[HILO OFICIAL] WiiSX RX actualizado a 3.0 (12-09-2022)

En septiembre de este año el autor @niuus por fin después de ya dos años sin actualizaciones, ha actualizado su fork (mejora) del emulador original de Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1/PSX/PSone) para Wii WiiSXR hecha por Mystro256, llamado WiiSX RX, basada en el emulador PCSX-R, con mejoras de parte de PCSX-Reloaded y PCSX-df.



---WiiSX RX 3.0---
---September 12, 2022---

Evo branch, lots of updates.

Slow, progressive merge and update to xjsxjs197's WiiSXRX fork ( https://github.com/xjsxjs197/WiiSXRX_2022 ). Code updated until commit a03f618a895fb526bef35808a698dc52e0dbb4e1 (Aug 26, 2022).

- For now, discarded the "Languages" option, which tends to cause some minor random crashes on the UI, with certain actions.
- When you open a directory with CUE+BIN, only the CUE will be shown. This condition is only true if the CUE and BIN tracks contain the same name, i.e.: "Mortal Kombat Trilogy (USA)"
- CD-ROM plugin changed from CDR Mooby to CDR ISO (PCSX-df). Highly improved game compatibility, and Swap CD fix for many games.
- Keeping FranSPU sound plugin (psx4all) over the dfsound plugin (pcsxr), for the moment. This will give different compatibility/results on some titles when compared to the fork, and a tiny speedup.
- BIOS, MDEC decoder (FMV), R3000 CPU updates and fixes.

Thanks goes to the PCSX / PCSX-df / PCSX-r / PCSX-Revolution / PCSX-ReARMed teams, and xjsxjs197 code adaptations.

3rd party Wii Classic Controller and Pro extended support from RX 2.7 is retained, as well as PS1 / PS2 controller support through the 3rd party Wiimote adapter.

Experimental builds with PSX Multitap support also available. Compatible titles tested are included on a TXT inside the respective .zip

Find a growing list of new playable and tested games on the second post of the official WiiSXRX thread, here: https://gbatemp.net/threads/wiisx-rx-a-new-fork.570252/

Para Wii:
- WiiSX RX Wii: https://github.com/niuus/WiiSXRX/releas ... RX-3.0.zip
- WiiSX RX Wii (para ciertos juegos que usan multi-tap, experimental): https://github.com/niuus/WiiSXRX/releas ... ltitap.zip
- Otras versiones de WiiSX RX: https://github.com/niuus/WiiSXRX/releases

Enlace al hilo original en GBAtemp por si les interesa: https://gbatemp.net/threads/wiisx-rx-a-new-fork.570252/

Diviértanse con esta mejora del emulador de PS1 en Wii, y nos vemos en la próxima ;)

Saludos amigos :D
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