The King of Fighters 99 EVO - Parche disponible para hacerlo compatible con VGA

TapamN escribió:Patches for KoF 99 Evo US and Seven Mansions are working.

The patch for KoF 99 Evo is an xdelta for track 3 of the US TOSEC dump (MD5 of unpatched track 3 should be 8f9b07766493a862bf57f7ed4f8b4475). I tried using UDCP, but the patch creator was getting an out of bounds error during verification of the source image. This also patches the VGA support bit in IP.BIN. This currently removes support for RGB, I just remembered while typing this up that I forgot to fix the cable check code to report RGB instead always faking composite. I'm releasing it anyways so there's at least an imperfect patch out there, in case I get hit by a bus or something before I fix it.

The xdelta patch for Seven Mansions is for the unscrambled 1ST_READ.BIN of version 1.3. I used the uncompressed version for testing, but it should work with the CD-R compatible version. You'll have to recreate the CDI yourself. (I thought about creating a patch for the CDIs, but I'll let the people responsible for the translation handle it, in case they want to make other changes.) This should still support RGB, since it didn't need the cable faker that KoF 99 did.

Neither were tested that thoroughly, but I got to gameplay with VGA and NTSC on both of them. These don't have the progressive/deflicker toggle idea that I mentioned before.
K.Kertsman escribió:
Why the Japanese version over an English one?

primary is censorship, Bakumatsu Roman was removed of final mutilations and red blood (KOF99-Dream too, try slashing with Choi)

KOF99-Evo Jp have the option for english text, so why bother with overseas edition ? :)

I figured it was something like that. I might look into redoing the patch for the Japanese version, or someone else can when I release the code.

Parches en formato xdelta3 o UDP disponibles en dreamcast-talk, también hay algún parche más en el hilo, como el mencionado Seven Mansions.

A ver si sale parche para la versión japonesa y lo pruebo.

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