3.52 M33-4

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HM33 escribió:IMPORTANT: agree with LICENSE.TXT conditions before installing the program.

Changes in M33-4 (mainly bugfix)

- Fixed the bug that caused CRC error when writing to flash usb in the XMB. Now writing
is OK.
- Added the new speeds to vshmenu and core, because we forgot in recovery.

AS we didnn't want to release a new update without something new, we worked in making
3.10/3.11 to work with popsloader, and that's it, the new popsloader plugins supports them.
Instruction for 3.10 and 3.11 are same as 3.30: you need pops.prx, popsman.prx and pafmini.prx
with the correct names in popsloader directory. And remember that savedata of 3.10-3.30 are incompatible
with those of 3.40+. We'll research if a solution for this is possible.

Team M33

As for yankee paranoids, a little word about the "brickers" issue.
We repeat it again: THERE IS NO MALICIOUS CODE inside M33.
Some of the files of this update are protected by encryption schemes to protect ourselves
from that page that annoys homebrew developers.
The keys for the decryption: the own update file.
So if the file is changed, the decrypted data is not the original one, and this causes the
wrong data to be written. There is no way you can call this malicious code as there is no explicit
code to brick nothing, it is the corruption of the update what actually causes the bad decrypted
data to be written.

Anyways in this update we check if decrypted data is wrong and in that case we write a recovery
warning the user what happened. It will activate usb, and it will allow you to execute a recovery
eboot.pbp... in a curious path ("ms0:/PSP/GAME/PS3NEWS_ARE_STEALERS_I_AM_NOT_GONNA_VISIT_THEM/EBOOT.PBP")
which is not at sight of an hex editor

If you visited ps3news and bricked in last release, then blame his administrator.
He is the one that modified the files and had them in the server for lots of hours
knowing the consequences.

As this person doesn't care about publishing homebrew coders personal info because he thinks he's
funny and hursh doing that, we dont think he will mind either that we "leak" his data
After all is nformation that can be obtained publically.

Administrator of ps3news: Daniel S., owner of old ps2ownz domain (now he uses a reg. proxy),
and name to which advertisements are CURRENTLY payed in ps3news. (it could be either him or his father)

Download: http://www.megaupload.com/de/?d=8SBPABU6
que velocidad, en cuanto llegue a casa actualizo

quien es Daniel Serafin?
alguien que traduzca por favor!!!
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Viene a decir que las culpas de los brickes es del serafin(admin de ps3news)y k en este update comprueba si se a modificado para no causar bricks
:O otro update ?? Joder que ritmo llevan estos rusos, sera el vodka [jaja]

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en EOL... ¿no me ves?
a por él, al menos han sido benevolentes y ahora aunque hace brick si se modifica, se escribe un recovery a ejecutar desde una ruta muy peculiar...
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Indican por algun sitio si es acumulativa? es q sigo en 3.51 M33-7 (o 6, no se...la ultima xD) y toy pensando en actualizar o no, pero no se :S

Para que diria nada, lo iba a poner yo... XD
enede escribió:Indican por algun sitio si es acumulativa? es q sigo en 3.51 M33-7 (o 6, no se...la ultima xD) y toy pensando en actualizar o no, pero no se :S


No te olvides que primero has de pasar siempre a la primera del firmware, en este caso M33 3.52 1, y despues ya puedes pasar a la ultima. Pero nunca pases de un 3.51 a 3.52 sin pasar por el primer update!!

Saludos cordiales.
Dlc pagados ma!
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