[NEWS] Virtual JaguarX (11-10-2012)

Quien iba ha esperar. que la xbox tuviera un emulador del atari jaguar.[fumando]

I have been working in the last months in a port of Virtual Jaguar for Xbox. Although the compatibility and performance of the emulator are not very high, I think that it is worth to release it. I hope that people can begin to enjoy another new system emulated in our Xbox

Hopefully, the emulator will be available in the emuxtras site and other usual places very soon. If you search for it, you will find it

From the README:


Virtual JaguarX is an Atari Jaguar emulator for Xbox. It is a port of an old version of the Virtual Jaguar emulator (v1.0.5) with some improvements taken from later versions.


The sound emulation is disabled by default to make the emulation faster (although you can turn on the sound if you want).

With the sound disabled, you can play at full speed (or at least at playable speeed) to some games: Rayman, Flashback, Zool 2, Command and Conquer, Sensible Soccer International, and maybe a few more. I am not sure about Tempest 2000, it seems playable too.

There are other games that run at full speed too, but they occasionally hang: Double Dragon 5, or Raiden.

Other games can be played but they are slow, so you have to use Frameskip (usually Frameskip 1 or 2) to be able to play them: Alien vs Predator, Pitfall, Atari Karts, Dragon, Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tails...

And finally, many other games don't load at all


If you want to play with sound, you have two different choices:

* On the one hand, you can enable "real sound", but the emulator will run too slow if you don't have a modified Xbox. So, if you choose to have "real sound", you must use Frameskip too.

* On the other hand, you can choose "overclocked sound" (you can choose to overclock the sound processor x2, x3 or even x4). Overclocked sound has very low quality, but its speed is higher.

Example: if you want to play Command and Conquer, you can do it in three ways:

1) You can play it at full speed without sound (no frameskip is needed)

2) You can choose "real sound", but you must use Frameskip 2

3) You can choose "overclocked sound x2" or "overclocked sound x3" and play the game at full speed without Frameskip.

Each game has its own optimal choice. In this example (Command and Conquer) the last option is good: overclocked sound is very bad as far as music is concerned, but it's very good as far as SFX sounds is related. So, if you choose "overclocked sound" in Command and Conquer, you will listen at the begining a very ugly roar, then a very ugly title song... and after that, the gameplay is almost perfect, because all the SFX sounds (ARGH!, OUCH!, BANG! and so on) are played very well during the game.


There are some rare games that need a special configuration to run. For example, the game NBA JAM needs sound emulation to be played. In NBA JAM, I recommend using "overclocked sound" AND Frameskip 2 TOO, and you can play it at a decent speed. It is a very weird game...


Roms MUST be placed in the /roms directory, as Virtual JaguarX v0.9 has a very limited GUI, but future releases of this emulator may use a different and wonderfull interface (thanks to the Surreal64 CE team!) so you will be able to put roms wherever you want. But this version must read the roms from the "/roms" folder. Lots of formats are valid, even zipped roms (if you have troubles with a zip, read the final part of this description). Furthermore: be sure that the "/roms" directory contains at least one rom, or the emulator will crash.

As far as the key mapping is related, you know that the Jaguar has 3 standard buttons (A, B and C) and a numeric keypad. The standard buttons are the most used, and they are mapped in the Xbox buttons A, B and X. After that, we must decide which is the better way to map the numeric pad. At the moment I have mapped the buttons in this way: START = 0, Y = 1, Black = 2, White = 3, Left Trigger = 4, Right Trigger = 5, dPad UP = 6, dPad Right = 7, dPad Down = 8, dPad Left = 9. Anyways, feedback will be very well received, to discuss the best way to map all these buttons.

You can exit of the game pressing START+BACK simmultaneously. You can launch a very limited in-game menu pressing the right stick to change the frameskip. At the moment there are only two options that can be configured by the user:

* Frameskip: The default value is ZERO, because many games run at full speed (or at least at playable speed) without using frameskip. But if you play a game that runs slow, maybe increasing the frameskip can help a bit to make the game playable. Please, be warned that increasing the frameskip in the middle of the game is possible, but decreasing frameskip in the middle of the game can make it crash (you probably will have to re-launch the rom).

* Sound emulation: It is disabled by default because it makes all the games run slow, sometimes they crash, and the sound is choppy. But I have included the option to enable real sound (you will need frameskip, as it is slow!) or overclocked sound. Read above for sound emulation details.

I want to say thanks to all the people that helped me in the port process: Neobomb, Hyper_Eye, Madmab, Freakdave, weinerschnitzel, XtecuterX73, the Surreal64 CE team, the creators of the original Virtual Jaguar emulator (nwagenaar, Caz, Adam Green, Aaron Giles, David Raingeard, Bernd Schmidt, Sam Lantinga, Ryan C. Gordon, Curt Vendel, Reboot, byuu, and mainly thanks to Shamus for his help!), thanks to the people who encouraged me to do this with their posts, and thanks to the creators of all the libraries for Xbox (like the SDL ones).... Yes, I know that you are thinking "hey HCF, if so many people has worked in this emulator... so, what did you do?"

Besides, big thanks to all the people that make possible the Xbox scene and the emuxtras project, Neobomb (again!), Wimpy, Waal, Perr, Mega Man... Thank you very much for your work!

The sources of the emulator are in the same package, so if anyone wants to see them and try to improve them, it will be very wellcome. You can contact me if you want to do it.


Q: What about CD support?
A: At the moment it is not supported, sorry.

Q: My rom (in ZIP format) did not work!
A: There are lots of formats valid for this emulator (JAG, J64, BIN...) and it has been added the possibility to compress them in ZIP format, but this ZIP support is very basic: each ZIP file can only have ONE file inside. If you have a ZIP file which contains more than one file, it will probably not work. Besides, I have found roms in internet whose zip file was corrupt. So, my advice if you are having troubles with a compressed rom, is to uncompress it.

Thank you for reading this!



GENIAL. Ahora solo falta un emulador de NEC PC 98 y otro de Playdia, y se diria que parcticamente todas las consolas estan emuladas en la xbox
joer pues que maravilla,aunque sea sólo por el alien vs predator,rayman y algunos más...por que su catalogo es un poco chusco [+risas]
hay que probar,y si los resultados estan bastante bien(no espero emulacion 100%) la xbox es la mejor maquina de emulacion junto con pc y psp [sonrisa] salu2 y gracias por info
muy interesante, gracias por la info
danibarna escribió:la xbox no para!!

Ya te digo, tiene mas movimiento ahora que hace meses. No es que tenga un arsenal de juegos buenos las Jaguar pero al menos merece la pena por algunos como el Rayman o el Alien vs Predator, y lo más importante, que siguen saliendo cosas para Xbox...Un saludo :P
desarchivado a petición de yumemaru
Tengo que probar ese Rayman de Jaguar :O
Interesante Emulador, habra que probarlo. Creo haber jugado hace tiempo al Another World.

Que tiempos.
Buscando información he visto que en Febrero apareció nueva versión, en concreto la VirtualJaguarX 0.95b con ciertas mejoras. Dejo en spoiler una reseña de qué tal van los juegos.

Alien Vs Predator -> Plays at good speed, but has important glitches
Atari Karts -> It runs a bit slow, but it is playable. The problem is that, after a few races, the game crashes :(
Attack of the Mutant Penguins -> Does not work
Brutal Sports Football -> Does not work
Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tails -> Playable but incorrect speed and slowdowns
Cannon Fodder -> Plays very well
Checkered Flag -> It works, but beginning the race is not possible
Club Drive -> It crashes after driving a bit
Cybermorph -> Does not work
Defender 2000 -> Playable, although the shoot ratio is very slow
Doom - Evil Unleashed -> It is fully playable with sound, but the size of the main window is half than normal
Double Dragon V -> It works very well, even with sound, but the music is crap. I suggest to begin the game and press the START button (it is used to mute the music in this game) and you will get an almost perfect emulation, even with sound (although without music)
Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story -> It works well, with minor glitches and slowdowns
Evolution - Dino Dudes -> The game works well, but there is a small part of the right side of the screen that is not displayed. As many levels require to walk by that part of the screen, it is almost impossible to advance in the game
Fever Pitch Soccer -> Does not work
Fight For Your Life -> Does not work
Flashback -> It works very well, although the recommended option is disabling sound.
Flip Out -> Does not work
Frog Feast -> Does not work (it crashes in the title screen)
Gorf 2000 (PD) -> Does not work
Hover Strike -> Does not work
I War -> It works without sound, I don't know if the speed is correct
Iron Soldier -> It loads, it lets you select the weapon, it shows you the mission briefing... and it crashes
Kasumi Ninja -> It works, but a bit slow
Missile Command 3D -> It works well
NBA Jam TE (1996) -> It works, but it uses Framsekip
Pinball Fantasies -> It works well
Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure -> It works, but it uses Frameskip 3 :(
Power Drive Rally -> Does not work
Raiden -> It works very well, even with sound and music
Rayman -> It works very well, you can use overclocked audio, although the recommended option is disabling audio.
Ruiner Pinball -> Does not work
Sensible Soccer -> It works very well, although without sound.
Super Burnout -> Does not work
Super Cross 3D -> It hangs the emulator
Syndicate -> It has critical graphical glitches that make it unplayable.
Tempest 2000 -> Playable at good speed, even with sound, although the music dos not play well. You can mute the music pressing START if you want.
Theme Park -> It loads and it seems to work, but I don't know what to do in this game
Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy -> It works very well (if you have troubles with this game, read the FAQ). There is a small part of the right side of the screen that is not displayed, but it is not critical to play the game
Troy Aikman NFL Football -> It works without sound
Ultra Vortek -> Does not work
Val D'Isere Skiing & Snowboarding -> It works perfect until you begin the race, then crashes
White Men Can't Jump -> It crashes after the title screen
Wolfenstein 3D -> Perfect gameplay, although sound is not emulated
Zool 2 -> It works well, although the recommended option is disabling sound
Zoop -> Does not work

Aquí podéis ver con más detalle los cambios además de poder ver qué juegos funcionan bien con un sistema de colores, lo cual es más rápido.

http://www.emuxtras.net/forum/viewtopic ... 183&t=2776
Gracias por desarchivar el hilo jixo concretamente iba a poner eso, de que había salido una nueva versión de este emulador, pero wilobix se me adelanto [carcajad] parece que el autor de el emulador libero el código, tal vez pronto vemos más juegos compatibles. [bye]
Hola, soy el coder del port Virtual JaguarX para Xbox. Quería deciros que efectivamente lo que dice wilobix es importante, en 2013 saqué una nueva versión (v0.95b) que tiene muchas ventajas sobre la anterior, así que si alguien quiere probar este emulador, que se asegure de hacerlo con la última versión. La compatibilidad y la velocidad son mucho mejores en muchos juegos, y lo que es más importante: ya no es necesario configurar nada a mano antes de jugar, porque el propio emulador recomienda la mejor configuración para jugar con cada juego. Simplemente hay que seleccionar el juego que queremos, y jugarlo.

Respecto al Rayman, funciona perfectamente a full-speed aunque sin sonido, y efectivamente es uno de los mejores juegos de la Jaguar, así que si hay que recomendar un juego, que sea ese. Aun sin sonido, está muy bien ;)

Esta versión v0.95b todavía tiene un bug, que ya he arreglado para la próxima release. Pero en esta versión todavía está ese bug: hay que salir de los juegos correctamente (pulsando START+BACK) porque si salimos apagando la consola por las bravas, perdemos todas las partidas grabadas de la ROM a la que estamos jugando. Esto, en el Rayman, sería una faena porque perderíamos todo el progreso grabado. En la próxima release esto ya estará corregido, pero en esta v0.95b tenemos que tener cuidado y salir siempre con START+BACK para no perder los progresos grabados.

Tal y como se ha dicho, el código fuente está disponible, así que si alguien quiere, puede mirarlo, modificarlo, etc... Y efectivamente sigo trabajando en este emulador y la próxima versión funcionará con más juegos (ya puedo asegurar que funcionarán Soccer Kid, Worms, Protector o Zero 5). También estoy trabajando en intentar que el emulador funcione a pantalla completa, pero no sé cuándo estará lista esta nueva versión, así que de momento, la última es la v0.95b que comentaba wilobix. Si acaso, si publico alguna nueva versión abriré un nuevo hilo aquí o responderé sobre este, aunque aún queda bastante trabajo por hacer... :)
Lo has hecho tu, pues me quito el sombrero

hcf escribió:...

Gracias, gracias y mil gracias por tu trabajo: ¡más vida para la eterna caja X! :-)
Muchísimas gracias por el trabajo.

Se agradece ;-)
Muchas gracias campeón, se agradece que alguien con talento aun "pierda el tiempo" con la xbox [beer]
Ya que este hilo sigue activo, aprovecho para comentar que de aquí a uno o dos días estará disponible una nueva versión del emulador (v0.98) con importantes mejoras, así que recomiendo a todo el mundo que tenga este emulador, que coja esta última versión v0.98.

Entre las mejoras más importantes, están la posibilidad de jugar a pantalla completa, el soporte de vídeo HD (720p y 1080i), una mejora importante de la velocidad, nuevos juegos que funcionan (por ejemplo Worms, Soccer Kid, Zero 5, Protector SE o Evolution-Dino Dudes) y otros que ya funcionaban pero ahora lo hacen bastante mejor.

Abriré un hilo en este foro para avisar cuando ya esté disponible, calculo que en uno o dos días...
hcf escribió:Ya que este hilo sigue activo, aprovecho para comentar que de aquí a uno o dos días estará disponible una nueva versión del emulador (v0.98) con importantes mejoras, así que recomiendo a todo el mundo que tenga este emulador, que coja esta última versión v0.98.

Entre las mejoras más importantes, están la posibilidad de jugar a pantalla completa, el soporte de vídeo HD (720p y 1080i), una mejora importante de la velocidad, nuevos juegos que funcionan (por ejemplo Worms, Soccer Kid, Zero 5, Protector SE o Evolution-Dino Dudes) y otros que ya funcionaban pero ahora lo hacen bastante mejor.

Abriré un hilo en este foro para avisar cuando ya esté disponible, calculo que en uno o dos días...

impresionante, mejor espero a la última ;)
Grandes noticias , esperando ver la ultima version.
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