[HO] TT Isle of Man 2 - ¡Ya a la venta!

Bienvenidos al hilo oficial de TT Isle of Man 2.
Primeras impresiones en italiano del juego de multiplayer.it
https://multiplayer.it/articoli/tt-isle ... ovato.html

El video que hay en la página no es del 2 sino del 1.
Parche 1.15 disponible
Leaderboards menu page added, allowing you to view more than the first 10 players
The pace in which dirt and bugs accumulate on the helmet has been reduced
Time Attack ghost vehicle has been adjusted, it's transparency adjusts in relation to the player.
All TTs can be done at the end of the season in Career Mode if you qualify to do so

UI Fixes
Fixed UI bugs in the loading screen where tracks would be offset from the background
Fixed some instances where headers were displayed incorrectly
Bike parts are no sorted by level in the bike tuning menus
Player names 3D displays have been improved during multiplayer races

Fixed an issue where some Post-processing options could not be adjusted
Added an option to toggle whether 3D player names can be toggled on/off in Multiplayer
HUD Ranking options have been renamed (Ranking)

Bug Fixes
Fixed the lap and checkpoint micro-stutters in career races
Fixed an issue where the Careerist achievement would not unlock correctly
Fixed an animation bug in the free ride map
Fixed the media keys not working when the game was fullscreen
Fixed a focus loss bug in free ride and multiplayer modes
Fixed an issue with infinite respawns occurring at the end of the 'Beat the Distance 6' challenge first lap
Fixed a bug with the mail received in career mode
Fixed a bug in multiplayer when the host was disconnected when loading into the race.
Fixed Japanese localization error

https://www.facebook.com/notes/tt-isle- ... 968495589/
Lo he estado probando unas horas y está de putisima madre el juego, me ha sorprendido mucho
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