VRScore: Un benchmark VR gratuito

Un banco de pruebas sinteticas para revisar si la PC puede soportar la Realidad Virtual es lo que la desarrolladora Basemark nos ofrece con su software VRscore, y el cual es gratuito. Soporta tanto D3D11 como D3D12, asi que se puede usar desde windows 7. VRscore utiliza la ultima version dle motor grafico CryEngine de Crytek para realizar las pruebas, asi que dara una prueba bastante fiable de la capacidad de nuestra PC para usar el ambiente de VR.


VRScore PC – The Essential VR Testing Tool

VRScore™ PC lets you reliably test your PC and Head Mounted Display (HMD) for VR readiness.

VRScore PC measures how well a PC can run VR content, is the PC powerful enough for the requirements of the different HMDs and what is the latency of the HMD. You will also see analysis of how much an upgrade to their existing PC would benefit you.

One can also use VRScore without an HMD. In this case, the software tells the PCs rendering performance and gives an estimation of what the VR performance would be with different supported HMDs.

VRScore PC is the world’s first VR benchmark with DirectX 12 support. It also supports DirectX 11, thereby enabling more wide ranging comparisons with PCs and HMDs.

In developing VRScore PC, Basemark worked in close cooperation with key industry players, including AMD, Intel and NVIDIA. Furthermore, VRScore PC utilizes a real-world game engine, CRYENGINE by Crytek GmbH and features a high quality, game-like workload developed by Crytek called Codename: Skyharbor.
With VRScore PC, you can

Run a real-time AAA class VR game content on a real-world game engine
Measure Application to Photon latency simultaneously from the left and the right eye display
Measure the real effect of using a particular HMD with your system

VRScore is a joint production between Crytek and Basemark under the strategic partnership created between the two companies in August 2015. The solution is developed using Crytek’s CRYENGINE technology and Basemark’s performance measurement framework, thus resulting in a unique combination of professional performance metrics using a real-world game engine and workload.
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