Games Developer Conference Europe 2002: Sesiones

En han colgado las sesiones del GDCE del 2002, con unas cuantas cosas interesantes.

GDC Europe 2002

Slides and Papers:

Session Title

Jonty Barnes
We Are Not Making Movies: A Postmortem of
Scripting in Black & White (55.5MB)

Mark Cerny
The Method (329KB)

Jason Doig
Hard-Tuning the PS2 (4.3MB)

Richard Evans
Social Processes: A Synthesis of Collectivism and Individualism (3.1MB)

Richard Huddy &
Jason Mitchell
DirectX 9 Shaders & Hardware (5.8MB)

Jeremy Longley
Cross-Platform Console Development: Our Experiences With Battle Engine Aquila (95KB)

Simon Price
The Future of Graphics Hardware (38KB)

Harvey Smith
Systemic Level Design (2.3MB)

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