Octopus Arcade Fight Stick - Nuevo Arcade Stick para DreamCast

https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/octo ... xgen-vmu#/

Product Features
  • Multi-platform compatibility​ powered by our unique DC Encoder circuit board with low latency and customization features.
  • Easy Custimization - Swap out faceplates with ease
  • Serviceable - We support right to repair
  • VMU support 10 internal memory cards, providing ample storage for your games.
  • SD Card Slot for storage management
  • Additional Buttons Extra 4P and 4K buttons
  • Turbo mode Unleash rapid-fire action player
  • Player Indicators Player LEDs range from P1 to P4, perfect for multiplayer sessions.
  • SOCD Cleaner Ensures clean and accurate directional inputs.
  • Switchable Modes Adjust the DP-LS mode to suit your gameplay preferences.
  • 1.54" OLED Screen Mimics the functionality of the original Dreamcast VMU
  • RJ45 Output Hassle-free connectivity eliminates setup headaches

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