YouTube VR ya disponible en Steam

Google ha lanzado en Steam la aplicación YouTube VR para el dispositivo de realidad virtual HTC Vive. La aplicación gratuita se ofrece en formato de acceso anticipado hasta el 2018 para que los jugadores envíen "comentarios para facilitar el diseño y el desarrollo". Hasta ahora solo Daydream VR tenía disponible Youtube VR.

La versión actual de Youtube VR para Steam presenta todas las funciones principales de Youtube y permite ver vídeos de 360° y de 180°, así como reproducir cualquier vídeo de YouTube en YouTube VR. Sin embargo, algunos controles no están optimizados para la realidad virtual. De momento solo se trabaja en adaptar la aplicación para el visor HTC Vive, pero Google no descarta que sea compatible con otros cascos en el futuro.

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Está en early access y se nota, es un poco chapuza ahora mismo y a mucha gente le crashea.

Esta review de Steam lo resume bastante bien.
Sorry Google, but this application is too poorly designed. It seems that it was created by someone, who does not use VR on a regular basis.

) The application only uses the FIRST controller, which may be the LEFT one. It should, instead, either use either controller, or use whatever is tagged "Right" in OpenVR, as this will be more suitable for 90+ percent of people. For example SteamVR menu uses the one that was used to click last. So it switches to the controller you're clicking with.
) The controller becomes transparent ONLY when it's oriented VERTICALLY, which is pretty UNNATURAL. Jesus, did you ever use VR??
) The navigation only works by clicking with laser or by swiping with touchpad which acts as 4 arrow keys. No drag and drop, no precise swipe, no navigation arrows, no directional clicks. Clicking works as selecting an item.
) The swipe controls only work while the LASER is pointed at the menu. If you miss it a little bit and point at the screen, swiping starts CHANGING THE SCREEN SIZE.
) No option to change the screen distance - only the size (which also alters the screen position a little bit)
)* Old 3D videos are no more 3D, as the option on YouTube was removed due to deprecation, and the authors have to reupload the videos with edited metadata (that doesn't directly relate to this app, but to YouTube itself).
) The rotational "comfort mode" is too harsh and there are totally no settings to alter or remove it.

I'm not sure that's all, but that's pretty much to call it an average quality application or worse. Also it's in constant reprojection on my 4.2 GHz CPU, and the frame timing data looks like a jigsaw. No jokes.

The play function is great, there are nearly no problems playing videos (except the poorly designed menu), but that's far far far far far far far far far from what could be expected from Google.
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