Winback covert operations de cd a dvd

hola gente , estaba tratando de convertir este juego que es cd a dvd, trate con un metodo que hice con el gauntlet dark legacy , pero no funciono :( , lei en otros foros en ingles que hay que modificar la tabla LBA con un editor hexadecimal, lo cual no entiendo bien (ni se como empezar, de ripeo conozco muy poco) :(

aqui lo que lei:
After some investigation I found the LBA table, and I was going along
changing the pointers until spkleader came up with the idea that we wouldn't
need to modify the LBA table since, through more investigation, we found
that the LBA table didn't point towards the first few files, which took up more
than the conversion to DVD took up:

00000031 , >:\SYSTEM.CNF
00000061 , >:\MODULES\LIBSD.IRX
00000074 , >:\MODULES\MCMAN.IRX
00000115 , >:\MODULES\MCSERV.IRX
00000131 , >:\MODULES\PADMAN.IRX
00000153 , >:\MODULES\SDRDRV.IRX
00000158 , >:\MODULES\SIO2MAN.IRX
00000190 , >:\MODULES\IOPRP202.IMG
00000245 , >:\GAME.DAT

These ones, so we removed them from the beginning (The table didn't mind),
and used "Set Location" on the first file:

00135245 , >:\ICON\WINBACK.ICO

That one, to set it's location to 135245 and then added all the remaining files
in correct order so that they would all be in the exact same addresses as
when on the CD, then we placed all the files we removed from the beginning
in and placed Game.dat at 600001 so to prevent CDVDGen from getting angry.

After all that we compiled as usual with CDVDGen (adding the value label and
all) and burnt, works like a charm! ;)

Si pudieran darme una guia de que es lo que debo hacer y que tutos debo consultar les daria 100 gracias, y si pueden hacerlo ustedes les daria 1 millon de gracias :)
Bien, no tengo mucho tiempo, pero esto es lo que yo hacia, no me metia a reconstruir imagenes ni LBA ni nada, lo usaba con ESR, ahora solo juego desde disco duro.

1) Open the ISO CD with UltraISO
2) Change properties to media DVD, UDF, DOS 8.3
3) Save modified ISO (now DVD format, but size still approx the same)
4) Patch the new ISO like you do with DVD ISO files
5) Burn to a DVDR ... -with-esr/
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