nullDC v1.0.0 BETA emulador de dreamcast

pues ya esta disponible este emulador de DC que se iba anunciando desde la madrid DC.
lo he probado y corre el street fighter 3 a 60 fps y el project justice a 40 fps en mi pc ( que es bastante malillo)

no pongo enlace de descarga ya que lleva las bios.pero si algo de info:

nullDC v1.0.0 BETA User Manual

1. What is it?

nullDC is a plugin based Dreamcast emulator for x86 based computers running Windows Operating Systems.

2. Recomended System Requirements:

- CPU: AMD Athlon XP/64/Turion at 2GHz or Intel Pentium 4 at 2.6GHz or equivalent.
- Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 4 TI or ATi Radeon 8500.
- RAM: 512MB
- Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/2003
- December Redistributable of DirectX 9c

The above requirements are considered as the absolute minimum in order to run the emulator as it was
intended to run. The emulator might be able to run on systems that do not meet these requirements
but with issues (like slow speed, GFX errors or Sound errors).


- Some games have higher requirements than the rest and have speed issues even on systems that meet
the recomended requirements. In that case a faster CPU is necessary to reach full speed.

- Pentium 4 CPUs perform some tasks slower than other CPUs, thus the clock speed of 2.6GHz is needed.
On the other hand, Pentium M CPUs perform the same tasks much faster
(A Pentium M 750 at 1.86GHz should be enough to reach full speed).
Intel Celeron and AMD Duron (and probably Sempron) CPUs are slow and it's expected to perform worse than the rest

- Nvidia Geforce 4 MX video cards are worse than the TI series and they do not meet the minimum requirements.

- DirectX 9c has many redistributables. It's common to have an older version installed that misses certain necessary
Be sure to download and install the December redistributable or the default graphics plugin will fail to Load.

- nullDC will run on Windows Vista. However, hardware requirements will be a little higher than the ones mentioned
above and there will probably be sound related issues (as with many other applications running on Vista).

un saludo
Habra q probarlo entonces, gracias por el aviso fuji ;)
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