[RUMOLOGIA] CoinOPS 2 en capilla.(24-04-2011)


El CoinOps 2, se rebela como la sucesora de la saga NES (never ending story) Coinops epic 9.

Algunos reseñas del autor sobre su nueva version.

Im not sure but last time it was this way.....

Updates to CoinOPS 2

added commandline for streets of rage remake
added 5 more color for skins
added 10 more music tracks

added support for multiple sound track....

10 tracks per sound track like beofre but you can select from packs....

if anyone can submit 10 track soundtracks I might add them to a default build...id need a name as well like Rock...or Techno....or anything that describs the sound track....

added right thumbstick

up/down change track in a sound track if random...
left/right change sound track...if enabled

also dsplays the name of the sound track....

**** CoinOPS EPIC R9 (Standalone Release) ******** RELEASED

When monitor is on its side the screensave is rotated for TATE CAB users
When a vertical game is set to rotate and will play rotated the preview video is rotated
an "I" Overlay is visible when game information is availble (though start menu or left thumbstick click
Skin now can be more defined....
Skin has another lay of polish
Menu scrolling and previews has been refined for speed and smoothness
New feature to lock previews while scrolling or remove previews while scrolling
Lots of bugs fixed....(Note these are caused by new features being added that can break old features that never had the posibilities of these features...)
Some updates to Documentation
Some updates to driver names
alot of behind the scenes prep for the new big build (eg updated virtual memory....updated catagories....matched game infomation files to names)

enjoy please let me know if you like the experince better or worse as it will look different and operate a bit different though the lists.....Id like to know what parts you like and what parts you dont like....I like it much better now....

probably other stuff as well im sure

Handed over...PS if I see you tube video....ill notice the diff esp in Settings but ill tell straight away this is CoinOPS EPIC R9 or later build

OK CoinOPS EPIC R7 Standalone is nearing completion

Massive amount of bug fixes.....
Alot of work going on for new full package

Game Information added for a 1000s of games
Fixed aspect ratio of Final burn core preview videos (vertical game where displayed like they where horizontal games)
Alot of setting changes
Added New extra overlay for hot or classic or Fav games (its a star)
Added New show time played or times played visually modes and toned down the ::::::: :: by default to just ... on any game played but theres lots of modes to play with
Turned off colorised game....moved it to visual settings and called it Color Hot or Classic game....now game with no sound is grey whatever mode its in

- OK R5 will be worked on this week...ill also release xmv for last stuff this week well in wmv form as its open and can be easily converted

- R5 is soon and I want to know how these are on a 128meg xbox with no speed upgrade


**** CoinOPS EPIC R4 (Standalone Release) ********

added fast PSIKYO core for many games with sound....strikers II and strikers III etc
added fast Daraku Tenshi - The Fallen Angels with sound
added fast Tetris the Absolute The Grand Master 2 with sound
added fast Tetris the Absolute The Grand Master 2 with sound
added fast Tetris the Absolute The Grand Master 2 Plus with sound
added all CPS3 games and all CPS3 No-CD games in final burn core for ram upgraded boxes
added all PGM games in final burn core for ram upgraded boxes (included ddp2 ddp3 ketsui espgunda KOV2 martial m etc)
added DDcrew in final burn core for ram upgraded boxes
journey now playable in mame
knuckle bash 2 now playable in mame
Recalhorn now playable
Command War now playable
Double Dragon 1 fix ending (I hope seems that way)
Changed the way viusally show times played is used and controlled
Changed the aspect ratio for basic users and works for Arcades and Consoles with one click
Removed alot of bugs from V3
Linked the Aspect ratios correction of arcades and consoles and moved it to basic settings
Moved advanced arcade aspect ratios like pixel perfect etc to advanced settings
Added New Romstatus to tagging many different ways
Added New games to catagories
Added New games and alot of Older supported games to Final Burn Cores (speed related) where it is seen fit to do so
Fixed C64 Booting
Fixed auto resize of GB games changing in and out of Aspect Correction
Some tidy ups

drivers added

DRIVER( kbash2 )
DRIVER( recalh )
DRIVER( commandw )
DRIVER( Keta )
DRIVER( Ketb )
DRIVER( Espgal )
DRIVER( Thegladpcb )
DRIVER( Ddp2 )
DRIVER( Ddp2101 )
DRIVER( Ddp2102 )
DRIVER( Ddp3 )
DRIVER( Ddp3v100 )
DRIVER( Ddp3v101 )
DRIVER( Ddp3d )
DRIVER( Ddp3blk )
DRIVER( Martmasc )
DRIVER( Martmast )
DRIVER( Kov2 )
DRIVER( Kov2106 )
DRIVER( Kov2p )
DRIVER( Kov2p205 )
DRIVER( warzard )
DRIVER( sfiii )
DRIVER( jojo )
DRIVER( jojoba )
DRIVER( jojobaa )
DRIVER( sfiii2 )
DRIVER( jojoban ) // NO CD VERSION
DRIVER( redeartn ) // NO CD VERSION
DRIVER( redearth )
DRIVER( sfiii2n ) // NO CD VERSION
DRIVER( sfiii3n ) // NO CD VERSION
DRIVER( sfiii3 )
DRIVER( sfiiin )
DRIVER( sf3 )

NOTE FOR EPIC USERS : sfiii3 rom pic and video now needs to be renamed as sf3.zip sf3.png sf3.xmv this is due to sfiii3 is now being used by the final burn core
NOTE Please for each game I wish to know if it runs on an Xbox with 128Megs of ram and how well (also on the trusty ones)

Thanks to IQ as usual for his help.....although alot of work was put in by me without IQ this would have never been possible in the first place


el rumbo que ha tomado el coinops es mas hacia un simil MESS, osa un emulador mutisitema. Yo tengo el Coinops Inferno, con video preview y la verdad que esta genial. Espero con ansias esta nueva version, que supuestamente me permite conservar mis romsets.
¿Alguien me puede explicar que es el coinops este?

Porque yo he revisado los ficheros, y parece más un frontend que un emulador propiamente dicho. Realmente... ¿qué aporta? ¿Qué parte es propia y que parte es asimilada de otros emuladores?

Un saludo,
buf, no hace ni una semana del r8 y ya tiene el r9... a este paso mejor esperar a que la scene de la xbox este muerta para poder tener definitivamente la ultima version xP
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