¿S3 y Nintendo juntas en Gamecube?

nintendo has agreed to use s3 graphics texture compression technology in its upcoming dolphin video game console.

the system will be using an ibm powerpc processor running at 400 mhz or above to power it. the dolphin will be available around q4.

read more at yahoo.

rob's opinion
the powerpc sounds good, but is s3 really the best solution for graphics? sure, nintendo is using the s3 technology, but doesn't that mean that s3 will provide the graphics chips as well? what will the other new consoles use?

nvidia may already be locked into the expected microsoft console.

sega uses a powervr chip in its new dreamcast system. how does it fare compared to a tnt2 or g400? not great; but not horribly. it does support 32-bit color, while voodoo3 just doesn't.

i was unable to find out what graphics chip the sony playstation 2 has lined up.

however, who is left? it seems to me that sony may have to go for a 3dfx or matrox graphics chip, unless it goes for some off-brand chip or makes its own. anyone know if sony has definite plans? let me know at

Link: https://www.geek.com/news/nintendo-and- ... up-566381/

Parece ser que Nintendo uso su tecnología de compresión de las texturas en Gamecube... ¿alguien se acuerda o sabe algo más?
@KAISER-77 yo siempre he leído eso en las características del Flipper:

- Dreamcast compresión VQ.
- PlayStation 2 no tiene, emplea por software VQ.
- Gamecube compresión S3.
- Xbox compresión S3.
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