Nuevo chip Project Stellar

Hace no mucho, ha salido un nuevo chip para nuestras xbox. No me suena haber leido nada por aqui:


Estas son sus especificaciones:
    Built-in tools for system troubleshooting, configuration, hard-drive setup, etc.
    Automatic network based system updating.
    Kernel level ODE. (ISO Loading)
    Compressed ISO Loading. (CISO)
    Additional controller support. (Xbox One)
    Network loading of ISOs and virtual HDD images.
    Titan+ support. Supports legacy configured drives and Titan formated HDDs for up to 16TBs of native storage.
    Auto optimal UDMA timing. Up to UDMA5 autoconfigured, verifed, and tested on boot.
    Native ATA TRIM support.
    True no-DVD drive bypass. No external modifications required.
    Support for 64MB, 128MB, and 256MB RAM configurations.
    Automatic system time updating via network on boot.
    Analog video improvements and fixes with feature parity of the XboxHD+.
    Native boot animation in 720P.
    Native force 480P with HD+ fixes.
    Insignia enhancments.
    Advance fan control.
    Kernel debugger over USB.
    GDB debugger via USB.
    And so much more...

Tiene la opción de instalarse conjntamente con un mod que saca salida hdmi desde la consola.

Mas info aqui:
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