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Wiki copiada del hilo de VIta.

New details from the latest Dengeki PlayStation.
The latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation introduces two new characters set to join Adol Christin on his adventures in Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana.

Get the details below.


19 years old. She uses a rapier in battle. She is the daughter of the noble Roswell family of Garman, and as a noble conducts herself politely. While confused by the lifestyle of the Drifting Village, she works with Adol and company using her profound knowledge of ancient ruins, and plants and animals. In battle she is fast and has good reach, but since she can’t target many enemies at once, she finds herself in trouble when surrounded.

Staff Comment: The Garman area is located in the northeastern part of the Romun Empire, and many of its people are made of fortitude and vigor. This is the first time Raksha is meeting Adol and company. By taking advantage of her reach, you can follow up a preemptive attack with consecutive attacks.


41 years old. He uses an anchor in battle. He is a fisherman from the Greek area and has a lovable personality. He works with Adol in order to return to his hometown where his family is waiting. He has high attack power and can attack many enemies at once, but has open spots.

Staff Comment: When it comes to playable characters in the Ys series, he is the oldest. He was a passenger on the same boat as Adol.


(Adol has already been detailed.)

Staff comment: He’s the balanced character in battle.


Attacks have three attributes: “Slash,” “Shoot,” and “Strike.”

When you attack your enemy’s weak point, they’ll “Break” and all attributes will damage it.

Staff Comment: The Break system has an exhilarating feeling about it. We’re planning parts of the game that use the PS Vita touch screen. There is a possibility that Adol and friends will be wiped out by an Ancient attack. Ancients are completely different creatures from dragons and have no connection to the Five Dragons of Altago. Also, the jump action and switching between characters may seem similar to Tokyo Xanadu, but in this game, all of your party members appear on screen.

Songoku19101010 está baneado por "Troll"
Que es este juego??? Se veee muy mal.
Es de ps4?

Es de un anime??
Songoku19101010 escribió:Que es este juego??? Se veee muy mal.
Es de ps4?

Es de un anime??

Es de la mítica saga Ys, una jodida maravilla jugable. Y nunca se han caracterizado por tener unos gráficos punteros. De hecho este se ve de lujo para ser un juego de la saga.
Songoku19101010 está baneado por "Troll"
Ah vale. miraré un video..pero creo que estos juegos solo han venido en inglés no?
Songoku19101010 escribió:Ah vale. miraré un video..pero creo que estos juegos solo han venido en inglés no?

El VI, The Ark of Napishtim llegó en castellano. Está para PS2, STeam/GOG. El resto llegaron en inglés.
Otra de las sagas que tengo pendientes por catar, ya que suelo leer que su sistema de combate es muy adictivo, su banda sonora rompedora y su dificultad muy atractiva (complicada). Si no recuerdo mal, la gente suele recomendar Oath in Felgana.
Buah! Yo he jugado a esta saga desde sus inicios en MSX (y en Japones!). Y es una jodida maravilla, tanto en banda sonora como en jugabilidad. Que decir que este cae sí que sí el dia de salida. Se sabe algo de ediciones / fechas?


PS4/PS Vita Exclusive JRPG Ys VIII Gets New Screenshots on Famitsu, Shows New Characters

The latest issue of the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu released today had a nice batch of screenshots of the upcoming JRPG by Nihon Famcom Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, releasing in Japan this summer for PS4 and PS Vita.

We get to meet two new characters, Raksha and and Shahad, who will join the protagonist Adol in his new adventure.

You can check both of them out in the gallery below, introduced with atrowk, in-game screenshots and anime cutscenes.

As usual, keep in mind that these are from magazine scans, and don’t fully reflect the final visuals of the game like direct feed screenshots would.


Hay varias más en el enlace.
Madre mia que pintaza joder!!
Tiene buenos gráficos para ser un YS, a ver como llega esto a occidente, yo con que llegue aunque sea en inglés ya me conformo
Mas imagenes, ricas ricas [amor]












The noble-born and the fisherman.


Falcom has released new Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana information and screenshots, detailing new characters Raksha and Sahad, who were first introduced in Dengeki PlayStation, as well as the Isle of the Seiren where the game is set and the Ancient Species that inhabits it.

Get the information below.

■ Characters

Raksha (19 years old)
“An ‘adventurer’? I would never acknowledge such a facetious title!”

Daughter of the noble Roswell family of Garman.

As a noble, she always tries to conduct herself politely, but with her high pride and stubborn personality, she’s racing for disaster.

While confused by the environment of the Drifting Village, with its mixed social statuses and jobs, she uses her profound knowledge of ancient ruins, plants, and animals to work with with Adol and friends.

Sahad (41 years old)


“Ga ha ha, I was saved thanks to you. I love you two!”

A lively, openhearted, and cheerful fisherman from the Greek area.

The noble-born Raksha is shocked by his crude and ill-mannered conduct, but as he is human, he has his sentimental moments too. He is a man of the sea with a personality that can’t really be hated.

He seems to have a family back home, and works with Adol and friends to escape Siren Island.

■ Keywords

The Isle of Seiren


An island that exists in the Goethe Sea south of Greek.

It is rumored that a ship passing through its adjacent waters mysteriously sank, and that the island is uninhabited.

The island gets its name from a regional legend of a monster whose singing causes voyagers to become confused and sink their boats.

The Isle of Seiren is also known as the “Forever Cursed Island,” and no one willingly approaches it.

Ancient Species


he general term for the heteromorphic creatures that live on Siren Island.

While they range from huge reptiles and birds to fish and other forms, they have a clearly different ecology from creatures outside the island.

There are brutal-type Ancients who attack those that drift ashore the island, and although believed to be some sort of monsters, there is a theory that they’re ancient creatures who have undergone their own evolution in an environment isolated from the outside world.

La prota de Oreimo se ha comprado un DeLorean.

Va a hacerse larga la espera.
chibisake escribió:La prota de Oreimo se ha comprado un DeLorean.

Va a hacerse larga la espera.


Esta es pelirroja pero se le da un aire la verdad.

Pintaza la del juego.
PS4/PS Vita Exclusive JRPG Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana’s New Screenshots Show Weapon Types

Today Nihon Falcom released three new screenshots of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, illustrating the three weapon types included in the game.

Different weapons cause different damage to different enemies, so it’s a good idea to attack with the character with the biggest damage potential.

Adol’s sword is a slashing weapon. It’s flexible, but it comes with increased damage against enemies that normally absorb impacts due to their soft bodies.


Shahad’s anchor is a striking weapon, and it deals increased damage against enemies with strong armor, like those covered by hard shells. It can also deal damage in an area around the character.


Lastly, Raksha’s rapier is a shooting weapon. While it doesn’t deal as much damage as the other two types, it has a longer reach and it’s faster. It allows its user to hit more agile enemies from far away, like flying ones. Since it mostly attacks towards the front, it’s weak to attacks from behind, and it can cause problems when surrounded.


By dealing a certain amount of damage to an emey it’s possible to put it into “Break” state. When that happens, its protection attributes become null and void, and it will receive a large amount of damage by all three kinds of weapons, so it’s advisable to use the appropriate character to “break” enemies, and then finish them with everyone together.

In additin to this, enemies in “break” state will drop rare items, and fliers will fall to the ground.
Tiene buena pinta esto ultimo ^^
No conocía esta saga, voy a seguir la pista a este juego :)
Hibiki-naruto escribió:Imagen

Nuevos detalles de "YS VIII"


· Habra eventos especiales con la gente que encontramos en la isla para llevarlos a nuestro pueblo. Algunos si tenemos amistad con ellos, nos desbloqueara nuevas zonas

· Podremos desarrollar nuestro pueblo e incluso tener granjas y edificios. Habra 20 sub-personajes para nuestro pueblo, algunos no se conseguiran solo por historia.

· Nuevos personajes;
- Capitan Barbaros: Es el capital de barco y el lider en el naufragio. Es el capitan que Adol conoce tras YS5, quien ayuda a los pasajeros a escapar seguros

- Little Paro: Un loro que sabe hablar, que servirá de mensajero y ayudas a Adol en la isla.

· El Volumen del juego sera el mas grande hasta la fecha

· El subtitulo puede traducirse como "Days of Tears" y será una palabra clave importante

· El concepto del juego es comprender el misterio detras de la aventura

· Todos los NPCs estan bien representados y tendran sus eventos propios

· La Accion es mucho mas rapida que Tokyo Xanadu

· Se podra personalizar las armas fuera de las tiendas

· Habra situaciones donde habra que atacar y defenderse de los monstruos en batallas estilo "Tower Defense". Si perdemos en una batalla defensiva, será Game Over

· Los controles seran personalizables

· Hay planes de incluir DLCs que seran cosas gratuitas, tambien trajes y accesorios

The latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation has new information on Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana‘s systems and characters.

Get the information below.

■ System

Support Events

Events will trigger as you gather up the people that wash ashore the island for your village. For example, when you add specific characters as friends, you may be able to go to a new area.

Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo suggests that while it doesn’t have anything to do with the main story, there appears to be different routes, probably related to PlayStation Network trophies.

Drifting Village

As you develop your village, you’ll increase both its inhabitants and facilities. You can even farm. There are over 20 sub-characters, including characters you won’t meet if you’re only playing through the story.

■ Characters

Dogi (voiced by Kenta Miyake)

26 years-old. Adol’s long-time partner who last adventured with him four years prior. He went missing at the time of the sinking. His weapons and such have yet to be introduced.

Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo’s suggests that he will take on the duty of watching over the village, like Adol, but since their teams are split up by a defensive battle, he’ll likely be a battle character.

Captain Barbaros (voiced by Hirohiko Kakegawa)

46 years-old. The captain of the sunken Lombardy ship. He takes on the role of a leader that keeps the castaways in order.

Little Paro (voiced by Naoki Tatsuta)

A male parrot discovered by Captain Barbaros on the island. He takes on the role of a messenger after learning human language immediately.

Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo’s says that Barbaros is the captain you get to know after Ys V, who wants to help the passengers safely escape. Paro flies about and tells you about suspicious places, taking on a guidance role.

Interview Tidbits

The game’s volume is the highest of any in the series yet.
Dana, the game’s second protagonist, is out to gather her memories, but she’ll also have action elements.
The sub-title can be translated as the “Day of Tears” and is a very important keyword.
The concept is to understand the mystery behind the adventure.
Since the setting is an unpopulated island, each NPC is being carefully depicted, and all NPCs will have events.
Actions are much faster compared to Tokyo Xanadu.
You can customize weapons in a form outside of shops, and things can also be bartered.
There are situations where monsters will attack and a defensive battle will occur. There are also tower defense elements. If you lose a defensive battle, you’ll get a game over.
The game’s control are fully customizable.
Downloadable content is planned and consists of free things, as well as costumes and accessories.
■ Limited Edition and First-Print Bonus

An 8,800 yen PS Vita Limited Premium Box includes “Silver Armor” downloadable content for Adol (first-generation Ys Silver Armor costume), the ancient book “Adol’s Manuscript” (Japanese-translated), and an Ys limited metal plate.

First-print copies of the game include an original mini soundtrack.

Read more at http://gematsu.com/2016/03/ys-viii-intr ... AZmkrWX.99
Pinta bien ^^ Gracias por toda la información.
Me he mirado los post del hilo ya que es corto xD, y la verdad que no sabia que habia una entrega en ps2 y ademas en castellano, tendre que buscarlo ejeje.

Solo he jugado al de psvita, no me esperaba un juegazo, aunque tampoco lo tengo en el saco de "juegazos" pero si que me engancho de principio a fin, estube muy viciado xd.

Desde entonces estoy pendiente de que salga uno nuevo, ya me pasare mas por el hilo aunque sea a mirar xd, saludos!
Four mysterious characters that appear before Dana.

Falcom has released new Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana information and screenshots detailing Uhra, Hidura, Minos, and Nestor—four characters that appear before Dana, the game’s second protagonist that appears in Adol’s dreams.

Get the information below.

■ Characters


“Dana… I look forward to seeing to what extent you’ll be able to resist.”


An unidentified character wrapped in a black robe.

He takes action and gets in contact with Dana in order to complete a certain mission, but whether or not he is hostile is unclear. Since most of his face is covered by his robe, his expressions cannot be read.

He is an advanced life-form of inhuman existence, and works alongside Hidura, Minos, and Nestor, but their connection to one another and reason for working together is unknown.

Hidura (voiced by Hirohiko Kakegawa)

“I can’t help but sympathize but… there is nothing we can do for you.”


An inhuman existence with the appearance of an oceanic creature that works alongside Uhra.

It seems to possess fairly advanced knowledge, and its actions and behavior are always level and calm. It is skilled in making qualified judgments.

It seems to have some sort of advice for Dana, but…

Minos (voiced by Takahiro Fujimoto)

“When you look at them like this, humans are awfully sad creatures.”


An inhuman existence with a muscular physique and the appearance of a beast-man.

As his looks imply, he is rough and daring by nature, and he looks somewhat down on humans smaller than himself who lack physical strength.

Similar to Hidura, he appears before Dana with a certain purpose, and begins to talk of a certain story, but…

Nestor (voiced by Chieko Atarashi)

“Arrogant human—why did you wait so long to resist?”


An existence that works alongside Hidura and Minos.

Although its appearance is vaguely close to that of a human being, the shape and the form of its limbs are distinctly different, and it dons a unique atmosphere that is difficult to describe.

It approves of rational thinking, but has a dreadful side that will pass seemingly cold judgement without hesitation.

Read more at http://gematsu.com/2016/06/ys-viii-deta ... FCW5jx3.99
Con cada informacion nueva mas ganas me da de pillarlo.
Narcyl escribió:Con cada informacion nueva mas ganas me da de pillarlo.

La verdad que pintaza tiene, aunque espero que mejore el aspecto técnico para PS4, porque en los vídeos de Vita pega unas rascadas importantes.

Aquí la info en castellano

@carmelero Muchisimas gracias por el curro ^^

Las rascadas es algo que me jode bastante en los juegos, me da igual que se vean mal pero minimo que no pegue bajones bruscos.

Today Nihon Falcom released a brand new batch of screenshots of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, releasing in Japan on July 21st for PS Vita and next year for PS4.

The screenshots focus mainly on the consciousness share feature between Adol and Dana. They can both find certain markers in the environment that allows to share their awareness, switching among them.

Actions taken while playing Dana can influence Adol’s adventure, like causing the appearance of a new route to a previously inaccessible area.

We also get a glimpe of “gift events,” special events that occur when giving certain gifts to the inhabitants of the drifting village.

You can check them out below.
Pongo esta foto de la edición coleccionista del usuario ranmafan de Gaf, aunque sea de Vita:


Sus primeras impresiones son que el juego mola, que a los seguidores de la saga les encantará, que hay mucho diálogo, y que el juego engancha.
Da gusto que se creen/desarchiven hilos de JRPGs despues de tanta sequía en PS3 [plas]
Tengo bastantes ganas de este juego y eso que me olvide un poco de esta saga en el pasado (no disfruto mucho con las portatiles).
Pues parece que confirman los 60 FPS y el 4k.

How is the PlayStation 4 version enhanced from the PS Vita version?

Kondo: “Since action had the biggest reaction, we wanted to add more action gameplay elements.

“Due to capacity restrictions in the PS Vita version, Dana’s chapter was more of a bonus element, but in order to strengthen that part, we’ve added a system called ‘Style Change.’

“We’ve added an episode to Dana’s Etania Quest where you rescue a spirit, as well as added the power to transform via the power of that spirit, and an element to power-up that ability.

“In the Dana chapter, you can fight enemies that can only be defeated in a certain style, as well as take on dungeons that can only be unlocked with such styles.

“As for the Adol chapter, ‘Supression Battles,’ a sort of different version of Counter-Attack Battles, where you go into dungeons to defeat enemies who have settled inside, have been added, and see not only Adol and company, but also Dogi’s team participate. Counter-Attack Battles have also increased in number.”

What are the appeals of the PlayStation 4 version?

“The beauty of the scenery has increased exceptionally. It runs at a smooth 60 frames per second, and the load times are much quicker than the PS Vita version. There is no more screen division in the Drifting Village, so you can move around seamlessly. Also, it supports 4K.

“We’re planning to put in many modes requested by Ys fans. Look forward to it.”

Read more at http://gematsu.com/2016/12/ys-viii-ps4- ... KCAemCR.99
Perfecto, esperemos que no se demore mucho en llegar a Europa. Y con edición física, claro.
Pues me gusta el nuevo enfoque jugable con camara libre. Pero saldra en ingles, no? xD en fin mejor me olvido de él.
Si no me equivoco solo el Ys VI llegó en castellano.

Yo más que por el lenguaje me preocuparía porque llegase, mucho se está demorando.. veremos a ver.
zero_ escribió:Si no me equivoco solo el Ys VI llegó en castellano.

Yo más que por el lenguaje me preocuparía porque llegase, mucho se está demorando.. veremos a ver.

El juego se ha demorado incluso en japon,veamos caundo sale,espero que sea par finales de año porque salen muchos juegos a mediados.
Buenas, ¿ no se sabe nada de si llegará a Europa o a EEUU (también se podría importar desde allí, porque total en el caso que nos llegue será en inglés igualmente)?

He visto en una web japonesa que la fecha de lanzamiento para PS4 es a finales de mayo...
O sea que fuera de Japón hasta finales de 2017 con suerte no creo que lo veamos, supongo.
Le tengo muchísimas ganas, la verdad.

Sé que ha salido en Vita en japón ya, pero la versión de ps4 no ha salido ni en japón? Entonces imagino que la versión de ps4 japonesa es la que sale en mayo, y de su salida en América y Europa aún no se sabe nada, ¿no?


edit: sale en otoño de este año!

https://www.koi-nya.net/2017/02/18/ys-v ... occidente/
Muy buena noticia. Al final no tendremos que esperar tanto XD .
¿Sabéis de algún sitio donde se pueda reservar la edición limitada europea o americana?
-Nelo- escribió:¿Sabéis de algún sitio donde se pueda reservar la edición limitada europea o americana?

De momento parece que solo en la NISA Store.

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