[Hilo Oficial] Final Fantasy Type-0

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[Barcha] escribió:Gracias, ya decia yo que no era normal eso y yo venga a morir y sufrir XD

Al final cogi la otra opción aunque he llegado a una prueba que se las trae en el
templo donde esta Cid, ahora tengo que avanzar en una parte sin usar ataques físicos, en cuando lo vi quite el juego ipso facto no me jodas, probare a equiparme el objeto que te da mp gasto 0 y a ver si me termino esta zona ya, que es la ultima según he visto

Q va! esa prueba esta chupada. Manten a tu personaje con magias y eter y deja que los otros tb ataquen. Es TÚ personaje activo el que tiene que usar la magia, los otros, pueden atacar normalmente.
Objeto de MP 0: CUAL??? XD

Lo del objeto me explique mal creo, no es un accesorio que te de permanentemente 0 gasto de mp, es un objeto que lo usas y te da mp coste 0 un breve espacio de tiempo, se llama thin feather.
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Este juego es la leche..... Estoy mas enganchado que a cualquier otro. Y eso que tengo el Akiba's trip de Vita recien empezado.
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zeroize escribió:¿CUando sale en HD para PS3?

En PS3 nunca, es para PS4/One.

Osea que en las consolas de nueva generación vamos a tener... un juego de PSP.
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vaya coñazo de spamear meteoritos 4 horas

se han lucido con la mazmorra más difícil del juego
Hello everyone, this message just appeared on another forum, linking this one, is all this really truth? To be honest it all makes sense to me. Fucking Square Enix!

In that case I will post it just in case someone still interested. After all this is the kind of sh*t that people like exposed.

[size=10pt]This is going to be a pretty large post[/size].

If you want the short version: Square-Enix acted like scum, and treated Sky like a scum. Pitiful, if you ask me.

Note: Quotes here has been translated by me, so they are not literal.


The whole thing started in the Spanish forum of ElOtroLado. The original project was to gather a bunch of fans (I was among them) and translate the game into Spanish. Another Spanish romhacker (Daniel 'TruthKey') had previously worked on the game and left the idea saying that it was impossible and that no one would be able to do it. Many people bashed on the poor guy for this, after Sky proved him wrong.

One of our problems was that we had no means to access the game's internal data, we needed a romhacker, and Sky offered himself with some tools he had been working on. It was in June 2012, more than 2 years ago, when the managed to freely change the game's text (the text image is not even online anymore):


Now our second problem was that we are English to Spanish translators, and only with the Japanese text there was nothing we could do. With the language barrier, we left the idea.


Fast-forward to December 2012. A group of English to Japanese translators gathered on NeoGaf with our same purpose, this time they wouldn't have any problem understanding Japanese, so we thought we could work together to have both projects started at the same time. However their interest lasted only a few days. Just so the whole idea wasn't wasted, this thread was opened in GBATemp:

http://gbatemp.net/threads/final-fantas ... ng.340183/

I'm posting everything after finding no interest in translating this game after a lot of researching work. It is not my intention to form a translation team, but if anyone find these useful, he/she can count with my help for any possile project.

On the bright side, this unexpectedly lured many Japanese to English translators in, and the translations started immediately. From the Spanish team we decided to wait a few months to have some actual material to work with, from the American team.


Fast-forward to October 2013: the game was being simultaneously translated into both English and Spanish, but unfortunately almost everyone in the American team left the group. This is when a man called Adam Clarke Stinson ('adams') offered himself to form yet another translation team (the so-called 'sub-team') to finish the English translation.

This was a great addition, he put together a handful of skilled translators and managed the translation section of the project until it was finished in March 2014. the only problem with Adams is that he was the very definition of a d*ck. There were many complains among the sub-team, and many translators left the project after receiving insults from him; another problem was him re-translating everything done by the sub-team with his own English text, wasting the time and effort of dozens of people (you can read about all this in GBATemp, thanks god we don't have this character in the Spanish team).


Only one months after the translation was ready, a Square-Enix representative contacted Sky to discuss about the project. As an active member, I was well aware of all conversations taking place between Sky and SE. It came to our attention the lack of interest and passiveness they had, but some point were made clear from our side:

1. - We would like to understand how a project like ours violates SE's intellectual property, if so.
2. - The bottom line of the whole thing is to allow fans who imported the game, supporting the company, to actually enjoy it.
3. - Of course we don't make any money with this.
4. - Each one of us has a different, personal purpose to be in the team, some people practice Japanese or English, some other people, PhotoShop, etc... Sky translates nothing, he is in charge of the technical aspects.

To all this, no specific answer was received. Instead, all members were asked to sign an NDA through Sky. Okay we had no problem... or had we? There was indeed a little problem: The NDA required us to fill a form giving our personal names an addresses. This could be a legal trap, or maybe end with something beneficial for the fans.

In the Spanish team, the few people who knew about this stepped back. Same with the American one. Sky was only one to 'sign and see'. After that, Square-Enix insisted EVERYONE should sign it. Suspicious, if you ask me.

When Sky made clear that no other member, besides him, would be giving his real name and address, Square-Enix cut communications and completely disappeared. That's right, Square-Enix didn't sign the NDA back, making it effective. One month had passed since the first message and they did nothing except collect Sky's data and disappear. No further conversation or important data was exchanged. Of course, in no moment they asked anyone to stop the project or anything like that.


Half a month later Sky asked us, the Spanish team to try and finish the English patch, because all that was being done in the American team was re-translation by Adams. That's funny, all text had been translated, proofread and then he changes the translation again? (in GBATemp the sub-team even accuses Adams to introduce errors in the patch). At one point the patch was leaked in GamesFAQ, and I though Adams was selling it.

In this scenario, Sky released the patch with the permission of the whole Spanish team (which had helped editing some images in the American patch), and the whole American team, except for Adams, the tester, and another member called Merkabah. The reception of the patch was so good, that Merkabah apologized. As for Adams and the tester, they wanted to look for problems and ended kicked out of the team.


Two days later Square-Enix found out that it was a d*ck move to disappear and posted a press release announcing Type-0 HD for vita. Well, that was a mistake, it was for PS4 and XONE; an even bigger mistake if you ask me.
The patch was drawing too much attention, though, so all of a sudden all voice actors started showing up out of nowhere. Really, REALLY, SE?


Some days later Sky received the first legal threat document. In no moment he received any C&D, that would have made sense BEFORE releasing the patch. The American team was pretty much done by then, so most of the conversation about it was with us. In the document Sky was accused for:

1. - Knowing that he was performing an illegal crime against SE's intellectual property. LOL.
2. - Deliberately hurting the company. LOL.
3. - Making money out of the project. LOL.
4. - Performing illegal translation. LOL.

As you can see, every possible piece of information shared with SE was completely ignored. Actually the whole document (that I had a chance to review) was way more ridiculous. SE was actually talking about an illegal network of game selling. The kind of document one reads and immediately know the writer is completely clueless. I chuckled. From Sky:

[6/25/1014 2:27:40 AM] Sky: I'm not laughing, this is such a huge lack of respect that I'm actually having a hard time believing someone serious wrote it. Way to insult a fan.
[6/25/1014 2:27:57 AM] Sky: Still, I already called them and set the record straight, or so I think.


Oh! But no. Do you think SE would apologize or even pay attention for once? God no. They send a second threatening document like 2 weeks later. Even more bullsh*t on that one. I didn't have a chance to review it (I think it contained actual game development info or something, so Sky wouldn't allow us to review it).
All I can tell about it is that SE looked for dumb excuses to corroborate his previous document:

1. - Yes, you make money on the project because you have a donation button. Pitiful.
2. - Yes, you wanted to hurt SE, as the following message confirms: [and then refers to a post where Sky addresses some trolls in a forum]. Pitiful


In hopes of finishing SE's derailed crusade, Sky temporally took down his blogs sections about the project, we weren't affected by this, since there is no Spanish translation there (at least yet). So what happened them? According to Sky, they completely disappeared. AGAIN! And so we resumed out work on the Spanish translation (stalled during all this). Also, the blog sections are back.


Now it's important to note that ALL THIS was know by Jason Schreier, the Kotaku 'reporter' (and use quotes because a reporter is supposed to tell all the truth). Obviously he wouldn't tell it all, as he needs SE's favor to get exclusives such as press demos, or even the recent interview with the director of Type-0. Coincidence? I think not.

[7/27/1014 2:27:40 AM] Sky: Can't even tell why he asks me if he's gonna post the parts he wants...


But wait, there is more. This is not even the first time Square-Enix treats romhacking fans like sh*t before completely disappearing: Year 2009. A group of Spanish romhackers called "Vagrant Traducciones" contacts SE to offer them a translation patch for Vagrant Story, which was about to be released in the Spanish PSN... in English.

At first they were all so friendly and interested until they suddenly lost interest and changed their attitude. the leader of Vagrant Traducciones, 'Faloppa' described them as 'unsupportive', 'disrespectful' and 'ignorant'. You can read more in the following link:


Same old story.


I think that's all, now go ahead and bash on Sky for trusting SE. I certainly did, i wouldn't like his trust to affect our project, even though it was possible thanks to him in the first place.
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Me da vergüenza ajena Square-Enix, vergüenza ajena, hay muchos más adjetivos, pero creo que es el más apropiado, se le puede insultar y demás, pero la verdad es que es de vergüenza ajena.
Yo lo tengo claro, a Square-Enix no le compro un juego nuevo en mi vida, todo de segunda mano, si es que le compro juegos porque viendo el nivel de sus producciones que dan tanta pena que se te quitan las ganas de comprarles nada.
Hola, voy por el capitulo 5 y la verdad es que aunque me está entreteniendo, pienso que la historia no termina de arrancar. A los que lo habéis jugado, ¿que os ha parecido la historia? ¿Mas adelante se pone más interesante o mejor no espero mucho de ella?

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Que ha pasado con el parche al castellano?
Rocky_horror escribió:Que ha pasado con el parche al castellano?

Lee un par de mensajes arriba... [facepalm] [facepalm]
Chicos, estoy harto ya bde tutoriales y configuraciones que no me sirver, acabo de actualizar mi psp de la 5.50 prometheus 4 a 6.60 me 1.8 y los videos se siguen viendo en negro y los dos de intro se ven relentizados ¿Que debo hacer? Estoy harto de trastear sin sentido, gracias.