PlayStation VR - Starter Pack 299€

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Esto es real o un fake bien buscado?
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Y tan real,haber precio y disponibilidad....
A ver como avanza la cosa
Real, lo estan presentando en gdc 2014, aunque es un prototipo.
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EmCeeGramr escribió:Project Morpheus - Sony VR headset prototype - unveiled

Tentative Prototype Specs:

The current dev kit (tentative) has a 1080p display, 90+ degree field of view.

"It's not necessarily the final thing we're going for," but it's good for devs to experiment with.

Tracking builds on PS Move and DualShock 4 technology, "supports forward prediction." Position and rotating head tracking: 1000HZ, 3 Meter Working Volume, Full 360 Degrees

Second question is about if there will be a wire connected from the headset to PS4. "The current prototype is wired" with a five meter wire. They are investigating "other solutions."

Regarding weight, as this is a prototype they're not committing to anything.

They're only cooperating with other VR technology "in spirit." No "standardized APIs."

"Do you plan to use eyetracking inside the device?" They're researching it.

When will it come out? Framerate and latency aims? They won't answer. "Highest framerate we can get, lowest latency we can get," they say, jokingly. "Coming out as soon as possible."

'We believe Morpheus will further enhance PlayStation'. It'll work alongside the camera, and Move.

It's still a prototype, though.

PS Move's technology is being used in Project Morpheus to help with tracking. PlayStation Camera on PS4 is also essential. "It's almost as if it was designed for VR," he said with a wink.

They're using the same tech as PlayStation Move - with a lot higher rate sensors, and the PlayStation Camera.

DualShock 4's sensors and light can be used in conjunction with Morpheus. PS Move may also prove essential.

They want it to be able to be picked up and used with no issues. Pick it up, put it on, you're in VR. Put it down, you're out. No issues.

Finally, we've come to Content. "At Worldwide Studios, we have a really good team." Sony's own studios will "seed" the VR landscape, but they need other devs, hence they're here at GDC.

Current focus is on PlayStation - no talking about how this will, or could, work on PC.

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"There's also games called The Deep and The Castle, the latter of which will let you use a PlayStation Move to control a sword."

RIP Kinect
Sinceramente me esperaba mas informacion en este evento, y lo unico que veo en esto es en plan... sacar el conejo de la chistera, pero ni se mojan en si es compatible en pc, lanzamiento o precio...

Habra que esperar el proximo dia si se mojan algo mas..

Saludos ;)
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