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que meten updates cada dia? ¬_¬
NaN escribió:que meten updates cada dia? ¬_¬

Sip, excepto los domingos, si no recuerdo mal XD
Nueva actualización (bueno, la de ayer por la noche XD):

Update #13: 50K Backers Brings New Mega Dungeon, Stretch Goals and More! (PayPal Too!)

Happy Monday! We've reached 50,000 backers, and have a special reward for everyone. Details below. Also coming this week, we have more updates about the development and creation of the game. Tomorrow, Justin Bell will discuss the process for composing the music for our trailer video. On Wednesday, Josh will update with more details about the game's design, and we are going to unveil a awesome art piece that we’ve been working on.

Oh, PayPal is also coming on Wednesday!

The 50,000 Backer Reward

We are very excited to announce a reward to all backers that have helped us come this far. Today we are introducing The Endless Paths of Od Nua - a new dungeon experience for Project Eternity:

In the western reaches of the Dyrwood lies the Endless Paths, an ancient network of cobbled trails that wind through arches of dense overgrowth, twisting within the confines of a high castle wall as they make their way to the gates of iron-shuttered towers that jut forth from the interior. In ages past, the towers rising from the gardens to pierce the canopy of the forest once marked the dominion of the castle's relentless, crazed builder: Od Nua. But the courses of Od Nua's madness run far below the surface, stretching forever deeper into wandering catacombs and bone-cramped oubliettes unseen by living eyes for centuries. The Endless Paths, as the old Glanfathans call them, cannot be walked by the living, but the storytellers say with certainty that many strong souls have found a permanent home beneath the grieving creator's estate.

Most else that is said and written of the place is fiction or conjecture, more likely to have sprouted from the svef-enhanced imaginations of bored and boasting mercenaries than from any seed of truth. Hosts of lost souls that relentlessly stalk the living, cathedral-sized tombs overflowing with the restless victims of a horrific plague, lightless chambers sealing in the remnants of Od Nua's failed experiments. Most legends converge on a common theme: that under the castle rest myriad forgotten vaults of death and darkness glittering with Od Nua's enchanted creations and the abandoned treasure of ill-fated interlopers. So great is the fear of the castle's denizens that even drunken and drug-cheered adventurers do not joke of setting foot on the paths, lest their souls join the eternal ranks of those that have gone before them.

The current plan is to make The Endless Paths with three subterranean levels, but it can grow larger with your help. For every 2,500 additional backers, the depths of Od Nua’s castle become deeper, which means one additional level will be added to the vaults. Continue to spread the word about Project Eternity, and let's see how big we can make The Endless Paths!

Crafting and Enchanting at $2.4 Million

We also have a new stretch goal at $2.4 million dollars to announce: Crafting and Enchanting!


Crafting and enchanting in Project Eternity will allow players to use objects and materials they find during exploration to both create consumable items like potions and scrolls as well as give their gear custom upgrades that can't be accomplished by other means. This system is intended to be easy to use and very flexible, allowing players to customize many aspects of what they can create or alter. Whether it's brewing basic potions from herbs and minerals commonly found throughout the world or upgrading a humble broadsword into a custom-named, magically-imbued weapon of distinctive and legendary power, we want to give players the ability to make it. On the development side of things, we also want to make the system as data-driven as possible, allowing us to easily extend our list of recipes in the future.

Each stretch goal we hit not only adds new features to the game like crafting, but also makes the game larger by adding more content, quests, dialogue, and characters. Together, we've already added two new races, companions and classes, along with a player house. $2.2 million is very close which adds a new faction and region, and there are more exciting stretch goals planned if we make it past $2.4 million and beyond.

New Add-Ons

Additionally, we have two new add-ons for you:
Add an Early Access Beta Key for $25. The beta key is the same reward at the $110 and up levels, but now you can add it as an extra at the lower tiers.
Add a Digital Strategy Guide for $7. The digital strategy guide is also included in the $80 and up levels, but now you can add it as an extra at the lower tiers. This will cost more when we ship the game, so get in on the opportunity to save!

As a quick tutorial on how to add add-ons, go to the Project Eternity Kickstarter site and hit the Manage Your Pledge button. The reward tier you had already picked will still be selected and the amount will be in the big box at the top. All you need to do is add the dollar amount that covers the add-ons you would like to your pledge and enter the new total number. For instance, if you are at the $35 Pledge level and want to add the Beta Key, you would enter $60 as your total pledge. We’ll send you a fulfillment survey after the Kickstarter period is over and you can specify what you wanted to do with any excess monies added.

Thank you!

Update by Adam Brennecke and Josh Sawyer

Y por cierto, como ya se han alcanzado los 2.2$ Millonacos, el juego estará en español también, para quien le interese.
ahora que esta en español, toy pensandme si cogerlo o no, pero ya an quitao la opcion de los 20 E, k nose porque. y me da palo pagar mas por un juego. cuando va a costar cuando salga 50??

el juego que es estilo Lionheart? diablo? divinity? esque encima no enseñan nada, nose.
Nueva actualización:

Update #14: The Music of Project Eternity

We hit our stretch goal of $2.2 million which adds a new faction, a new companion, and French, German, and Spanish translations!

We’ve gotten many requests for more details about the game's music, so in this update we'll discuss our current plans for that. There's also a surprise buried deep within the update for all you music lovers out there, so read on to find out what it is!

Music with Soul

Souls, the supernatural, a fantasy setting, mature themes... These are just a few of the big ideas behind Project Eternity's story and world. As with any great CRPG story, music plays an important role in communicating those ideas. This was true for the Infinity Engine games as well. Looking back they all had one thing in common with regards to music: all are known for having strong and memorable soundtracks that drew you in as a listener and set fire to your imagination. That's exactly what we're aiming for with the music for Project Eternity.

So what will the music sound like? Great question! Describing music with words alone can be a tricky thing to do because so much of that is subjective and wide open for interpretation. Even still it's important to have some sort of plan in place before writing a single note. You need an idea that will guide you towards creating an effective score. To help paint that picture more clearly, here are three words that we believe best describe what the score will ultimately sound like:




Now you might be wondering, out of all the possible descriptive words, why these three? The answer to that goes right back to those big ideas mentioned above.

We chose mystical because of the importance of souls and the supernatural in Project Eternity's world. Ancient because we want the music to be grounded and appropriate to the setting. Emotive because the role of music in any game is first and foremost to provide dramatic and emotional context for the player. At the end of the day, that's what we want out of Project Eternity's score. We want you to be swept away by the music and the imagery it evokes. By keeping these three descriptive pillars in mind while developing the score, we’ll be able to support and enhance the narrative goals of our game.

Of course these three words are not all the music will ultimately be. It'll also be adventurous, ethereal, and wondrous when appropriate. Ominous, dark, and mysterious when called for. Scary and horrifying at just the right moments. And yes, driving, bold, and colossal when absolutely necessary.

Along with defining what we do want the score to sound like, there are also some things we know we don't want it to sound like. It won't be overly heavy or oppressive, nor will it be bombastic and grandiose from beginning to end. We want the score to be as dynamic and nuanced as the story it serves, and the last thing we want to do is weigh that story down with leaden music.

As you can see Project Eternity's music will be many things when all is said and done. But perhaps most importantly, its music will have a unique and original voice that we hope will leave a lasting impression, the same way the music of those awesome Infinity Engine games did in the past.

The Road to Eternity

Making the Project Eternity campaign video was the result of an inspiring collaborative effort here at Obsidian. Adam Brennecke, Dimitri Berman, and I worked on it day and night for nearly a month; doing what we could to make the strongest first impression possible. To help accomplish that, I knew I wanted the music to make a powerful statement right out of the gate. I wanted it to grab your attention and keep you mesmerized until the final seconds of the video.

Suffice it to say that when I wrote this music, I never could have imagined the overwhelmingly positive reception it has since received. The support you all have shown Project Eternity and Obsidian has been a stunning, and deeply humbling experience.

Music in the Clouds

And now for the surprise. Since we launched our campaign we've gotten many requests to make the trailer music publicly available. As a huge "thank you" to all of our amazing fans and supporters, we're happy to announce today that the music from the trailer is now available on Sound Cloud for your downloading and listening pleasure. Prelude and Dirge are directly from the video, and Road is an outtake that is partly used in the video. We hope you enjoy it…

http://soundcloud.com/obsidian-entertai ... -eternity/

Look for an update about class design from Josh Sawyer tomorrow, and we are about 1,800 backers away from adding another level to The Endless Paths dungeon!

Update by Justin Bell
biztor escribió:ahora que esta en español, toy pensandme si cogerlo o no, pero ya an quitao la opcion de los 20 E, k nose porque. y me da palo pagar mas por un juego. cuando va a costar cuando salga 50??

el juego que es estilo Lionheart? diablo? divinity? esque encima no enseñan nada, nose.

yo creo que sera mas del palo baldurs gate o algo mas moderno digamos dragon age 1, pero no se hasta que punto van ameter accion y en que punto rol.
Esta gente da una de cal y otra de arena, sacaron el new vegas que mejoraba el fallout original, pero tmabien sacaron el dungeon siegue 3 que era un autentico pestazo.
asique a saber, de todas formas todo apunta a que esta vez pueden hacer lago chulo chulo, por lo que se ve.
Yo en cualquier caso me voy a esperar.
biztor escribió:ahora que esta en español, toy pensandme si cogerlo o no, pero ya an quitao la opcion de los 20 E, k nose porque. y me da palo pagar mas por un juego. cuando va a costar cuando salga 50??

el juego que es estilo Lionheart? diablo? divinity? esque encima no enseñan nada, nose.

Como ejemplo pusieron el Icewind Dale, el Torment y el Baldur's así que de eso sólo se extrae que será en isométrica.
Hablan de habilidades no combativas y el mapeado parece no lineal, son Obsidian y se supone hacen un kickstarter para hacer algo juascor y diferente, así que cabe esperar algo en la línea de Fallout, Torment, o por lo menos algo que vaya más allá de un Baldur's.
Si sacasen algo que fuese medio mata-mata sería para pegarles fuego así que no creo.
Estoy leyendo la información que han ido sacando y no me queda clara una cosa, según he entendido los que hemos pagado el kickstarter solo podremos elegir comprar la version de GOG o la de Steam, y no las 2. Eso es así?
soen escribió:Estoy leyendo la información que han ido sacando y no me queda clara una cosa, según he entendido los que hemos pagado el kickstarter solo podremos elegir comprar la version de GOG o la de Steam, y no las 2. Eso es así?

Originalmente, si pagabas, te daban el juego a través de Steam, pero por quejas de la gente, que queríamos una versión DRM-free, llegaron a un acuerdo con gog para distribuirlo por allí también. Por tanto, si pagas, te dan a elegir una versión, la que requiere Steam, o la DRM-free de gog, no dos veces el mismo juego [+risas] (salvo que pagues los tiers más altos que dan varias versiones digitales y la versión física)
La actualización de ayer, que no tuve tiempo de ponerla:

Update #15: PayPal, Polish and Russian support, $2.5M/$2.6M stretch goals, new reddit Q&A, classes, and art!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cdf2wHt1 ... r_embedded

In today's update, I'll be talking about new stretch goals and the "core four" classes. We also have some fantastic art for you that illustrates five of our adventurers engaged in some classic dungeon exploration. Other great stuff going on includes Tim Cain’s reddit on combat and you can now pledge with PayPal over on the Project Eternity Site.

And, for our Polish- and Russian-speaking fans - we are very happy to announce that distributors in Poland and Russia will be handling localization for these two languages, so we will be able to provide them without requiring a stretch goal!



First things first: our PayPal is now set up and ready to use! If you'd like to back the project using PayPal, you can do from the Project Eternity homepage at Obsidian:


Please note that pledges made through PayPal will not show up on our Kickstarter page, though we will count them toward stretch goals at the end of the campaign.

$2.5M and $2.6M Stretch Goals - Barbarian and Cipher, Adventurer's Hall with Party Creation

Since the days are counting down, we'd like to introduce two new stretch goals. As you'll read in a few more paragraphs, Project Eternity is currently slated to support seven classes. Our current roster includes fighters, priests, rogues, wizards, rangers, monks, and druids. We believe this represents the common core and several popular secondary classes that many players enjoyed using in the Infinity Engine games. We would like to use our $2.5M stretch goal to include two additional classes: the barbarian and the cipher.


Barbarians come from many of the more remote cultures found across the world. In the Dyrwood, they are commonly found among Glanfathan elf communities. They are distinguished from fighters by their recklessness, ferocity, and their predilection to substitute raw aggression for discipline. Barbarians are a challenge to deal with on a battlefield, though they are vulnerable to exhaustion if they don't pace themselves.

Ciphers are uncommon and often misunderstood individuals with extraordinary mental abilities. Like wizards and priests, they have many talents that draw directly from their souls, but ciphers have the unique ability to peer through the spiritual energy of the world to manipulate other souls. While wizards use complex formulae in large tomes and priests tap into the passion of their faith, ciphers are able to operate directly through the power of their minds... and yours.

But wait, we're not done yet! We've been reading a lot of feedback online about classes, companions, and party composition options. We want to give people the ability to build their parties as they like and we also want to allow people to experience the full spectrum of class mechanics. Companions go a long way toward achieving that goal while also providing a ton of reactivity in the world. Even so, we'd like to do more.


At $2.6M, we will add an Adventurer's Hall to the world. In the Free Palatinate of Dyrwood, adventurers and mercenaries from across the world are often employed as personal bodyguards, elite security, or salvage (plunder) teams that venture into the forgotten corners of Eír Glanfath. A lot of the folks who hang out as such places are robbers and miscreants, but reliable agents can be found and employed with a bit of patience.

What does this mean for you? It means that if you don't like a companion, or if you don't like any of our companions, you won't be cut off from having characters of their classes. Over time, you can build your own custom parties to play through the game. If you want a party of monks or all casters, this gives you the ability to do it within the game while still maintaining the pacing of the standard PC + companions play style.

And now that that's out of the way, let's talk about...

Classes: the "Core Four"

Classes in Project Eternity are meant to provide a general framework for character types. Different classes excel in different areas, but the framework can be extended and elaborated on in a multitude of ways to create characters with unique capabilities. If you see a fighter, chances are good that he or she is going to be able to take a lot of damage, but that's about all you can be sure of. If you see a wizard, he or she probably has some hard-hitting spells that can cover a large area, but his potential list of capabilities is vast.

If you want to create a wizard who wears plate armor and hacks away with a broadsword from behind a heavily-enhanced arcane veil, we want to let you do that. If your idea of the perfect fighter is one who wears light armor and uses a variety of dazzling rapier attacks in rapid succession, we want to help you make that character. So it's good to think of Project Eternity's classes as being purpose-ready but not purpose-limited.

To date, through our Kickstarter campaign, you have helped us fund seven classes. In our design, we started with the "core four" because they are the most broadly familiar and also some of the most versatile: the fighter, the priest, the rogue, and the wizard. To these four, you helped us add three specialized, but popular, classes: the ranger, the monk, and the druid. The design of each class has a solid, distinctive base set of abilities that remain in most builds, but will have a large number of optional specializations and alterations to give players a high level of flexibility in developing an individual character's particular style.

Though we are still early in development, we'd like to let you know the rough ideas on what the “core four” classes of Project Eternity encompass:

Fighter - Fighters are men and women trained to use a wide variety of traditional weapons in brutal combat. They are often put in -- or put themselves in -- harm's way and are built to take an extraordinary amount of punishment. Though not traditionally as mobile as the monk nor as likely to dish out individually withering attacks as a rogue, fighters are dependable and flexible, able to shift between a variety of attack modes that alternate between high damage, maintaining a strong defense, weakening opponents, and dealing harsh retribution to those who attack his or her allies. Some fighters build up arsenals of feints, knockdowns, and special attacks rather than rely on the “slow and steady” approach.

And while fighters are often thought of as being primarily melee-based, they can specialize in a variety of weapons, including bows, crossbows, and even firearms. They're unlikely to outclass rangers at their own game, but fighters can be almost as dangerous at a distance as they are up close. Though it may not look like it to see them in battle next to wizards and priests, fighters are just as able to tap into the power of their souls to devastating effect: accelerating their attacks to a superhuman speed, striking foes with such power that nearby opponents are knocked off their feet, and maintaining a phenomenal endurance that allows them to rapidly bounce back from even terrible wounds.

When they aren't locked in life and death struggles, fighters are, unsurprisingly, often quite athletically capable. Even so, it's not uncommon to find fighters who are stealthy and well-educated. Moving unseen and knowing how to get out of a jam can come in handy even for them.

Priest - In a world with many gods, there are many different types of priests. Though the majority of priests spend their time tending to worshipers or engaged in relatively peaceful pursuits, there are ranks of dedicated adventuring or mercenary priests who have turned the flame of their faith into a spark to ignite the power of their souls. Such men and women have found a divine link to their chosen deity, but their abilities stem solely from within.

Dedicated to spreading the news of their gods' dominions in the realms of mortals through their own deeds, adventuring priests thrust themselves into lethal conflict to prove their worth. Often trained to fight alongside soldiers of their respective churches, priests are capable in the fray (and near the fray, for those who follow less melee-oriented faiths), but their true power comes from their prayers, faith-inspired miracles that aid their allies and punish their enemies. These miracles range from combat blessings, weapon enchantments, and protective barriers to divine summons, sanctified wards, and crippling curses. In many ways, the prayers of priests have almost as much variety as wizards spells, though priests are restricted to invoking prayers that are aligned with their faith. Additionally, priests often specialize in the weapons, armor, and litanies of prayers most beloved by their church. Thus, the multitude of gods produces a multitude of different priests, each with their own unique array of abilities.

Most priests are church-educated and are widely versed in many types of lore. However, some priests get by on pure faith alone, having little knowledge of the world around them. Such battle priests often lean more heavily on their athletic abilities when they are in the field.

Rogue - Contrary to what their name might imply, rogues come from many walks of life. They are cutpurses, thugs, and courtesans but also aristocrats, diplomats, and personal guards. Often separated by station in life, they are united by their reliance on wits, speed, and subterfuge to achieve their goals. The way of the rogue is not to stand toe-to-toe with the biggest brute in the room and exchange body blows, but to glance away in feigned confusion and slip an unseen blade between the brute's ribs as he turns his attention. When a room explodes in a storm of fire, the fighters grit their teeth, the priests pray for salvation, and the wizards fumble to find a spell to protect them, but the rogues just... disappear. They excel at being in the one place where no one's looking, at kicking people when they're down, at taunting a foe into turning its back on the rogue's ally while he or she nimbly skips away, and at being just too damned slippery to pin down.

Whether they pack a pair of daggers, a fine rapier, a slim bow, a stubby pistol, or a brutish club, rogues haul a carnival of pain with them wherever they go. If their natural tendencies weren't dangerous enough, their affinity for skullduggery allows some talented rogues to tap into their souls to perform amazing stunts: fading from view in plain sight, briefly cloaking their allies in a veil of shadow, imbuing their weapons with a soul-eating venom, or even becoming so insubstantial that blades barely hurt them.

While rogues are known for their stealthy nature both in and out of battle, many of them are quite talented with machines and contraptions of all sorts. High-born rogues are often very knowledgeable about esoteric, while many low-born rogues are well-equipped to survive in the wild.

Wizard - Widely respected in most societies, wizards of Project Eternity are men and women of high education and extreme mental discipline, if not always outright intelligence. Wizards are sometimes called navigators of the mortal soul, charting out and practicing the precise ways in which “ordinary” people can unlock the power inside of themselves. Using their knowledge to truly spectacular ends, wizards rely not only on ancient practices but also their own research to propel them forward. Far from being occult or protected knowledge, most wizards' spells are just so incredibly complex and physically demanding that even practiced wizards cannot invoke them without the use of expensive, specially-enchanted tomes.

And what do the tomes contain? Instructions on ways to use one's soul to alter reality, to warp time around enemies, to make skin as tough as stone, to counter even the most powerful magic, to invoke balls of flame, bolts of lightning, gouts of acid, to conjure nightmares out of thin air. Truly, the possibilities open to wizards seem to exceed even those of what priests can call upon through their faith. And though any wizard may prepare several tomes, an inexperienced caster is not capable of channeling power through the log-thick, anvil-heavy, dog-eared grimoires of wizened archmagi. Such novices must alternate between more modest selections, relying on their less demanding spells and talents when they are unable to call upon their tomes.

Wizards are often assumed to be masters of occult lore. While this certainly applies to their knowledge of spells, many wizards are so narrowly-focused that they are ignorant of outside culture and history. It is also not uncommon for wizards to delight as much in mechanical curiosities as rogues. Because their powers make them targets in battle, a surprising number of wizards are quite fit, even if they aren't particularly strong.

That's all for our class update, but we wanted to give you a piece of art to show you examples of characters you may encounter (and adventure with) in Project Eternity. We hope you enjoy this fantastic painting from Kieran Yanner, and we have wallpapers of the art available in different resolutions.

1280x1024 | 1650x1050| 1920x1080 | 1920x1200 | 2048x1536

Thanks for reading!

Update by Josh Sawyer
Al menos según el concept ART podrás llevar un grupo de 5.
karatfur escribió:Al menos según el concept ART podrás llevar un grupo de 5.

Creo que dijeron que el grupo era de 6(5 mas tu personaje).
Cada vez mejor pintaca.

Este juego si que mola (esperemos xd) y no el de Romero. :-|
Actualizaciones del viernes y la de hoy, que he estado muy vaguete [+risas] :

Update #16 - Reward Updates, Combat with Tim, Mods, and the Mega Dungeon Grows!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpBqLbyR ... r_embedded

This week we announced our Mega Dungeon, our base classes, the cipher and barbarian classes as stretch goals, and the Adventurer's Hall as another stretch goal. We are coming up on our final week of the Kickstarter, and we have exciting stuff planned for you in the coming week including new rewards, a special inside peek into Obsidian, and a first look at Project Eternity.

Exclusive Backer Pet, Hardcover Books for $250 and Name in the Game for $500!

At the $50 tier and up we have an exclusive in-game pet for you! The pet is optional and will not have any in-game function besides being a quiet companion that will never leave your side. We are looking for ideas on what the pet could be, so let us know what you would like to see in our forums.

We have great news for $250 and up backers! We are upgrading the Collector's Book at the $250 level to a hardcover at no extra charge. The Collector's Book is a full-color book that includes concept art, our monster manual, information about the campaign setting, and a special behind the scenes look at the making of Project Eternity.

Additionally for our $500 backers and above, we will let you put your name and a personalized message on a memorial stone in game. Your unique message will be encoded into Glanfathan runes, and can be decoded using a unique in-game ring. It's a way for all of us to remember your large contribution to Project Eternity.

Tim Answers Your Combat Questions from Reddit

Kaboom asks: Hi Tim! I'm curious how the close combat in P:E will turn out. Will the melee of P:E encompass stuff like reach weapons, opportunity attacks, flanking, grappling, charging, prone/standing-modes and so forth?

Tim: Yes, we are looking to include many of these features into our close combat system. Specifically, opportunity attacks and flanking are definitely in, as well as charging. We're not sure about reach weapons yet (we need to figure out if that attribute on a weapon will be worthwhile enough in combat and will supportable with the appropriate UI), and while we will support prone positions, you won't be able to attack while prone because the animations involved are too different from attacks while standing that we would have to make every animation twice, once for standing and once for prone. This limitation also means that grappling abilities will not be included. There are too many new animations needed and special case limitations that apply, e.g. how does a human grapple a centaur or a dragon or an ooze?).

Tim answers more of your questions in the video and the text version is on our forums. Also check out the Project Eternity reddit group.

Mod Support

From Neverwinter Nights 2 to Fallout: New Vegas, we've enjoyed supporting the mod community, and we are continuing that with Project Eternity. It is awesome to see how you extend the worlds we make.

To make getting mods easy, we are excited to announce that our friends at the Nexus will be the official spot to download Project Eternity mods once the game is released. They have been a great host for mods for our past games, and we want to continue the trend with the Project Eternity Nexus. Check out the Nexus Network at http://www.nexusmods.com.

Our plan is to release our file-format information and expose as much of the data in the game as possible for you to extend and edit. We traditionally do not "hard-code" numbers so that our designers, and you, have the power to easily change and iterate on RPG data. We also plan on releasing localization tools to let communities around the world create localized versions for languages we are not translating Project Eternity into.

As we get more familiar with Unity during production, we will be extending Project Eternity even more for mod makers. Look forward to announcements in the months ahead as we make further progress and can provide you with more information about tools and mod support.

The Endless Paths Grows!

We've passed 52,500 backers! The Endless Paths of Od Nua Mega Dungeon continues to grow larger! The next level will be added at 55,000 backers. Thank you for helping us to spread the word about Project Eternity!


Update #17 - Brian Fargo from inXile Kicks In, Obsidian Kicks it Forward, New $165 Tier, and Expansion

With only seven days left on the Project Eternity Kickstarter, we want to start the last week off with some pretty incredible things to announce. You might not know that Brian Fargo is the guy who gave many of us our start in the games industry at Interplay – myself (Feargus), Josh Sawyer, Chris Avellone, Scott Everts, Brian Menze, Chris Jones, Chris Parker, Darren Monahan – and the list keeps on going from there. He also gave the guys who started a little company called Silicon & Synapse their first few projects – pretty crazy to think that little company is now Blizzard Entertainment.


Personally, we are incredibly thankful to him and for the second wave of Kickstarter attention he brought with Wasteland 2. But, Brian hasn’t stopped being the great guy that he is, and so, he’s helping us out by letting us add Wasteland 2 as a reward at our higher tiers. So, what tiers will that be? A lot of you have asked for a digital tier after $110, so we are adding a $165 Digital Only Tier. That means Wasteland 2 will get added to this new $165 tier and all the tiers above.

What we are also doing is adding the first expansion pack for the game to the $165 Tier (and above). The expansion will come out approximately six months after Project Eternity is released. That’s right, it’s not DLC, but a real honest to God RPG expansion pack. We don’t have the details on the Expansion yet, but you can bet it will be what you’d expect from an Infinity Engine game expansion.

With all that Brian has done for us in the past and his incredibly generous offer, we also want to kick something in. To do that we are now supporting the Brian's Kicking It Forward initiative. The Kickstarter community is pretty amazing and we want to help whomever we can be as successful as we have been.

For those of you that missed the announcement over the weekend, we will be adding another level to the Mega Dungeon if we hit 20,000 Likes on the Obsidian's Facebook page. We are getting close to halfway there!

That’s a lot for today, and we have so much more coming up tomorrow. Maybe some new stretch goals, maybe some new add-ons, or heck maybe all of that! Stay tuned all of this week as we ramp up to the Project Eternity Kickstarter finish next Tuesday, October 16th with an all-day live video stream from Obsidian. We are trying to get Tim to do the cooking!

Oh, and we also owe everyone an update that goes through everything you get at each of the tiers listed out with a bit more detail than we can squeeze in on the front page of our Kickstarter site. We will get that update out in the next few days, but to tide everyone over – we’ve attached the full concept for Aloth below. (Larger version)


Have a great week, everyone!

Update from Feargus Urquhart

Gracias Eric XD Es un RPG con vista isométrica, combate táctico y de corte antiguo, vaya, de la época en la que NaN y tú todavía no necesitaba viagra [poraki]

Actualización de ayer:

Update #18: George Ziets, Paladins, Add-Ons, Rewards, and More!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oPKIzyG ... r_embedded

Hey everyone, there's exactly one more week left in the Kickstarter, and we are going to be kicking it up with bigger and better updates every day!

New Add-ons and Rewards

We were looking at the $140 tier and thought it needed something more, so we decided to throw a Project Eternity Mouse Pad into the Collector's Edition. The mouse pad features the painting from Kiernan Yanner. You can also add-on additional mouse pads at any physical tier for $15.

• $140 Reward Tier and Above (excludes the digital only $165 tier) - Now includes a Project Eternity Mouse Pad.
• Project Eternity Mouse Pad Add-On - $15 each*

Also we've been asked if we are going to have more physical rewards and add-ons, and we are listening. Today, we are announcing new t-shirt add-ons for you:

• Obsidian T-Shirt Add-On - $25 each*
• Project Eternity T-Shirt Add-On - $25 each*

For more information on how to add-on rewards, please see Update #4. Sizes will be asked during the survey that will be sent to you after the end of the Kickstarter.

*You must be at a physical goods reward tier to add on any additional physical add-ons.

New Stretch Goals for $2.7m and $2.8m

We are happy to announce two more classes for the 2.7m stretch goal. With your pledges we now have Barbarians and Ciphers as playable classes, and now we would like to add Paladins and Chanters to round out our class selection for Project Eternity, bringing the class total to 11.


Paladins are extremely devoted, often fanatical, soldiers who have pledged themselves to a chosen cause, combining the zeal of a priest with the ascetic discipline of a monk. They have founded many elite fighting forces, from the original Darcozzi Paladini, a two thousand year-old order of palace guards, to the fledgling Fellows of St. Waidwen Martyr, zealous defenders of the Godhammer pilgrim trail. Often found at the vanguard of many conflicts, paladins are natural leaders and have the ability to quickly assist their allies with targeted commands. A paladin's commands can stave off impending death, overcome fatigue, or hasten the charge to close breached defenses. And though they are not always pledged to the service of a god or gods, paladins are so singularly focused on their chosen cause that their souls are continually creating a wellspring of spiritual energy from which they can blast groups of foes in their immediate vicinity. Despite their often stoic presence and explosive combat style, paladins work best alongside allies. When isolated, they can be vulnerable, especially against singular powerful foes.

Chanters can be found in almost any culture, but are most often seen in communities with a strong oral tradition. They are repositories of folk knowledge and common wisdom, tellers of tall tales and hallowed legends. Though chanters have a bit of minor talent in traditional arts of combat and soul-based magic, their true power lies in their chants. Chanters construct chants from individual iconic phrases and rhyming couplets they have memorized from hundreds of stories and poems, creating a chain of magical effects that plays out over time. While chanters do use the power of their souls to work their magic, chants are exhortations to the unconscious memory of wayward souls and the diffused spiritual energy of the world. That is, ambient spirits respond to the evocation of ancient, common story elements and play their part in reconstructing the chanter's tales. While a chanter's magic may seem modest compared to that of a wizard or a priest, chanters are able to recite their chants while occupied with other activities, making them extremely versatile.


It’s our pleasure to introduce our next stretch goal of George Ziets at $2.8m – with your help, we’ll be able to enlist the skills of George Ziets in shaping Project Eternity. For those not familiar with George’s work, he was the creative lead and core writer behind the acclaimed Mask of the Betrayer - the first expansion pack for Neverwinter Nights 2. George leant his talents to many of Obsidian’s other games including Fallout: New Vegas.


George is gifted in designing lore, levels, and companions for role-playing games, and Baldur’s Gate 2 is one of his favorite titles. His impact can be felt in Mask of the Betrayer, and the character concepts, story, and his narrative decisions to take a disused section of the Forgotten Realms and use it as a backdrop to weave a fascinating story is testament to his design skills. We’ve given him the rundown of Project Eternity, and he’s eager to help shape the lore, design areas, and bring the characters in the world to life.


Yesterday Project Eternity hit 55,000 backers! Everyone loves bigger dungeons, and The Endless Paths Mega Dungeon is now 5 levels deep. We will add another level at 57,500 backers and another level if we get to 20,000 Likes on Facebook.


Don't miss the update on Thursday - Josh will be talking lore, and our first screenshot will be revealed. Everyone at the studio is really excited to show you what we've been working on.

Update by Chris Avellone, Josh Sawyer, and Adam Brennecke
Y es en Ingles ? tonces que le den [poraki]
Sikus escribió:Y es en Ingles ? tonces que le den [poraki]

El juego saldrá en castellano...
Actualizaciones de ayer y antes de ayer [+risas] , ésta última con primera imagen del juego, y mucha info rica rica [rtfm] :

Update #19 - $2.6M Achieved! Adventurer’s Hall in! Full List of Rewards at Every Tier, Art for T-Shirts and Mouse Pad

Another stretch goal down! We are happy to announce that we’ve made our $2.6M stretch goal counting both Kickstarter and PayPal backers!


We have a lot of great stuff planned over the next six days. Josh is doing a lore update tomorrow along with some other BIG announcements, we are organizing an AMA over on reddit so everyone can ask Tim, Josh, Feargus and myself (Adam) a ton of questions, and we are getting our crazy ideas put together for the live stream of the last hours of the campaign next Tuesday.

Along with this update, we wanted to get some housekeeping out of the way. First off, we get asked a lot about what is in each of our reward tiers. You can find the full list farther down in this update. We are going to keep this list constantly updated, so if you ever need to refer to it, just come back to this update.

We are also working on our main Kickstarter page to keep things organized and have a new stretch goal image that combines all the stretch goals that have been added.


The Chanter and Paladin classes are up next at $2.7M, and the talented George Ziets will be joining the team if we hit $2.8m! With each stretch goal hit not only are we adding a new feature, we are also making the entire game larger. The additional money raised lets us add designers, artists, animators, and programmers to help build this incredible new world we are creating. This means adding more reactive quests, choice and consequence opportunities, a varied bestiary, memorable characters, adventure areas, and combat abilities.

New Add-On

Due to popular demand and for a limited time, we are offering the ability to add our first expansion pack, due out approximately six months after Project Eternity ships. Any money contributed to add-on the expansion now will be used to make the main game larger. The expansion budget is not being created by money from this Kickstarter.

Digital Download of Expansion Pack + $20 (included in tiers $165 and above)

We will be sweetening the $165 reward tier with something extra in the upcoming days as well.


If you are at the $20 Pledge level or higher, you can add the following items to your reward tier. Check out Update #4 on more information on how to Add-On rewards.

Digital Add-Ons (Any Tier $20 and Above)
    Digital Download of Expansion Pack + $20 (included in tiers $165 and above)
    Digital Strategy Guide + $7 (included in tiers $80 and above)
    Early Access Beta Key +$25 (included in tiers $110 and above)
    Extra Digital Download of the Game +$25 (requires a minimum $20/$25 tier contribution)
    Extra Three Digital Downloads of the Game +$60 (requires a minimum $20/$25 tier contribution)

Physical Add-Ons (Physical Tiers Only, $65, $100, $140, $250 and above)
    Project Eternity Mouse Pad +$15 (included in physical tiers $140 and above)
    Black Project Eternity T-Shirt +$25 (included in physical tiers $100 and above)
    Black Obsidian T-Shirt +$25


For t-shirt add-ons, we will ask for your size at the end of the Kickstarter campaign in a survey sent to you in e-mail.

Update #20: Lore Tidbits, Campaign Almanac, Big Ol' Stretch Goals, and... Environment Screenshot!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LtpG02b ... r_embedded

The campaign is winding down folks, so it's time to bring out the proverbial big guns. In today's update, I'm going to be talking about a bunch of lore tidbits, a Campaign Almanac we'll be offering as an add-on, new BIG OL' stretch goals, and finally, a work-in-progress screenshot of an environment we're developing. As a quick reminder, we are getting close to 20,000 likes on Obsidian's Facebook page, which unlocks another level of the Mega Dungeon the Endless Paths – if you get the chance, please head on over there.

That's a lot of stuff, so let's start with the...


After thinking about a variety of topics for today's lore update, I decided to describe some of the major (and a few minor) people, places, and things in the world of Project Eternity. I hope these elements help frame the landscape of the Dyrwood and Eír Glanfath. Though this corner of the world is not particularly large, the struggles of its residents will surround the heart of Project Eternity.

Aedyr - People from the expansive Aedyr Empire and its former colonies, Dyrwood and Readceras. Aedyr literally translates as "Many Deer", but means "People of the Deer", referring to a 2,500 year-old tribe that became a kingdom 600 years ago. It merged with the elven kingdom of Kulklin in 2399 AI. Among the Aedyr, there is no significant cultural divide between humans and elves. Because of their close contact and integration in spite of physiological differences (such as longer elven lifespans), their culture and legal system have developed a variety of unique concepts such as the haemneg, or ceremonial marriage. Ethnic Aedyr (mostly humans and elves) have fair skin and a variety of hair and eye colors, with blue and green being common. Among other cultures, Aedyr clothing is known for being relatively simple in construction and often using large, colorful striped or checkered patterns for accents.

Anni Iroccio - Year of Iroccio. This is the commonly-used calendar in and around the Dyrwood. It is only 150 years old and Vailian in origin, but has been adopted by the residents of Dyrwood and much of the surrounding area due to the hopeless inaccuracy of the Aedyre calendar. Though the Iroccian calendar replaced earlier Vailian calendars, the inventor, Iroccio, started from the same time as his predecessors. It is currently 2823 AI.

biamhac - The most feared phenomenon of Eír Glanfath, biamhacs are "spirit winds" that rise up in cursed ruins, shearing souls away from the bodies of their owners. They appear suddenly and without warning, leaving victims little hope of escape. Strong-souled people are not harmed by biamhacs, but affected individuals are instantly reduced to a catatonic state. The discovery of numerous biamhacs in Eír Glanfath during its early exploration resulted in thousands of Aedyr deaths.

Dyrwood - Strictly speaking, the forest northwest of the Bael River.

Dyrwood, Free Palatinate of - The independent nation that was formerly a colony and later a large, remote duchy of the Aedyr Empire. Led by their duke, Admeth Hadret, the people successfully fought for their independence over an excessively burdensome campaign to colonize the dangerous ruins of Eír Glanfath. Despite the fact that they are no longer, properly speaking, a palatinate (nor a duchy), the people of Dyrwood continue to refer to their home as a "Free Palatinate" out of pride. Most residents of the Dyrwood are Aedyr humans, elves, and dwarves, but many are also culturally integrated orlans or children of Glanfathan elves. Despite having fought a war with the Aedyr Empire in the past, they are now trading partners and have maintained few grudges. Their one continued point of contention is exploration and colonization of Eír Glanfath, which Aedyr continues to push through official and unofficial means.

Eír Glanfath - The name natives give to an indeterminately old elven kingdom that covered the entire forest southeast of the Bael River. Though they were not technologically advanced compared to contemporary civilizations, they had accomplished a number of architectural and astronomical feats that explorers and scholars are still trying to understand. Whatever the extent of Eír Glanfath's kingdom was, its ruins had been abandoned for centuries, possibly even millennia, before Vailians or Aedyr arrived in the area. The so-called "Glanfathan" elves in the forest seemed to have no cultural connection to the kingdom and were living in nomadic communities instead of the old structures. Eír Glanfath's ruins are not understood by anyone, and early misinterpretations over their significance resulted in two small-scale conflicts: The Broken Stone War and The War of Black Trees, the latter of which ended with a fire that consumed a vast section of the Dyrwood.

Eothas - The Aedyran name for a god of light and redemption. While worship of Eothas is still popular in the Aedyr Empire and Readceras, the faith is outlawed in most cities of the Dyrwood due to events of the Saint's War that culminated at Godhammer Citadel. Though Eothas once communicated regularly with his faithful, he has not done so since the destruction of St. Waidwen at the Battle of Godhammer over 200 years ago.

Hylspeak - An old dialect of Aedyran only spoken by rural communities and older elves in the Aedyre heartlands. It is grammatically almost identical to Aedyran, but contains a large number of archaic words that have either disappeared from contemporary use or taken new forms over time. Speakers of contemporary Aedyran can understand Hylspeak, but it can sometimes be confusing. Hylspeak is only commonly heard in folk songs and poems that have survived over the centuries. Some people associate the spontaneous speaking of Hylspeak with an awakened soul. As a result, superstitious folk are easily angered when they hear it spoken, believing it may cause their soul to remember a past life.

Magran - The Aedyran name for a goddess of war and fire. Her priests commonly employ firearms and some helped construct the "Godhammer" bomb used to destroy St. Waidwen. Following the Saint's War, she became the most popular faith in Dyrwood. In Aedyr, her symbol is a flame, but in Dyrwood, it is a flaming bomb. Worship of Magran is extensively persecuted in Readceras.

orlan - A race of people found mostly in northern, temperate climates but also as far south as the Dyrwood. Physically, they are notable for their small stature, two-toned skin, and exceptionally large, hair-covered ears. Due to their size, orlans have been victimized and marginalized by most of the cultures with whom they have come into contact. As a result, it is rare to find large communities of them and they have progressively retreated into heavily wooded environments over the last few centuries. Many orlan communities have also adopted brutal guerilla tactics including heavy use of traps and poison in the surrounding environment. As a result, even orlans raised in urban cultures often share their rural kin's nasty reputation.

Readceras, The Penitential Regency of - The ecclesiastic nation that was formerly an Aedyre colony and later an independent theocratic dictatorship (the Divine Kingdom of Readceras). Two centuries ago, a popular religious movement took hold in the countryside, in part sparked by the collapse of the nation's vorlas (purple dye-producing plant) market, its resultant poverty, and general civil unrest. The leader of the movement was a farmer named Waidwen who claimed that the Aedyre god of light, Eothas, had appeared to him in the night and told him to punish the colonial governor for leading the people to ruin. Waidwen's success led to his apparent transformation into a living vessel for Eothas, after which he became the first and only "divine king" of the country. His rule produced a subsequent purge of heretics and followers of other faiths across the nation. Events related to this purge led to the Saint's War with Dyrwood, which informally ended in 2618 AI when Waidwen was apparently destroyed by a massive bomb north of Halgot Citadel (popularly renamed Godhammer Citadel).

svef - Svef is the Aedyran name for a potent narcotic produced from the berries of small shrub that grows in the dry, distant mountains of Tal Kness. Svef produces hallucinations and, according to some, allows users to actually see their own soul. The narcotic was introduced to the Aedyr long ago, but it is used more frequently in the Dyrwood due to its heavy trafficking by Vailian merchants.

Vailians - Most Vailians come from the Vailian Republics, a federation of independent city-states made up of former colonies from the Grand Empire of Vailia. They are a powerful mercantile force in the southern hemisphere, trading with more partners than any other nation or empire. Five cities are considered "grand" republics and have greater voting power in their electoral council: Spirento, Ancenze, Selona, Ozia, and Revua. The federation is widely known for its access to most major commodities in the world, including slaves, and for its habit of impressing (abducting) foreigners into service on their naval vessels. Ethnic Vailians (humans and a small number of dwarves) have dark brown skin and tightly spiraled, dark brown hair. They most commonly have brown or black eyes, but occasionally have green, hazel, or grey eyes. Vailians pride themselves on their well-made and intricately-decorated clothing, often made with rare materials and dyes to which they have easy access.

That's a lotta lore! There's more lore where that came from, but to encapsulate all of the things going on in the world at this time, you'd probably need more space, like a book. Maybe a...

Campaign Almanac

Was that an awkward transition? A little. Is this actually an almanac? If you look at a "dictionary" to get "definitions", probably not, but that's what we're calling it. It's a PDF (and other formats) compendium of facts, figures, maps, lore and more about the world of Project Eternity. Looking to run a PnP campaign in the world of Project Eternity or just want even more detail on the world? This will be your first, of what we hope is many, "go-to" sources. And it will be a real (digital) thing that you can add to any pledge for $15. Also, if you've already pledged $50 or more, you get it for free!


Big Ol' Stretch Goals

You've asked for big stretch goals, and we're finally ready to give you some. These are mighty stretch goals, ones we're confident that a lot of people will enjoy but we know require serious funding to do well.

$3.0 Million - Stronghold


At $2.0 Million, your support funded a player house. Inspired by features like The Sink found in Fallout: New Vegas Old World Blues, the house is a convenient place to store gear, interact with companions, craft items (thanks to the $2.4 Million stretch goal), rest, and buy and sell from special merchants. Some of you wanted something that went beyond the standard player house, allowing you to take control of a full stronghold and its surrounding lands. Well-done strongholds provide players with the ability to make large scale changes, undertake special quests, customize the contents of the stronghold and the surrounding environment, and engage in light strategic gameplay between adventures. If we hit $3.0 Million, we will build a stronghold worthy of the title!

$3.5 Million - Big City #2


Baldur's Gate and Athkatla are big cities. Spanning multiple large maps with a ton of interiors, characters and quests, big cities are a lot of fun. Like strongholds, they also take a lot of work to do well. We're going to have one big city in Project Eternity. Would you like two? If you take us on an exciting adventure to $3.5 Million, we will take you on an exciting adventure to another big city.

Environment Screenshot

Project Eternity's team of crazed environment artists have been working hard on developing our first environment for the game. Early on in the Kickstarter campaign, we told you that we wanted to make maps the Infinity Engine way. That is, we wanted to build 3D levels, render them out as 2D images, and then have our artists paint in beautiful details, highlights, and color-tweaks before they went into the game. Looking back at the levels some of us worked on for Icewind Dale, we were still thrilled with the quality that we could achieve with this approach. For Project Eternity, we're using 10 years of improvements in rendering technology and hardware to get the job done, but we still love what we can do the "old-fashioned" way. We hope you share our enthusiasm.


1920x1080 | 2560x1440

That's all for today's update! Thanks for reading.
Joder, con el hype que da esta imagen y hay que esperar hasta 2014 [buuuaaaa]
soen escribió:Joder, con el hype que da esta imagen y hay que esperar hasta 2014 [buuuaaaa]

+1000 [mamaaaaa]
soen escribió:Joder, con el hype que da esta imagen y hay que esperar hasta 2014 [buuuaaaa]

Ya te digo... y eso que "sólo" es la captura de un escenario...
Eric Draven escribió:Que juego es este?

sumando mensajes para entrar a C/V eh?
Joder esa imagen es muy burra :O

¿Sabeis si podré pillarlo aunque no haya participado en el desarrollo del juego?. Es una pregunta muy tonta, si. xD Pero me ha entrado el gusanillo de comprarlo al ver todo lo que están metiendo.
4lb3r1ch escribió:Chavales.

¿Sabeis si podré pillarlo aunque no haya participado en el desarrollo del juego?. Es una pregunta muy tonta, si. xD Pero me ha entrado el gusanillo de comprarlo al ver todo lo que están metiendo.

Hombre claro, cuando salga a la venta lo podrás comprar. Aunque imagino que saldrá a un precio superior.
Venga chicos, animaros los que aún no hayan participado que tiene pinta de ser una obra épica. Yo acabo de pillarme también la expansión...

Paboh escribió:
4lb3r1ch escribió:Chavales.

¿Sabeis si podré pillarlo aunque no haya participado en el desarrollo del juego?. Es una pregunta muy tonta, si. xD Pero me ha entrado el gusanillo de comprarlo al ver todo lo que están metiendo.

Hombre claro, cuando salga a la venta lo podrás comprar. Aunque imagino que saldrá a un precio superior.

¿Ya cuanto está ahora mismo?, la verdad que no me he querido interesar porque me compré el D&D Anthology y me sentó como una puñala la chapuza que hicieron. Sé que no tiene nada que ver, pero el resquemor está ahí aún.
4lb3r1ch escribió:
Paboh escribió:
4lb3r1ch escribió:Chavales.

¿Sabeis si podré pillarlo aunque no haya participado en el desarrollo del juego?. Es una pregunta muy tonta, si. xD Pero me ha entrado el gusanillo de comprarlo al ver todo lo que están metiendo.

Hombre claro, cuando salga a la venta lo podrás comprar. Aunque imagino que saldrá a un precio superior.

¿Ya cuanto está ahora mismo?, la verdad que no me he querido interesar porque me compré el D&D Anthology y me sentó como una puñala la chapuza que hicieron. Sé que no tiene nada que ver, pero el resquemor está ahí aún.

Ahora mismo vale 19,90 mas o menos. Cuando salga le subirán el precio casi seguro, a parte mientras mas gente lo compre ahora mas cosas le pondrán.

Update #21 - 5 days left!

Everyone here at Obsidian is thrilled that the feedback to the first look at Project Eternity was so overwhelmingly positive. Thank you for all the encouragement - It really means a lot to our artists and the rest of the team. The outpouring of support and donations over the last day has been amazing. Thank you!

Over the next five days we have a lot of fun things planned to wrap up the Kickstarter campaign. First, crowdfunding and Kickstarter has allowed us to open up our doors to you, literally. Today you can spend a few hours with me at the Obsidian Office, and you will get an inside look into a development studio. Check out what an atypical day is for me at the office (running the Kickstarter is pretty atypical for a game developer). I promise to wear pants! We plan on doing more of these live events at the office during production.

Tomorrow I plan on playing Icewind Dale II by Interplay and Black Isle Studios. Icewind Dale II was the last Infinity Engine game to be released a decade ago in 2002. Before production starts on Project Eternity, I want to revisit some of the magic that Project Eternity aims to bring back. Join the stream and have some fun! Special Obsidian guest developers will join in on the fun, and you can heckle me while I try to make my way out of Targos and through the Dale to Kuldahar. How long will I play? 8 Hours? 12 Hours? 20 Hours? Longer? Watch and find out.

Be sure to check out tomorrow's update with Tim Cain. He is going to answer more of your questions in a special video update.

Here's the rest of the scheduled events for the next 5 days:

Friday, October 12
    11:00am PDT - Inside look at a not so typical day with Adam Brennecke - UStream.
    3:00pm PDT - PC Gamer Live Chat with the Project Eternity Team - PC Gamer.

Saturday, October 13
    10:00am PDT - Adam plays Icewind Dale II all day - UStream.

Monday, October 15
    10:00am PDT - Reddit AMA with the Project Eternity Team - Reddit.
    5:00pm PDT - Game night at Obsidian. Watch us play D&D at the studio! - UStream.

Tuesday, October 16
    12:00pm PDT - The final countdown starts at the Obsidian Office - UStream.
    6:00pm PDT - The Project Eternity Kickstarter ends!

Updates to the schedule will be sent via Twitter, Facebook, and posted to our forums.

New Novella Audio Book Reward and Add-on

We have a new digital add-on for everyone. For an add-on of $20 you will receive the digital Audio Book of the Project Eternity Novella by Chris Avellone narrated by a professional voice actor. If you already pledged at the $165 tier and above you will receive it for free!

Two Stretch Goals Hit and The Endless Paths is Larger

We've hit the $2.7M stretch goal, which means Paladins and Chanters are added to the game, and I'm happy to say we just hit the $2.8M stretch goal in record time! George Ziets will be joining the team! The team is very excited to have the opportunity to work with George again.

One more level has been added to The Endless Paths because of your help. The depths grow deeper by the day, and we are getting very close to 20,000 likes and 60,000 backers. 2 more levels incoming! Our next Facebook goal is to hit 40,000 likes - if we can reach that milestone it means we will add one more level to the dungeon! How low can we go?


And last but not least, I leave you with a new concept art piece of Forton the monk.


Thanks, and see you on the live stream!

Update by Adam Brennecke
ya han llegado a los 3 millones
Tenemos mega fortaleza para el jugador!!!!!!!!!! A los 3.5 no se llega ni de coña. :o
La actualización de ayer:

Update #22: Q&A with Tim, Cooking?, and Avellone Trolls You!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbyFqrEY ... r_embedded

Tim's Q&A

This week's Q&A is a little different. I spent some time reading the questions that people were asking in various Project Eternity forums, including our Kickstarter comments, our Project Eternity Facebook page, the RPG Codex forums, the reddit Project Eternity group, and our own Obsidian forums. I have picked five questions to answer, one from each of these forums, and I have answered them below. For each question, I have included the forum poster who asked it, along with his original question text.

Let's start with Facebook.


Ockert van der Westhuysen asks...
Will back for psionics. Any hope?

I think you might find our cipher class to your liking, since their method of using "magic" is quite different from wizards and clerics and is instead tied to mental abilities. They feel a lot more like psionic abilities from earlier D&D editions. You can read more about the cipher class in Josh's update #15, which you can read here:

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/obs ... sts/321413

Wise Emperor asks
Is there any confirmation that Eric Fenstermaker will be involved in PE? Obviously it would be cool if yes.

Eric is currently working on another project at Obsidian, but there is a good chance he will move over to Project Eternity when that first project is completed. Until the Kickstarter campaign is over and we know the full scope of the game, the assignment of particular people to it will not be completed.

Obsidian forums

rjshae asks...

Back in the BG series, experience growth was relatively slow and it felt like an accomplishment to reach a new level. Since then, D&D v3.5 rules came out and level up began to feel almost like a cheesy accomplishment that didn't require much effort. That has become the trend in modern games: leveling up after every few battles. I have to wonder how this will be handled in PE? It sounds like Obsidian wants to return to the style of the BG series, which would seems to entail a return to slower level progress. If they do allow a more rapid level up, I hope they tone down the power growth rate so that lower level monsters remain a challenge for longer periods.

We are working hard to make Project Eternity revive the spirit of the older IE games, and this includes making leveling up an important accomplishment, one that makes your character feel substantially more powerful afterward. I agree that frequent level-ups make the event feel less special, so we plan to space out these events over the course of our storyline. The first few level-ups will occur relatively early in the game, but the pacing of the subsequent level-ups will be much slower.

For people who enjoy level-ups, they are free to use our Adventurer's Hall to swap out new companions frequently, so they are always leveling up new characters to use in later parts of the story. For people who aren't sure what character classes they will want to have available in the end game, it's always nice to have the choice of having all of them.


Stephen P asks...

After seeing this screenshot my anticipation for the game has spiked considerably, but it left me with a few questions. I understand the 2d portrait background concept, but will there be any overlapping animation with the river to make it appear flowing, even if the actual image doesn't move? The same question for the flowers? trees? will wind be simulated somehow?

We will certainly be adding animations to our backgrounds. The trees should sway, there will be birds or butterflies or insect clouds, depending on where you are, and the water in rivers and waterfalls will flow. We are using a rendering technique similar to the one we used in Temple of Elemental Evil, where the background is a pre-rendered 2D image and the characters and some props are 3D objects. This gives us the advantage of exquisitely detailed environments without the polygon cost, along with lots of animation without the memory cost that 2D sprites would entail.


Mirokunite asks...

Will there be low intelligence/charisma dialog?

Yes, we will have these dialogs. They are a great deal of work, since it means writing two versions of every dialog in the game, but I am sure that our wonderful writers are up to it. I really want these dialogs too! I find it fun to replay the game with a low intelligence character, just to see how the NPC's react to my slow-witted attempts to help them.

And there we have it! Five questions answered from five sites. Again, thanks for your support of Obsidian and Project Eternity. There are just a few days left before the Kickstarter campaign is over and we enter full production of this game, and we are all very excited about the prospect of working on a classic CRPG again!

RPG Eats!

Do you like to eat? Do you like RPGs? I am going to give out my favorite RPG themed recipes to all of our backers! The Project Eternity Cooking with Tim Recipe Book will contain 10 delicious recipes in PDF format. Enjoy the good eats while you play Project Eternity when it's released!

Troll Portraits by Chris Avellone

Chris Avellone has graciously volunteered to draw a custom troll portrait for you to help raise additional funding towards our last stretch goal target of $3.5m for Big City #2. Chris will number and sign the portrait, write a humorous message to you, and a print will be physically and digitally sent to you. This is a limited run of 30 at a $750 tier (includes all the goods in the $500 tier), so get in quickly.

If you are above the $750 tier and would like a custom troll by Chris Avellone please contact Obsidian and we will work with you.

Adam is currently live streaming all day long today at UStream. Join in on the fun and watch him play Icewind Dale II. We also hit 60,000 backers! Again, one more level to the dungeon is added!

Update by Tim Cain
Ando jugando al Planescape Torment y vaya historia elaborada que tiene, ahora entre éste y el wasteland 2 vuelve con fuerza el RPG old school! [oki]

Update #23 - Less than 50 hours to go!

We’ve hit the $3M mark now on Project Eternity and it’s on to add another Big, Big City to the game! We have less than 50 hours to go before the Kickstarter ends!

Before we announce some new stuff, some quick housekeeping is in order. If you are looking to add anything on to your pledge, check out our Project Eternity Add-On List page. This includes instructions on how to add on other options, as well as what our current offerings are.

Also to reduce some confusion in finding what each tier contains (we’re no longer able to update some of our posts on the Kickstarter site), we have a comprehensive list of the Project Eternity Reward Tiers up as well over on our Tumblr site.

Two last items, we’re hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) tomorrow on reddit. A number of Project Eternity staffers will be on hand at 10AM PDT / 1PM ET to answer your questions about the game! Then at 5 PM PDT / 8 ET, watch us on Ustream play some D&D in the studio!

Project Eternity the Documentary

The big news for the day is that we are adding a documentary covering the development of Project Eternity.

After getting a lot of requests to do a documentary, like the Double Fine Adventure, we started looking into it a couple of weeks ago. We talked about it more last week and decided that we don’t have a visual history of one of our games, even after almost ten years as a company. We felt it was something we should just do and do it without it being a new stretch goal.

So, we are happy to announce that we are going to include a stream, download, or physical copy of the documentary in all of our Kickstarter reward tiers. At the $20/$25 level you will be able to stream it, at the $35 level you will be able to download it, and at the $140 level (and physical tiers above) we will include a DVD / Blu-ray.


We are not going to use the Kickstarter funding to do this however, since this is something we decided to do anyway. To us, it is a thank you to all of you for supporting us over the last month in making Project Eternity a reality and a historical record for everyone at Obsidian as well.

Project Eternity Playing Cards Add-On

As a fun new add-on for Sunday, we are now offering Project Eternity playing cards for $10. Designed by Scott Everts, one of our longtime technical artists who worked on Black Isle’s Infinity Engine games, and does a lot of work on board games, he designed this beautiful set which will feature characters and maybe critters (Kerfluffleupogus, Devourer of the Faithful anyone?) from Project Eternity. Check out the Project Eternity Add-On List on how to add-on items to your pledge. (Please note: Playing Cards only available to tiers including physical items. For digital tier folks, we’ll hopefully sell these as a future store offering.)


New Wallpaper

Last, but not least, we’ve received a lot of great feedback on the concept art for some of our first key characters. So here is a new wallpaper with each of the characters that we have released so far. Might we be releasing more art soon? Stay tuned…


Tomorrow, we will be updating everyone with a schedule for Tuesday and another fun add-on. Oh and we have some plans for a crazy new reward tier for Tuesday morning.

Thanks everyone!

Update by Feargus Urquhart
Yo he contribuido también a éste proyecto, que tiene una pinta excelente.

Ojalá se lleguen a los tres millones y medio de dólares. Entre el gran número de aportes que eso significaría (con sus consiguientes niveles añadidos a The Endless Paths) y la nueva gran ciudad que se incorporaría al juego, tiene toda la pinta de que será un juego de esos que te mantienen ocupado durante unos cuantos cientos de horas.

Con la buena pinta que tiene el proyecto, los buenos nombres que están involucrados en él y la cantidad de dinero que han recaudado (que revertirá en hacer el juego más grande y más largo), como consigan una buena historia, personajes carismáticos y una buena jugabilidad seguro que estamos ante uno de los juegos de lo que llevamos de década.

Por cierto, quedan un par de días para que se cierre el Kickstarter.
Jesugandalf escribió:Ojalá se lleguen a los tres millones y medio de dólares. Entre el gran número de aportes que eso significaría (con sus consiguientes niveles añadidos a The Endless Paths) y la nueva gran ciudad que se incorporaría al juego, tiene toda la pinta de que será un juego de esos que te mantienen ocupado durante unos cuantos cientos de horas.

The Endless Paths puede terminar siendo una monstruosidad [+risas] Ahora van tal que así:
Es cierto.

Creo que al final tendrá unos 10-11 niveles. Si se llegan a los 3,5 millones puede ser que haya incluso 12 ó 13. Teniendo en cuenta que Legend of Grimrock es un juego compuesto únicamente por una mazmorra con trece niveles y que son unas quince horas de juego... y teniendo en cuenta que es muy probable que en Obsidian le puedan dar una profundidad muy parecida (teniendo en cuenta que son tipos de juego distintos) a dicha mazmorra ya que lo han prometido así y seguro que son capaces de ello... pues resulta que tendremos una mazmorra que es casi tan grande como un juego completo y que no es más que una parte del juego que ellos están haciendo...

Bufff, suena de maravilla. Y viendo la de cosas que hay que hacer en ciudades como Puerta de Baldur o Athkatla, una segunda ciudad junto con todo lo que han ido revelando haría que el juego, fácilmente, se vaya más allá de las 100 horas, y eso sin hacer todas las misiones secundarias.

Tendremos que esperar, al menos, un año y medio para comprobarlo.
Tampoco nos disparemos, una duración de entre 40-60 horas muy rejugables (diferentes elecciones, relaciones, diálogos, etc) es preferible a 100 horas que a la larga en este tipo de juegos no sandbox se hacen largas.
Este juego me genera, mas que Hype, jodida ANSIEDAD... lo juro! [boing]

Mierda, a poco bueno que salga va a ser una autentica maravilla. recuerdo que con el Baldur Gate 2 estuve un mes de julio que casi no sali de casa, ni me afetiba y me duchaba poco, todo el dia enganchado; hace mas de 10 años.
Los amigos me sacaban a rastras para ir a las fiestas. xd

Esa sensacion de enganche no me ha vuelto a dar con ningun juego. Pero con este, huy con este. de nuevo a poner un cubo bajo la mesa. XDDD

hugin13 escribió:Tampoco nos disparemos, una duración de entre 40-60 horas muy rejugables (diferentes elecciones, relaciones, diálogos, etc) es preferible a 100 horas que a la larga en este tipo de juegos no sandbox se hacen largas.

40-60 h?????? Joder con el baldurs Gate 2 eran CIENTOS, sin expansion y sin mods. Esta Megamazmorra que se van a currar es una aniquiladora de horas de sueño!!!! [jaja]
Cocotxo escribió:40-60 h?????? Joder con el baldurs Gate 2 eran CIENTOS, sin expansion y sin mods. Esta Megamazmorra que se van a currar es una aniquiladora de horas de sueño!!!! [jaja]

No exageres, Baldur's Gate 2 como mucho lleva terminarlo 150 horas haciendo todas las quest y podría decirse que es el juego más largo de ese estilo, además de que se basa demasiado en el combate.
hugin13 escribió:
Cocotxo escribió:40-60 h?????? Joder con el baldurs Gate 2 eran CIENTOS, sin expansion y sin mods. Esta Megamazmorra que se van a currar es una aniquiladora de horas de sueño!!!! [jaja]

No exageres, Baldur's Gate 2 como mucho lleva terminarlo 150 horas haciendo todas las quest y podría decirse que es el juego más largo de ese estilo, además de que se basa demasiado en el combate.

Para mi fueron mas de 15o h te lo aseguro. Sera que soy un poco paquete. XD
hugin13 escribió:Tampoco nos disparemos, una duración de entre 40-60 horas muy rejugables (diferentes elecciones, relaciones, diálogos, etc) es preferible a 100 horas que a la larga en este tipo de juegos no sandbox se hacen largas.

Bueno, eso depende de los gustos. Para mí, BG2 fue un juego que tardé más de 100 horas en pasarme la primera vez... y lo he hecho alguna vez más. Es, seguramente, el juego al que he dedicado más horas de mi vida. Así que si esto es un sucesor espiritual, con una mecánica similar, una historia igual de atrayente, montones de secundarias, compañeros carismáticos... no veo por qué no podría gustarme igual, durar lo mismo y querer pasármelo más de una vez.

Y eso sin contar que puede que haya opciones de crear mods... eso ya sería el "despiporre" XD
¿Cuánto había que pagar para tener una copia física con algún añadido de coleccionista (art-book)?
Si quieres copia de coleccionista tienes que apoquinar por lo menos 140 euros.
O copia fisica sin extras por 65 $. Es la que mas me atrae.

Update #24: Less than 30 Hours to go! Life and Death, and Audio CD Soundtrack!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxDpewmi ... r_embedded

By the time this update is posted, we'll have only about 30 hours or so before the end of our Project Eternity Kickstarter campaign. You've helped us make amazing progress over the weekend, easily surpassing the $3.0 Million Stronghold stretch goal -- and it looks like we may, in fact, Dream the Impossible Dream of Big City #2 at $3.5 Million.

Physical Audio CD of the Project Eternity Soundtrack

For the last final hours of the Kickstarter, we have a limited run add-on of the Project Eternity Soundtrack in a physical audio CD format for $20. You need to be at a physical tier ($65, $100, $140, $250+) to add-on the audio CD soundtrack.


Tonight, don't forget to tune in and watch some Obsidian dungeon-delvers tackle a one-shot D&D 3.5E Forgotten Realms adventure in a live stream of BLOOD IN THE BRINE (there will be weresharks). Check out the live stream on USTREAM starting at 5PM PST. A recording of the play session will be made and released later for those that miss it.

Life and Death in the Dyrwood

For today's update, I was supposed to do a lore update, but I decided that I wanted to talk about a specific subject and how lore and mechanics tie into that subject. Today's subjects are LIFE AND DEATH. Project Eternity is a fantasy RPG inspired by several A/D&D-based settings in which death is, for those with means, a temporary setback (for the Nameless One, it's even less problematic). The priests of the Forgotten Realms run around with boatloads of cure x wounds spells, the ability to banish disease, and even the power to bring the dead back to life.

In Project Eternity, prospects are not so bright. And when death comes, some try to stay, some choose to go, but most people believe that once they make the trip to the other side, there is only one way back: to begin a new life.

Common Mortality
Project Eternity's world is one with limited medicine and medical understanding. Unlike many fantasy settings, there is very little access to curative magic. Remedies for health problems often have only a palliative or placebo effect at best, owing their continued use more to folk beliefs and tradition than any basis in scientific methodology. Though soul-based magic has helped the great exploring cultures from suffering massive pandemics and has helped some individuals overcome illness over the long-term, there is no quick magical "cure" for disease or illness. Most people go through life and death in the ordinary way -- unless they put themselves in harm's way, that is.

Stamina and Health
In Project Eternity's combat, players need to be concerned with two elements of a character's vitality: Stamina and Health. The majority of damage a character takes is subtracted from his or her Stamina. Stamina represents how much general abuse a character can take before falling unconscious. Characters lose it quickly and regain it relatively rapidly, even without assistance. Soul-based abilities are able to help replenish or regenerate Stamina and are often used on the battlefield to turn the tide of combat. If a character hits 0 Stamina, he or she is knocked out. Intervention from another character can bring an unconscious character back into a fight.

For players, the Health of their party members is a tether that makes them consider how far they are willing to venture from a safe resting spot. Though Health is typically lost at a lower rate, when the PC or a companion hits 0 Health, he or she is maimed (in standard play) or killed (in Expert mode or as an option in standard play). Magic may help mitigate damage to Health and slow the tide, but once characters have died (in Expert mode), there is no known magic that can bring them back.

A Lottery of Souls
The world belongs to mortals. As time has progressed, mortals have lifted themselves out of ignorance and into ages of increased self-awareness, harnessing the power of their own souls to amazing effect. So... why worship the gods, anyway? For many mortals, worship is a matter of respect and tradition. They consider their gods (or, in some cases, all gods) to be their creators. They follow the guidelines of religion because history tells them that the gods have punished individuals -- and entire nations -- for ancient episodes of religious disrespect and dismissal.

For others, religious worship is a matter of karmic self-interest. Often, people believe that if an individual's soul arrives in the realm of a pleased god, the god will place that soul into the body of someone who will have a good life. To such believers, choosing to not worship or is to risk spiritual confusion and aimlessness in the afterlife. They speculate that the faithless are entered into a "lottery of souls" from which many will wind up no better -- or much worse -- than they did in their last life. Some of the same faiths also believe that religious apostasy or lax observance is a cause of soul splintering upon death, which many consider to be an even worse fate.

Gods for All Seasons
People worship many gods, but usually the ones who are most associated with their way of life. Farmers may worship gods of light, growth, or storms. Warriors worship gods of battle and fortune. Though some faiths are exclusionary, most people will say a prayer to any god when the circumstances are right -- farmers praying to a god of battle when their lands are invaded, warriors praying to a god of growth when they're starving in the wilderness.

Sometimes the same god -- or gods -- may have a different identity in a different part of the world. The most notable is one of the most widely honored, if not warmly embraced. Called Berath in Aedyran and Cirono in Vailian, it is the god of cycles, of doors, and of life and death itself. People commonly place or carve the figure of Berath in doorways, windows, and other "portals" from one place to another, figurative or literal.

In Eír Glanfath's ruins, explorers have discovered two common figures, Caoth i Bhád and Bád i Caothaí (Life in Death and Death in Life, respectively), semi-skeletal female and male figures who occupy positions opposite each other in doorways -- like a twinned display of the split aspects of Berath/Cirono.

Despite the assumed natural cycle of things, there are individuals in the world of Project Eternity who either want to know more about that cycle or who choose to alter that cycle. Broadly speaking, "necromancy" refers to any attempt to do either, whether that involves speaking with the soul of a dead mortal, attempting to tap into the unconscious past lives of a living soul, or to bind soul energy or a complete soul inside of a dead body.

These acts are viewed with differing levels of criticism depending on the culture. Many folk share the interest of necromancers and would like to understand more about the eternal cycle, but are also afraid of what they might learn. Some extremists are opposed to any and all necromancy, and tales say that a quiet and powerful cult that has worked for centuries to discredit, trap, and even murder necromancers for their efforts. To the people who oppose necromancy with such violent passion, mortal understanding should have limits, and they fear the consequences for the world should those limits be unraveled.


That's all for today's update! Thanks for reading.

Update By Josh Sawyer
Me parece interesante lo que dicen del acceso a la medicina y a la curación de heridas y enfermedades, muy realista, podría decir. El CD físico con la BSO me parece un pelín caro, y viendo la cantidad que llevan ahora (3.256.000 dólares) y las horas que quedan (28), me parece seguro ya que tendremos segunda megaciudad.
Alcanzados los $3.5m en Kickstarter, que, sumados a los 0.1 que llevan por paypal, se queda aproximadamente en unos 3.6 millones...y todavía quedan 9 horas o así [plas] [plas]
Ya se han quedado sin objetivos para poner xD

Estos tios tienen ahora una responsabilidad muy grande, a ver lo que sale de esto....
Por lo que dicen, dan a entender que no van a poner mas objetivos. Que en vez de hacer el juego mas grande prefieren usar el dinero "sobrante" para hacerlo mejor. No me parece mal. Eso si, lo estan discutiendo.

Y la nueva imagen que han puesto (la enrada al templo), alucinante.

Por fin se lo que es el HYPE. [360º]
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