traduccion urgente!!posible emu de psx?

pos eso,hoy googleando me he topado con esto,antes de nada decir que yo de ingles, ni papa [jaja] si alguno de vosotros sabe un poco,nos lo podria medio traducir,haber si entre todos averiguamos algo ,bueno al lio:

Beta Testers Wanted
-- Sunday, May 30 2004
Got this email from the man who coded Bleem! and BleemCast!, its of much interest to all Mobile Phone gaming users:

We're looking for beta testers for our upcoming release.

Testers will need one of the following devices: Nokia 3650, 7650 or N-Gage. (Testing for other phone models won't begin until after these versions are released)

They'll need 1Meg free space on their phone (or if they have a 3650 or NGage, an MMC with 1Meg free

Also, testers should enjoy 3D FPS games (or at least enjoy finding bugs in them :-), and hopefully have a friend or two that also have one of the required devices (MultiPlayer).

Preference is given to people in/around/close to Los Angeles, although other areas will be considered as well.

Testers must also agree not to disclose / release screenshots until public release and (obviously) not let their friend(s) copy the software, etc.

Interested people can EMail with their Name, City, State, etc. (as applicable), and the model of their phone.

We'll contact the testers selected for further info and arrangements.
no, on va a ser eso, habla de un shooter en 1ª persona en 3d xa n-gage,3650 y 7650
asias colega,ya me lo imaginaba que no podia ser tan bueno [+risas] pero necesitaba que me lo confirmaran.
de ilusiones se vive [buuuaaaa] [buuuaaaa] [buuuaaaa] [buuuaaaa] bueno,quizas algun dia....
jaja ya me habia flipao cn el post, aun asi puede ser interesante un nuevo shooter
Ni soñeis emular PSX.... ya seria dificil meter las isos... xDDD
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