Necesito ayuda, como se hace una copia de seguridad del Z.O.E. y del Summoner?, Tengo lector de dvd pero no se ni como rippear ni que programas hay que utilizar para ello. En fin agradeceria cualquier ayuda sobre ello.
Aún no le he probado pues estoy en ello ya he empezado a buscar los programas necesarios si eso nos ponemos codo con codo a ver que sala OK.

esto es lo que hay:
Summoner, is easy in some regards, but difficult in others to one who is inexperienced in DVD Ripping. Most importantly, it shows us how to edit and remove files OTHER than PSS files, which is information that any good ripper needs to know. Thus, I chose this game as Lesson 3. As I mentioned in Lesson 2, you should be getting fmailiar with the process by now, so I'm not going to waste much time on the details. On we go! ;)

[STEP 1] First copy all the files to your hard drive.
Optionally you can choose not to copy music.vpp,demo.pss,and geeks.pss, but I like to copy them all just to stay organized and keep track of what I'm doing.
[STEP 2] Now that you have the files on your drive, we decide what we're going to rip. In this case, I chose, as you probably guessed, the 3 files mentioned above. That takes the game down in size more than enough to fit on cd.
[STEP 3] Now we need to "replace" the files we ripped. For this example, I took THQLOGO.PSS and copied and renamed it into GEEKS.PSS and DEMO.PSS. Our total file size is still good so we continue. You will notice a file in this game called MUSIC.VPP. As you might guess, this is a music file. And since even with ripping movies our file size isn't exactly where we want it, we're going to rip it out. Now we know we want to rip music.vpp, the question is how. In this particular case it's easy. We simply delete the original MUSIC.VPP then we create a Dummy File of 1MB or optionally we can simply create a 0k text file in Notepad, and we rename this new file to MUSIC.VPP. Open up the SLUS file in Hex Workshop and do a quick search for MUSIC.VPP. Doh! There it is. Delete the reference to it and replace it with an equal amount of 00s.
MUSIC.VPP <-- original
......... <-- new

While we're here, let's check for DVD checks by searching the string 02000424. Wow! There are several instances. But upon closer examination we see that there actually are NOT any DVD checks! WooHoo!! :)
[STEP 4] Now we're ready for DVD Gen. Load it up and use the following file order:

23 , \IOPRP16.IMG
68 , \TEMP.IML
69 , \TEMP.IMS
359 , \LIBSD.IRX
372 , \MCMAN.IRX
413 , \MEM2MB.IRX
439 , \SIO2MAN.IRX
444 , \MAIN.MAP
824 , \GEEKS.PSS
17450 , \SYSTEM.CNF
17451 , \SOUNDS.VPP
30054 , \CHARS.VPP
69342 , \MUSIC.VPP
69343 , \DEMO.PSS
77656 , \TABLES.VPP
81267 , \SLUS_200.74
98059 , \EFFECTS.VPP
124629 , \ITEMS.VPP
129032 , \LEVELS.VPP

[TIP:] You can get a list like this from ISOBuster by highlighting the iso in the left window,right clicking and selecting "Copy Tree-Info to File."

Now go to the VOLUME tab and enter in SLUS20040 and export iml file. Done.
If there was a Volume Label, enter it in too(did you notice I left that up to you this time?^_~)

[NOTE:] As before you can place SYSTEM.CNF at LBA 12231 to use the swap trick.
[STEP 5] Go to DOS window or Start\Run...and enter:
iml2iso summoner.iml summoner.iso Done. Erase your temp dir to get back some space. ;)
[STEP 6] Open up CDRWin and select your image file and settings. Hit start.

Voila! You now have a perfectly functioning DVD rip of Summoner.
Vale yo hoy lo probare a ver que tal sale!
ya te ire avisando...
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