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GP32News escribió:Mr Mirko has added on his website some tutorials for people who want to code on GP32.

Read them ASAP !

GP32News escribió:Here is Secret Of Lost Memory an A-RPG. The fist release should be available this summer.

A new action rpg is in development. Secret Of Lost Memory, features oldschool graphics and zelda like combats.

You can handle two differents players at same time in order to resolve puzzles (this remembers me Lost Vikings :)


GP32News escribió:And now, a contest :

Gpm Competition: Entries And Prizes
All entries must be recieved between now and the 25th June. If you cannot make this deadline for a genuine reason, I might allow a few lates entries.

*If you can upload it ANYWHERE, even if it means creating a geocities.com account and giving me the address of the download, please do so and email me the link.*

*IF YOU CANNOT, for whatever reason do this, then please email me (slimachimp@yahoo.co.uk) and let me know. I can arrange for it to be sent to an email account or transfered through MSN etc.*

*When sending in the entries please include your website address (if you have one) If you win the first prize, I will contact you through email to get your postal address.*

Rules can be found at http://www.gp-magazine.co.uk by clicking on the link at the top centre of the page.

You may enter as many times as you wish, but are limited to one prize.

1st Place- Boxed Dooly Soccer in Mint Condition
2nd Place-10,000 Joy GP Mileages
3rd Place-Undecided, most likely 10,000 Joy GP mileages again.

Official website : GP Magazine

Source : forums of GP32 Xtreme

Fuente: GP32News.

*Y + y +:

- Nueva entrevista de Hooka (FXMan [Creador de GP32News])

Web Oficial:
Versión Moderna: Aquí.
Versión Clásica: Aquí.

GP32Xtreme escribió:New Arm-Elf targetted GCC3.4.0 available
by EvilDragon @ (23:47) 18 Jun 2004

An Arm-elf targetted GCC3.4.0 for OSX is available for download on Mr. Spiv's homepage.

The package does not include GamePark SDK and stuff.

If you are a MacOSX coder, go get it here.

Source: Mr. Spiv's homepage

GP32Xtreme escribió:Gianas Return will feature all the old original levels!
by EvilDragon @ (19:16) 18 Jun 2004

Manfred Trenz just gave the okay to the guys behind Gianas Return that they can include ALL the original old levels!

As not all tiles of the original game are supported, they will not be 100% accurate (only about 95%), but that's some great news :)

You can read more on the official homepage of http://www.gianas-return.de/

Source: Kojote via ICQ (as always ;))

Fuente: GP32Xtreme.

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PD: Por fin a soltao la GP!!!! lo que te abra costado ;-)
Que dices de que solté la GP? XDXDXD

Ciao (Me voy a darle al GPengine)!

Añado: Un dato que se me olvidaba (GP32News cumple 3 años [Ese es el motivo de la entrvista a FX-Man]).
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