Satya Nadella: Microsoft xCloud será "el Netflix de los juegos"

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"We describe it as, shorthand, 'Netflix for games,'" Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told journalists at an invitational editors' meeting at Microsoft's headquarters on Monday.

Nadella was speaking about Microsoft's cloud ambitions outside of enterprise software - and more specifically, the company's ambitious push into video game streaming with Project xCloud.

The idea is simple: play high-quality, blockbuster games on any device.

Internally, Microsoft refers to it by the nickname "Netflix for games," Nadella said. That's what the industry generally calls this idea.

Rather than your device powering the game, a more powerful computer somewhere remote would power it - you only have to stream it to your phone, game console, laptop, or whatever other device.

Interesante cómo Microsoft está apostando muy muy fuerte y cómo va a elevar el concepto del Game Pass a no requerir una consola dedicada. Veremos los Project Scarlet y Anaconda qué enfoque tendrán para los usuarios.