StreetPass Spoofing

La investigación de Crediar parece dar sus primeros frutos:

Now you no longer limited to just your close 3DS friends!

Recently big 'N' bragged how they are making $4 million a month just from 'StreetPass', so it shows that it is an widely used feature on the Nintendo 3DS handheld, but what if there is noone near you?

I am sure there is many 3DS users like me, that have never been able to enjoy the neat 'StreetPass' feature as there is lack of 3DS owners in your area, in my area the nearest ONE I have seen is like an 3 hour drive away from me, so 'StreetPass' is useless feature to me, but it is not for Nintendo they are racking in over $4 million a month now from it, and now with this simple hack (if they don't block it), they just might rack in more dough, as StreetPass becomes WorldPass!

Creative 3DS owners are now happily exchanging StreetPass data world wide by creating a local open WLAN (WiFi) and spoofing one of the official Nintendo Zone MAC addresses along with the SSID.

Brief instructions from Crediar: "Create open wlan called '_The Cloud', spoof MAC to 40:53:50:4F:4F:46 and wait!"

The interesting part here is that this clever trick effectively gets StreetPass data tunnelled by the Nintendo servers inadvertently when a 3DS handheld connects to the fake WLAN, so no elaborate user configured tunnelling is required to spread this across the internet/world.

Es lo que venimos haciendo desde hace un par de días en este hilo:
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