Sega vuelve a Europa

One of the biggest names in video games is to make a full return to the European market.

MCV understands that Sega is investing in the creation of a new fully operational publishing outfit, with as many as 30 staff being recruited - including an MD and a head of marketing.

Since pulling out of the hardware market following the failure of the Dreamcast console, Sega has respositioned itself globally as a multi-format games publisher. In the UK and Europe, however, it has reduced its once significant operation in Chiswick and sold its products into retail via deals with Sony and Infogrames.

Recent hits have included Sonic Advance, Super Monkey Ball and Virtua Fighter 4, with Infogrames doing rather better than Sony. Yet market share stood at only 1.7 per cent in the UK for September - the Sega label only just making it into the top 20.

Sega is a powerful brand in itself, but also has some of the biggest game franchises around, such as Sonic, Virtua Fighter, Crazy Taxi, Sega GT, Jet Set Radio, House of the Dead and Panzer Dragoon.

The company's Euro operation is currently a shadow of its former self, with Naoya Tsurumi the most senior executive.But all policy decisions come from Japan and there is only a product management function to help the licensees, as opposed to ownership of marketing strategy for the titles.

"It's too early for Sega to disclose any information about our plans for 2003," offered a spokesman.

The next big title from Sega is the highly-rated Sega GT 2002 for Xbox, published by Infogrames. Coming for Q1 2003 are some 13 titles including Super Monkey Ball 2 on GameCube, House of the Dead 3 on Xbox and the recently unveiled ToeJam and Earl on Xbox.

Second quarter next year will see another 13 titles, with the return of old Mega Drive blockbusters such as Shinobi (PlayStation 2) and Altered Beast (Game Boy Advance), plus Sonic Advance 2 (Game Boy Advance).

fuente: MCV
oki, me parece bien,ya es un paso adlante,pero lo k deben hacer es programar para sus konsolas(actualmente DC) y k sigan kon mas proyectos,k vuelvan a dar duro a la kompetencia,,,,,kiero otra konsola de sega....
¿¿pero k pasa aki??.......¡¿a nadie le importa lo k haga o le pase a sega?!k vacio esta esto......
¡¡¡¡¡SEGA 4EVER!!!!!!
Borochi está baneado por "Faltas de respeto, spam, clones... NO fuiste desbaneado"
A mi si me importa y mucho ^^*

Solo que no vi el post [Alaa!]

Joer la noticia es cogonuda haber si vuelven los precios Made in Sega ^__^
Pues claro que importa y mucho.

Para todos los que amamos a SEGA deseamos que se recupere y vuelva a ser lo que era. A muchos nos gustaria que siguiera programando para DC (que perfectamente puede competir en el mercado actual) y su desarrollo en Hardware propio.

[tadoramo] SEGA Forever
Sega, vuelve por Navidad! [ok]

P.D.: no se te olvide traer el turrón [sati]
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