Shenmue Undub: Definitive Edition

Acabo de ver en phantomriverstone, sitio bastante completo sobre Shenmue, que ya esta disponible una versión muy pulida, para poder tener el primer Shenmue con voces en japones y subtitulos en ingles, mejorando, la que era hasta entonces la versión más completa, la versión de Kogami.

What is the Shenmue Undub (Definitive Edition) all about? Here is a brief list of features:

Based on the Kogami Undub: this version builds upon the most complete fan-made Undub version, which was created by Kogami and runs on the Dreamcast.
Full English subtitles: the official translated lines are used where available. A small number of the Japanese spoken lines (around 3%) which did not have English equivalent translations available have been translated by hand. A few small corrections were also made to fix specific lines that had incorrect grammar or meaning.
Full Japanese audio with no down-sampling.
PAL-compatible save files: saves can be carried over to the PAL version of Shenmue II.
CDDA audio tracks included: recorded audio tracks play as expected during the game (e.g. the music that plays when Ryo rides home from the harbor with Nozomi on the back of his motorcycle).
Coca Cola branding: the branding for the vending machines and soda cans in the game shows the Coca Cola branding, as seen in the Japanese version of Shenmue..
Fixes for small glitches identified in the previous Undub version (e.g. conversations when Ryo knocked on house doors did not play out properly).
Fits on standard CD-R discs: the images have been stream-lined to allow them to be played on a Dreamcast console using standard CD-R discs, with no missing or cut content.

Notes for Play
Enable subtitles before starting play: at the main Shenmue menu screen first go to Options -> Dialog & Text -> and choose "Game Mode". This ensures that subtitles will be shown during all cut scenes and game play. Unless this mode is selected, no subs will be displayed!

Me encantaría poder utilizar esta versión, con la traducción en castellano, pero no se puede tener todo :)
Muchas gracias @Gromber por el aviso. [beer]

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Pues a mí el doblaje en inglés me parece buenísimo. Pero para gustos colores.
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