Posible bug en Ps3!!

Un hacker ha dicho esto ;

Here is the new file, I reproduced the result with another file and worked on cleaning it up till I knew where things were going wrong. I hope this is useful.

And included is the image of the crucial points. The first is the mixing point between header and footer. The second is the very last byte before the the crash will not occur.
Esto podria ser un bug en la libreria libMPEG.
Tambien ha publicado el Proof of concept.
En su readme ha anunciado que con esto se podria llegar a cargar homebrew o a hacer incluso un ISO Loader.

Saludos [bye]
Descarga : http://www.sendspace.com/file/yje3ut
Has llegado tarde, pues [url="http://www.elotrolado.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=729492"]aqui[/url] ya se comenta.
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