Editores de video gratuitos...

Gracias por toda la información @TRASTARO
Mis hijos se han metido a "youtubers" y usan el editor que trae Windows 10.
Probaremos alguno de los que mencionas.
Por nada, esperemos les sriva alguno para iniciar.

Shotcut Version 20.07.11

Para macosx x64
https://www.fosshub.com/Shotcut.html?dw ... 200711.dmg

Para Linux x64
https://www.fosshub.com/Shotcut.html?dw ... 200711.txz

Para windows x64
https://www.fosshub.com/Shotcut.html?dw ... 200711.zip

Notes Release
- Fixed noisy sound playback on some Windows systems.
- Fixed UI layout glitches and default/minimum size of timeline too short.
- Fixed Quick Sync Video hardware encoder (h264_qsv or hevc_qsv with Quality-based VBR) not working on Windows on older Intel chips.
- Fixed Properties > Speed not working correctly on trimmed clip in Source player.
- Fixed Stabilize and Normalize: Two Pass filters not working on trimmed clip in Source player.

ShotCut 20.10.31

Utiliza la version mas reciente de la biblioteca QT5 y quita el soporte al sistema HTML5

- Removed QtWebKit and WebVfx (HTML5 components) from all builds.
- Upgraded Qt to version 5.15.1 on Linux and Windows and version 5.12.9 on macOS. As a result, the minimum macOS version is now 10.12.
- Updated Linux build to a Ubuntu 18.04 base (glibc version 2.27).
- Completely new Windows build based on msys2, and discontinued the 32-bit Windows build.
- Migrated Windows and Linux builds to GitHub Actions, and automated builds of AppImage and snap for Linux.

- Added Invert (reverse polarity) audio filter.
- Added showing the job progress in Windows taskbar icon. (thanks @lolametro!)
- Added Size, Position & Rotate > Zoom now works in any Size mode!
- Added Scroll to Playhead on Zoom to Keyframes menu.
- Added converting Text: HTML filters to Text: Rich. This does not retain full fidelity, but hopefully it retains the text.
- Added using the H.264 hardware encoder if HEVC not available when Proxy > Use Hardware Encoder is on.
- Added Scroll to Playhead on Zoom option to Timeline menu.
- Added ability to change position in Size, Position & Rotate by dragging anywhere inside the rectangle while also holding Shift.
- Added rectangle VUI help tips for various video filters.
- Added keyboard shortcut for Center the Playhead: Ctrl+Shift+P.
- Added keyboard shortcut for Scroll to Playhead on Zoom: Ctrl+Alt+P.
- Added keyboard shortcut for rich text editor Paste Text Only: Ctr+Shift+V
- Added common preset resolutions and aspect ratios to the Add Custom Video Mode dialog.

- Improved image quality when using Size, Position & Rotate.
- Improved Text: Rich filter export on Windows and Linux when display scale is fractional (e.g. 150%).
- Improved the performance of the Fade In Video, Fade Out Video, and Brightness filters on multicore systems.
- Changed Export > Codec > Dual pass to not write a video file for the first pass.
- Removed “Shotcut” as default text in Text: Rich filter.
- Reduced memory usage in Export with many clips.

- Fixed a compatibility issue for some systems by downgrading FFmpeg to version 4.2 (regression in v20.09).
- Improved the Timeline scrolling speed and smoothness (regression in v20.09).
- Fixed time rulers hiding on vertical scroll in Timeline and Keyframes (regression in v20.09).
- Fixed Crop: Rectangle > Corner radius not exactly the same as in version 20.07 (regression in v20.09).
- Fixed Blur: Pad incorrect after splitting clip.
- Fixed moving the cursor in filter fields may move playhead.
- Fixed Filters allowed pasting filters when nothing selected.
- Fixed saving projects to Dropbox on Windows leaves temporary files.
- Fixed saving the current stock layout when switching to a custom layout.
- Fixed progress dialog appears over the convert variable frame rate dialog when dragging to Timeline.
- Fixed dropping file with comma in its name to Timeline.
- Fixed delete keyframe button in Keyframes may remove keyframe for another parameter.
- Fixed convert dialog for variable frame rate never appears if dragged directly to non-empty playlist or timeline.
- Fixed a crash dragging multiple clips to Timeline if some are variable frame rate.
- Fixed the Blur: Pad filter appearing correctly if used that option in slideshow generator.
- Fixed zooming in near end of timeline scrolls timeline backward.
- Fixed deleting all text in Text: Rich filter changes font to very small black.
- Fixed editor toolbar in Text: Rich filter usually overlays the text by default.

Free Video Editor 6.5.1

Nuevos efectos y usando Inteligencia Artificial.

In the fast-paced era of social media, creators need fast solutions to easily turn everyday footage into stylish videos. To keep up with the trends, VSDC rolls out a set of new visual effects available in one click:
- Raindrops effect
- Lens flare effect
- Bokeh glare effect

Along with this, the VSDC dev team has called on the AI forces, and now you can stylize images using the power of neural networks. Let’s look into all these enhancements in detail.

Lens flare effect
The Lens flare effect has been one of the most popular requests from our YouTube channel subscribers for a while. (By the way, are you our YouTube channel subscriber yet?)

And finally, with version 6.5.1, VSDC delivers. The Lens flare effect is available in the OpenGL category of the Video effects menu.

The Lens flare video effect is perfect for imitating a strong source of light, such as sunlight – located both in the frame or outside of it. It also helps to create a dreamy atmosphere in a video and highlight particular areas or objects in the scene.
- VSDC video editor free, gran actualizacion de find e año.

Version 6.6

Y mabien una videoguia para realizar el efecto SLOW MOTION

ShotCut 21.01.29: AV1 Codec Support
- Added support for AV1 decoding and encoding.
- A lot of people are unexepectedly downloading AV1 from YouTube, and this makes Shotcut comptible with those files.
(Please be aware that AV1 encoding is naturally very slow and that is not a bug.)
- Added an Advanced mode to the Properties > Convert to Edit-friendly dialog with:
- Added detection of a HDR transfer function (ITU-R BT.2020 or SMPTE ST2084) to automatically show Convert dialog.
- Added Convert to BT.709 colorspace that provides HDR-to-SDR tone mapping!
- This helps a lot of people who are recording games in HDR and were surpised by the poor colors when editing in Shotcut.
- Added Deinterlace option (bwdif) that outputs one frame for each field.
- Added Override frame rate and Frame rate conversion with Blend and Motion Compensation options.
(Please be aware that Motion Compensation is very slow and that is not a bug.)
- Added Use Higher Performance Waveforms to Timeline and Keyframes menus (default on).
- Added a red outline around the thumnbail of the currently opened Playlist item.
- Added video filter Reduce Noise: Quantization.
- Added Color space and Color transfer to Properties > Video.

- Improved multi-threaded performance of video track blending and some video filters:
** Alpha Channel: View
** Chroma Key: Advanced
** Chroma Key: Simple
** Elastic Scale
** Key Spill: Advanced
** Key Spill: Simple
** Levels
** Mask: Apply
** Noise: Keyframes
** Posterize
** Saturation
** Unpremultiply
** White Balance
- Improved the playback speeds of fast forward and rewind to not be so fast and more usable.
- Changed Playlist to not automatically start playback when adding to the playlist of an empty project.
- Changed keyframe interpolation Discrete to Hold (simple rename).
- Changed the default option in the Convert to Edit-friendly dialog to MP4 and reduce its output size (crf).
- Finished converting Timeline, Filters, & Keyframes to Qt Quick Controls 2 API.
- Upgraded MLT to version 6.24.0 (+).
- Upgraded Qt to version 5.15.2 for Linux & Windows and 5.12.10 for macOS.

- Fixed image skewed with odd width when using certain combinations of filters and transitions (broken in v20.11).
- Fixed being unable to pick transparent black in filters with color pickers (broken in v20.11).
- Fixed some tooltips in Timeline, Filters, & Keyframes not showing on multi-monitor systems (broken in v20.10).
- Fixed Zoom in Scale, Position & Rotate does not always default and undo at 100% (broken in v20.10).
- Fixed crash with files having more than 32 multiplexed streams.
- Fixed quality-based VBR encoding with the VP8 Export > WebM preset.
- Fixed leading zeros for seconds in Timer video filter with MM:SS.SSS or SS.SSS formats.
- Fixed support for explicit fractional high DPI (e.g. --QT_DISPLAY_SCALE 1.5).
- Fixed bad text formatting when File > Open a plain text file in Text: Rich filter.
- Fixed drag-n-drop from Playlist when a project (MLT XML clip) is in Source player.
- Fixed using the numeric keypad for some shortcuts.
- Fixed selecting the same filter Preset again.
- Fixed Export File does not check for missing files.
El VSDC últimamente lo estoy dejando de lado por que falla cuando intentas hacer proyectos grandes descolocando los vídeos en la linea de tiempo y desincronizando el audio del vídeo o si pones dos videos a la par uno se atrasa ligeramente.

TRASTARO escribió:¿Tanto ha mejorado el editor de video de Blender?

Pues la verdad que si, hace dos meses hice una prueba y la verdad que fue genial, mejor de lo esperado aunque un poco complicado de usar, tiene sus limitaciones aún para ciertas cosas pero se están centrando ahora con la versión 2.9x en mejorar otras zonas del programa que no sea el diseño 3D entre ellas el editor de vídeo ya que parece que quieren convertir blender en una herramienta profesional de cara a las grandes producciones, lo cual hará que el programa sea de pago en funciones más extendidas pero la versión gratuita seguiría existiendo para el usuario común sin perder funcionalidades.

Tendré que probar más a fondo el editor propio, pero incluso con el modo diseño 3D puedes hacer vídeos geniales en plano 2D haciendo efectos especiales e integrando modelos 3D por medio y usando EEVEE a un sample con cámara plana te lo renderiza muy rápido, el sonido eso aún está por mejorar por lo que es mejor añadirlo después y como es render casi mejor exportar imágenes y luego con otro editor como es el VSDC lo sacas a la tasa de frames que quieres con el audio, si es que no desincroniza el audio.

La versión 2.93 y posteriores de Blender dejaran de tener soporte en Windows 7, aunque se puede corregir con copiar los DLL de las librerías de Python 3.9 que Win 7 no tiene. No les cuesta nada a los desarrolladores integrarlo pero no interesa seguir dando soporte a un OS de más de 10 años y descontinuado.
Yo uso el Wondershare Filmora X

Y les aseguro que aunque tiene cosas de editores profesionales se ve mucho más sencilla de usar que el resto de editores profesionales como Adobe Premiere Pro u otras xD.

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