Nuevos chips para 360

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* 'Xeno 360' DVD Patchmod ... already announced previously, we now got a picture of this chip from Hitman43:

Listed Features:
- patchmod for XBox360 DVD Drive
- original Firmware stays unchanged
- no flashing or damaging of your firmware
- T/S drives 4 wires
- H/L drives 5 wires
- one chip for both drives
- supported drives: T/S MS25, T/S MS28, H/L DJ46, H/L DH46, H/L DJ47, H/L DH47, H/L DJ59, H/L DH59
- SS required at offset #FC021E (NME-Style)


* 'Xeno 360 Lite' DVD Patchmod, currently only available for Toshiba-Samsung drives afaik:

Listed Features:
- Auto boot NME360 type backups.
- Auto boot original games.
- Xeno 360 will disable patching if an original game is detected.
- Samsung drives: 4 wires
- Patchmod for XBox360 DVD Drive
- Original Firmware stays unchanged
- No flashing or damaging of your firmware
- Supported drives: T/S MS25, T/S MS28, (Samsung Loader)
- SS required at offset #FC021E (NME-Style)


* 'Infectus' Full Firmware Replacement Chip with Key-Patching for Xbox360 and also a PS2 modchip (?!)

Listed Features:
- NEW MODCHIP xbox360/ps2 USB2.0 ready by origa brother
- USB2.0 Ready
- Flash on board: 512KB
- Read and write from DVD flash
- Read and write from chip flash
- 100% Emulate O2MOD PS2 modchip (is in test atm)
- Test BSDL (to releave bad solder chip and flash)
- Double PinOut: xbox360 (addr0-18 e data 0-7) and for PS2 (MNOPQTUVRWJXYABGIF)
- Functions as a GLOBE360


* 'All 360' Full Replacement Firmware Chip with Key-Patching for Xbox 360:

Listed Features:
- PlugandPlay : You don't need to extract the drive-key from the original firmware of drive on your console, only install the chip and the "unsigned" firmware on-board will boot .
- Firmware-drive UPGRADE: you can use an upgraded firmware for better performance of your dvd-drive to reading dvd-r DL support( ex: you should use on LG/Hitachi the firmware vers. 059 instead your original 047D or 46D).
- Electronic Switch ON/OFF : enable or disable the chip when turn-on your console by power button, you can check the state of chip by a led-indicator.
- Easy to reprogram Flash eprom: the on-board flash eprom is mounted on a socket connector for an easy and clean remove in order to quickly reprogram it.
- COMPATIBLE with ALL DVD-drive on the market (LG and SAMSUNG).

* Mod360 v1.1 DVD Patchmod, an update to the Mod360 v1.0 (NME clone) chip:

Listed Features:
- Low wire count, 4 or 5 wires
- one chip for Toshiba-Samsung drive
- one chip for Hitachi - LG drive
- Auto boot NME360 type backups.(*)
- Auto boot backups that is in dual format (xtreme/NME360).(*)
- Auto boot original games.(*)
- Mod360 will disable patching if an original game is detected. (perfect for xbox live)
(*) This is region specific. However, some games are region free

Note: Supported drive versions are not listed. If patch code is same as NME-360 v1.1 it should work with Hitachi 46, 47, 58, 59 and Samsung ms25, ms28.

Fuente: Xbox-Scene
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Mas de lo mismo, lo venden como chip, cuando en verdad es una memoria supletoria.
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Parece ser que este es mas complicado de insatalar que los otro que habia e incluso mas complicado que desoldar los 78FK
Haber si lo pueden traducir ya que es medio castrante eso del ingles cuando se trata de instrucciones.