Nueva Beta del Gigas Engine (0.5.1)

Ya está lista la nueva beta (pública) de este Engine de RPG´s.

Gp32Xtreme escribió:Pirotic updated version of his RPG engine for GP32. Here are some details about this release:

Its not very playable (yet) but a fair amount of the coding is now done, and once you guys have crashed it a few times and helped me iron out the bugs i'll get started on creating a proper playable game for it, which i'll then release with the editors so you guys can start making stuff and leaving feedback on features you want included.

Ideally i just want to know it works on your GP32's, i've included the maps i made in order to debug it, but are not much fun im affraid.

you can enter the shop above you where you start, attack the women to the right of you when you start, you can step on the two switchs above the second house which should then be squished, and if you walk right over the bridge you can pick a fight.

I was initially planning on releasing a proper playable demo with this release, but due to time constraints i'd just like to make sure the engine is all working, plus i gave up trying to draw my own character graphics (im rubbish) - so any budding artists fancy helping? if so drop me a message! (i drew the tiles, but they are just makeshift)

excuse the crappy attack animation - couldn't find any chrono trigger attack animation rips on the net, and seeing as hopefully somebody will come forward to do original animations, seemed pointless drawing one myself for only this release.

all the graphics are temporily until i get some artists on board, each animation is setup in a data file, which specifys how many frames it has, each frames position on the sprite table and the duration of each frame.

so, it would be possible to have a 60 frame per second animation but for testing i just used that 4 frame chrono trigger rip.

the menu needs work, just wanted to get the basics coded so i could view the stat information on the main character (the leveling up etc is all coded)

remember this is an RPG maker, so the quality of my debug RPG is rather pants! (thats my excuse anyway, and im sticking by it, lol)

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