[Hilo Oficial] Girl Fight ~Las chicas son guerreras!~

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este juego me recuerda a rumble roses
underwolde escribió:este juego me recuerda a rumble roses

Pensaba lo mismo, pero aun asi se ve bastante malo.
Uyuyuuyuuuuyyyy que pinta más chuuuuuunga... esperemos que por lo menos los "modelados" y los "movimientos" sean de calidad [+risas].
Gracias por el hilo golden [oki]
para ser descargable no esta mal
a priori no tiene mala pinta, pero a ver que tal la jugabilidad y sobre todo el precio.

Aprobecho para ver si por aqui alguien sabe que paso con el juego The Pit: Dog Eat Dog, del que hace mucho que no se sabe nada
Otro personaje revelado: GHOST

Girl Fight, the 2D fighter with an all-girl cast, has revealed its first character. Here we have Ghost, the speed-based fighter delivering the fastest blows you’ll never see. For full details, hit the cut.

Ghost was a government agent who specialized in wetwork and black ops. For over a decade, she was sent around the world on missions that only a handful of people were authorized to know about. Sometimes she was called upon to be a thief, other times she was a spy, and when the mission required it, she would be an assassin.

As the years passed, her grim occupation began to take its toll on her mind. She was haunted by her crimes, consumed with remorse for the lives she had taken. After ten long years of staining her hands with blood and carrying secrets that could topple nations, she fled from her life of murder and tried to start fresh with a new identity.

Months passed without incident. She began to feel safe. She thought that she had successfully escaped her employers. She was wrong.

As with each character in Girl Fight, Ghost has her own home arena. Set amid an apocalyptic battlezone, the Bridge Arena takes place on a massive yet crumbling commuter bridge. Fighters duke it out on the unstable bridge while utter chaos unfolds around them.


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