there be an atomic purple Loki max in the future?

Please refer to the upmentioned answer, too early to answer, it depends on sales volume.

44. Will it support multiple Bluetooth devices?

Isn't it a windows natural feature?

45. Is the plastic smudge/fingerprint-resistant?

It will be fingerprint-resistant.

46. The progress we made during the past few weeks

(1) We finally have a full speed USB4.0 worked upto 40Gbps and wakeup from with S3/S4/S5(Different sleep mode).
(2) We make in-cell touch (TDDI) worked in USB mode, which means this IP should be reuseable for all Loki SKUs.
All mobile screen only has standard I2C protocol support, but it is a nightmare in windows to support I2C touch, as everyone knows, even we can implement customized driver for I2C touch, it is still required Windows certification, and different Loki sku might require different drivers, different certifications, which will be a big nightmare, but however, thanks for all the hardworking of ayn software engineer, now we finally make standard USB HID based touch possible, and it works very well on Loki max with 10 fingers multi-touch support simultanneously and seamlessly.
(3) Loki passed the aging test on 28Watt TDP mode.
(4) X-axiels vibration motor is the only thing that not finalized for Loki max
(5) MD design now is quite near to be finished

47. Has there been any change to screen size, also would it be possible to make a bezelless screen like the aya 2 but without the glass?

Probably impossible, but we controlled the bezel to be as small as possible.

48. Are you guys considering a model with trackpads like the Steam Deck?

It will change the entire design concept, sorry, the answer is no.

49. I’m curious about how the AYN hud software could be quickly accessed during gameplay etc (mapped to a rear button or something?

We have 2 more buttons in the frontshell, it can be used as a shortcut to ayn hud software.

50. Any update on the Odin Launcher?

it was 85% done, and it is still under developping, I know ppl hate waiting, but I want to make this launcher praise worthy.

51. is the RAM upgradeable?

for loki and loki max, no
for loki mini pro, no
for loki zero, yes

52. so the lowest end model has upgradeable ram, but the higher end models dont

Yes, since the working frequency of the lowest end are significantly lower, which makes it possible.

53. Which speakers do you plan to use? Please make sure that sound will be good out of the box. I've owned AYANEO devices and all of them sound like garbage when you start using them. Only third party software makes the device sound ok

Yes, we will choose the branded speaker which was the same as Apple, I promise it will be good enough out of the box for sure

54. Will Loki have slightly bigger abxy buttons with less travel?

Yes, slightly bigger, but I think the travel should be the same as Odin

55. Will the Loki d-pad/buttons use switches or membrane?

membrane by default

56. Any chance for front facing speakers with the redesign?

yes, the speaker was redesigned to be front facing already.

57. Do anyone knows if there's anything for Mini Pro, kept asking but no reply

The Intel Mini Pro failed to boot for the first hardware edition unfortunately, and we are waiting the second hardware edition to come back. As for the AMD Mini Pro version, since AMD just release the spec and engineering sample weeks ago, so it won't started until this Dec. but, don't be too sad, the good news are, all the verified periperals except for the vibration motor are all worked in Loki max and it can be easily reused in Loki Mini Pro.

58. Does loki mini pro use the same game pad and sticks like loki and loki max?

Con fé de que me llegue en marzo
Nuevo diseño:

Comparativa con la Odin:
manicminer1976 escribió:Nuevo diseño:

Comparativa con la Odin:

Si van cambiando el diseño ahora, esto va para largo...

Sobre el diseño, aparte que se parece bastante al de la Aya Neo air (gracias al anuncio del compi @SashaX le estuve echando un vistazo y me gusto bastante), veo como si la hubiesen alargado más y han cambiado el formato de pantalla. Puede que lo este mirando mal, pero a mi con ese formato de pantalla tan alargado no me atrae mucho, la verdad.
Hay que decir también que el diseño de la Aya Air se parecía al de la Odin que se parecía al de la Switch Lite... [jaja]
manicminer1976 escribió:Comparativa con la Odin:

Las parte de los análogos y cruceta se me hacen demasiado ancha comparada con la Odin donde la experiencia no molesta en absoluto.
Qué tarde llega AYN... (Para mí, claro). Aún mantengo la reserva por si se produce algún milagro que me haga cambiar de opinión pero con la Ayaneo 2 a un mes de distancia (espero) de mis manos... Otro que se va a quitar de la cola para que recibáis las vuestras antes [boma]
Qué hartazgo de botoncitos de colores. Si encima son igual de espantosos y ortopédicos que los de la Odin...
Esta consola se ve muy bien pero estos tipos de Ayn son lentos a más no poder para todo desde el diseñar, crear y enviar la consola, yo quise la Odin pero por el tema de los envíos al final desistí de comprarla.
Loki y Loki Max se enviarán a finales de marzo - principios de abril, donde acaban de publicar unas nuevas fotos ya con el prototipo final:








En breve quieren hacer una presentación del producto en formato vídeo ya mostrando juegos y demás, van tarde pero el producto tiene buena pinta la verdad

Tamaño en comparación con la Odín:


Me.gusta el diseño en líneas generales pero no me gustan las crucetas tan bajas. En consolas tan grandes te obliga a tener el dedo super forzado.
En el chapuzas informático, hablan de los modelos más avanzados: Loki y Loki Max. Nos cuenta, que " si de verdad quieres jugar a todo sin problemas, y es que estamos ante un AMD Ryzen 5 6600U con 6 núcleos Zen+3 y unos gráficos RDNA2 con 384 Stream Processors @ 1,90 GHz. A esto se le suma que su pantalla de 6 pulgadas puede alcanzar una resolución Full HD de 1.920 x 1.080 píxeles.

Este hardware se puede combinar con 8 o 16 GB de memoria RAM LPDDR5 a 6.400 MHz, almacenamiento SSD NVMe, espacio para una tarjeta microSD de hasta 1 TB de capacidad, iluminación LED RGB, conectividad WiFi 6E + Bluetooth 5.2, y batería de 40,5 Wh. Su precio de partida es de 649 dólares. Se espera que salga a la venta en algún momento de este trimestre (Q1 2023).

La AYN Loko Max, el modelo más avanzado, ya emplea un AMD Ryzen 7 6800U con 8 núcleos Zen+3. Este integra unos gráficos RDNA2 con 768 Stream Processors @ 2.20 GHz. En resumen, generosamente más potente que la Steam Deck (512 SPs RDNA2). Su precio de partida es de 775 dólares, pero lo peor de todo, es que no cuenta con fecha de lanzamiento. "

Por otro lado, también he visto en notebookchek, que hablan que " elRyzen 7 6800Ucuenta con la Radeon 680M, en comparación con la Radeon 660M en elRyzen 5 6600U. En resumen, la Radeon 680M tiene el doble de unidades de cómputo (CU) que laRadeon 660Mmientras que elRyzen 7 6800Utambién tiene dos núcleos de CPU Zen 3+ más que elRyzen 5 6600U. Aun así, ambas iGPU deberían representar una mejora sustancial respecto a sus predecesoras Radeon RX Vega. "

https://www.notebookcheck.org/fileadmin ... IT9970.jpg
Mande correo y aún nada, y no, no se van a actualizar a la gama más actual de amd
Pues sí, pero admito que me encantaría tener una potente de ese tamaño.
No he visto los videos, pero me suena que no iban a actualizarse a lo ultimo de AMD, por lo que llega tarde...

Yo todavía tenia la reserva de $25 por la max, pero habrá que ir cancelando...
Si no existiera la ROG Ally seguiría siendo un "tarde y mal" para AYN, pero con la Ally ya en el mercado... [fiu]

En fin, que les vaya bonito y que la disfruten quienes la compren, yo llevo ya 6 meses disfrutando de mi Ayaneo 2 y no me arrepiento ni un segundo de haber hecho el cambio (yo también mantenía la reserva de esta, pero la voy a cancelar ipso facto).
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