HEX-Flow Launcher - Lanzador de juegos con caratulas 3D

https://github.com/VitaHEX-Games/HexFlo ... r/releases

Display and launch your games and homebrews in style.
HexFlow Launcher features a 3d user interface to display your games with their box art and supports many customization options like custom covers and backgrounds.

Launching a game/app from HexFlow Launcher will close the launcher automaticaly without asking.

Custom Covers
Place your custom covers in "ux0:/data/HexFlow/COVERS/PSVITA/"

Cover images must be in png format and file name must match the App ID or the App Name of each app (recomended resolution 256x256px). Sample image

Custom Background
Place your custom background image in "ux0:/data/HexFlow/"

Background image must be named 'Background.jpg' or 'Background.png' (recomended resolution 1280x720px or less).

If you want to auto-launch HexFlow Launcher every time your PS Vita boots up you can use the AutoBoot plugin by Rinnegatamante.

Navigate your library using the DPad or the Left Stick or with the Touch Screen.

R/L triggers: Skip 5 items

Cross: Select/Launch game/app

Square: Change Category

Circle: Change View/Cancel

Start: Extras menu

Grab the latest version from the Releases page HERE

Programming/UI: Sakis RG

Developed with Lua Player Plus by Rinnegatamante

Known Issues
- Changing Categories multiple times might cause the covers to disappear

- Loading the library for the first time might seem slow depending on the number of games/apps you have installed

If you want to support my work you can become a Patron.

PayPal option is also available HERE

VitaHEX Twitter

VitaHEX Official Page
Que gran noticia, la verdad es que el launcher de la Vita no me gusta mucho la verdad, y mientras haya opciones mas intuitivas y que de verdad sean personalizables, pues para mi ya está perfecto. [beer]
Es mas, si fuese posibke tambien personalizar los juegos de PSP en el propio launcher, seria un puntazo; a mi adrenaline bubble manager nunca me funcionó, simplemente se salía [buuuaaaa]

PD: Me dio un aire al WiiFlow [amor]
Dereck101 escribió:PD: Me dio un aire al WiiFlow [amor]
También tiene un aire al Aurora, el gestor de xbox 360 con exploit.
Sirve para también para PSP, PSX y homebrews?
A mi me está dando un error 157:error opening SFO file

Miraré en github
A mi me está dando un error 157:error opening SFO file

Miraré en github

Me pasa lo mismo, alguien sabe que es?
Por Fin! Llevo pidiendo algo así desde el hen de la vita, luego lo pruebo y comento.
HEX-Flow Launcher updated to v0.2 and includes many new features and improvements.
Added support for PSP adrenaline bubbles (App ID must be "PSPEMUxxx")
Added PSP 3d boxes
Added Settings menu (Start button)
Added 1 new View option (Big view)
Fixed the Categories button (now it changes instantly)
Reflection effect can be disabled (Settings menu)
Added option to change the theme color (Settings menu)
Added option to set the startup category (Settings menu)
Changed font to support more characters including Japanese
Improved performance
Other bug fixes and improvements
*note: SD2Vita is not supported yet, only titles from ux0
fbuttem escribió:Sirve para también para PSP, PSX y homebrews?

A mi el Homebrew me funciona sin problema, PSP me sale vacío aún teniendo el Puzzle Quest y PSX no sale. Los juegos de vita sin problema pero con la portada de la burbuja, ya le meteré alguna portada del juego para probar.

Tras verlo yo me quedo con las burbujas, gracias por traerlo Gromber.
HexFlow-Launcher Version 0.3.1

Added 2 new theme colors (purple, orange)
Fixed centered text placement (thanks to Creckeryop)
Fixed issue that displays app names in two lines
Fixed "error 257" regarding path names

Added option to Download Covers (Settings menu)
Images are now loaded async (thanks to Creckeryop)
Startup time now takes ~4 seconds thanks to async
Added 1 new View option (3D Side view)
Improved Details page
Fixed fonts
Other bug fixes and improvements
HEXFlow Launcher v.0.4

Added PS1 Games Support (for PSX2PSP Bubbles)
Improved PSP Support (better GameID check)
Added background Music support (place your "Music.mp3" file in "ux0:data/HexFlow" folder)
Added Option to Change Language (German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian)
Added Option to download covers for PSVita, PSP, PS1 separately (Settings menu)
Added Option to download only selected game cover (Preview menu)
Improved Reflection Effect
Improved Preview screen
Other bug fixes and improvements

For PSP or PS1 bubbles generated by Adrenaline Bubbles Manager you must set the value of BubbleID to TitleID in the settings menu of ABM tool.

For PSX2PSP, game folder name must match with the GameID. For example "ux0:pspemu/PSP/GAME/SLES01234". Subfolders and psp categories plugin are not supported.
que buena idea. Tengo la consola cogiendo polvo, habra que sacarla a probar esto.
Hay alguna forma de que cuando encienda la ps vita, arranque está aplicación automáticamente como si fuera su Launcher nativo?
Gracias y un saludo
muchopoli83 escribió:Buenas!!
Hay alguna forma de que cuando encienda la ps vita, arranque está aplicación automáticamente como si fuera su Launcher nativo?
Gracias y un saludo

Con el plugin autoboot que lo tienes en el autoplugin 2 lo puedes hacer sin ningún problema
vaya chute le han metido, van por la 0,5
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