Nueva beta de BOR

ya estan en la 4

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(o) New sprite routines for much less memory usage. There is a possibility that these could slow down gameplay when there's a lot of sprites on the screen at once. If it gets unbearable, try beta 3, but I've not noticed any such slowdowns as of yet.

(o) User definable speed selection, you can have it fast or slow, or anywhere in the middle.

(o) PAK selector, this version allows you to select between a number of pak files on startup, just in case you have more than one. It's not fancy looking, but it does the job.

(o) Due to the above, all PAK files should now be in a directory called "bordata", which should be inside your "gpmm" directory (ie. gp:\gpmm\bordata\).
yo aun no habia probado el BOR , me lo he descargado por primera vez ( por cierto ,descargar 60 mb con 56 kb es un suplicio :( ) y se sale , ahora toca descargar mods...
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