sView: Reproductor y visor de imagenes 3D [VR incluido]


Un reproductor de video 3D y visor de iamgenes 3D en un solo programa, bvajo la licencia de software libre, el cual periodicamenet se va actualizando y va dando soporte a las diversas tecnologias 3D esterescopicas. Soporte para tarjetas de video RTG|AMD y nvidia.

Una alternbativa mas al PotPlayer Daum, que es el otro gran reprioductor de video 3D.


Compatible con Windows, MacOSX, GNU/Linux y android, utiliza las APIs libres OpenGL y OpenAL, para el tema de Graficos y Audio, y OpenVR para el tema de cascos de realidad virtual. En le tema multimedia, usa el decoder FFMPEG para la decodificacion del video y del audio.


Cabe resaltar los temas de ayuda que hay en su pagina, donde explican de manera clara y sencilla los diferentes tipos de video 3D tanto el digital [3D esterescopico] como el clasico [3D por anaglifos], asi tambien resalta la seccion de FAQ o pregunmtas y respuestas, asi que no duden en dar una leida esas secciones.

Pagina Oficial y descargas:

sView is an open-source universal viewer which supports many file types including images, video, audio. It has been designed for 3D stereoscopic data, but can be used for traditional files without any limitations. You may learn sView user tips on this page.

* Diagnostics
This is small application intended for diagnostics and geometry calibration of stereoscopic device.

* Stereo-device support list (outputs)
Anaglyph glasses
Interlaced displays (Zalman, LG, Envision)
Shutter glasses (requires NVIDIA 3D Vision or AMD HD3D capable device or professional GPU)
Dual projection systems and Mirror displays
Others (Oculus Rift prototype, iZ3D displays, Vuzix HMD, 3D TVs)

* Supported stereo formats
Separate views (two streams stored in single file or from two files)
Horizontal pair (side by side)

* Extra features
Intuitive on-screen interface
Panoramas (cubemaps, spherical)
Image positioning (rotation, zooming, panning)
Image adjustment (gamma, brightness, saturation)
Stereo pair image adjustment (vertical, horizontal and angular parallax)

* System requirements
Program requires hardware accelerated OpenGL 2.1+ video-card (any non-ancient one).

Supported OS:
Windows Vista / 7 / 8.1 / 10 (32bit and 64bit)
Mac OS X 10.6.8 and newer (with 64bit Intel CPU)
Linux (pre-built binaries are available for Ubuntu on Launchpad, maintainers for other distributions are welcome!)

sView can be installed on Windows XP (but not on Windows 2000), however this system is no longer supported.

La version actual es de hace un mes y medio de haber sido liberada.

sView 17.10

+ Image Viewer - added Slideshow delay parameter to Settings.
+ Movie Player - added general information about the stream (bitrate, codec, PAR, DAR) in File Info dialog.
+ Android, added support for Commander 3D glasses-free tablet.
+ Android, added PPTV King 7S to auto-detection logic.
+ Android, Image Viewer now uses Volume keys for navigating files in Playlist.
* Movie Player - fixed seeking to the very beginning of the file.
* Movie Player - fixed (workaround) displaying attached image within some mp3 files.
* Fixed text rendering artifacts when using glyphs with kerning defined.
* Fixed compilation on glibc 2.26+ (Ubuntu 17.10+).
* Android, Open File dialog now shows second SD card in hot menu.

Nueva version 17.10.23
Android ? habrá que probarlo ...
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