Taxi 2 - Traducido al Ingles


Texto traducido y cinemáticas subtituladas, de este juego que salió en exclusiva en francés.

Taxi 2 - The Game (Taxi 2 - Le Jeu)
English Translation v1.0

Developed by Derek Pascarella (ateam)

French FMV Dialog Translation:

FMV Subtitle Re-Encoding:
-Patrick "TraynoCo" Traynor

Beta Testing:
-Zack (MýnÆnglishTáwk)

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.-----------::[ Patching Instructions ]::-----------
| 1) Copy TOSEC-style GDI files (gdi+raws+bins) to the "gdi" folder.
| 2) Drag the "gdi" folder onto the "extract_gdi.bat" file. A new folder called
| "gdi Extracted" will be created. This folder contains all of the data files
| from the game.
| 3) Copy all of the files from the "patched_files" folder to the "gdi Extracted"
| folder, choosing to overwrite existing files when prompted.
| 4) Drag the "gdi Extracted" folder onto the "build_gdi.bat" file. A small black
| window will open stating that the GDI build process has begun. Once it has
| completed, a success message will appear before the window automatically
| closes after a few seconds.
| 5) The GDI files (gdi+raws+bins) in the "gdi" folder are now ready for use.

.------------::[ v1.0 Release Notes ]::-------------
| As far as I can tell, "Taxi 2 - The Game" is the only French-exclusive
| Dreamcast title to ever exist. This alone gives this title historic
| significance and in my eyes, made it worth translating into English. By most
| measures, this isn’t a great game. However, fans of the film will enjoy
| the (now English-subtitled) FMVs and the overall narrative.
| From a technical perspective, translating this game wasn’t particularly
| challenging due to the data formats that Blue Sphere and Ubisoft chose to
| use. The fact that this is also a Windows CE game and saw a PC release, too,
| also helped.
| The area I required significant outside assistance with were the FMVs, all of
| which contain spoken French dialog. A huge "thank you" goes out to Prof_gLX
| and Vince for painstakingly transcribing the French dialog from the FMVs and
| then translating/localizing it into English. Without assistance from one or
| more French speakers, there is no way this would have been possible.
| Furthermore, my hat goes off to the wonderful beta testers who had the time
| and patience to not only play the game through, but also report details on
| any and all issues/bugs that they encountered. Those beta testers are
| Zack (MýnÆnglishTáwk) and LastCat. Without the efforts of these two, this
| release would not have been possible. Or, at best, it would have been
| massively delayed.
| I would also like to extend my sincerest gratitude to Patrick "TraynoCo"
| Traynor for re-encoding all of the FMVs with English subtitles. Your
| contribution was huge!
| In closing, there is really only one French item left untranslated as of
| writing this, and that’s the "Mauvaise Direction" (wrong direction) message
| that pops up if your car starts going off-path during gameplay. As of now, I
| have been unable to locate this asset in order to translate it. To be
| honest, this will likely remain untranslated, as I have no immediate plans to
| do another release of this game unless some major issues are discovered now
| that it’s out in the wild.
| With all of that being said, I hope you enjoy this strange and noteworthy
| game!

.-----------------::[ Changelog ]::-----------------
| -> 2021-02-02 (v1.0)
| -Initial release.

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