¡¡ESTA VIVO!! MPC-HC ver 1.8.8 [No Oficial]

Despues de que se cerrara el proyecto de Media Player Classic - Home Cinema el año pasado, pues sigue vivo de manera no oficial, y asi llega la version 1.8.8

Descarga Oficial [de las versiones no oficiales]: https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releases

Hilo del programador que esta manteniendo vivo a MPC-HC: https://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=175209

Changes from 1.8.7 to 1.8.8:

- Updated LAV Filters to v0.74.1-24-g50b3a
- Updated MediaInfo DLL to v19.09

- Security fixes in PGS subtitle parser

Changelog 1.8.7 to 1.8.8:

* Updated LAV Filters to v0.74.1-24-g50b3a
* Updated MediaInfo DLL to v19.09

! Security fixes in PGS subtitle parser

Changelog 1.8.6 to 1.8.7:

* Updated LAV Filters to v0.74.1-20-gc76c1
* Updated MediaInfo DLL to v19.04

+ Added option for looping folder when playing next/previous file
+ Added option for specifying the preferred video format when selecting a stream from Youtube-DL results
+ A few other minor changes
+ Global Media Keys option is now disabled by default on Windows 10, because Windows sends a Play/Pause event in certain cases (e.g. when notifications appear).

! Fix: DVD region code bypass didn't always work

Me alegra, es el reproductor que más me gusta desde hace años.

@TRASTARO según recuerdo leer del foro donde lo están reviviendo que el que lo hacía básicamente decía que no añadiría funciones nuevas si no parches y demás ¿Eso sigue siendo así?o al final sí lo esta actualizando y mejorando y si es así por que no lo hace oficial en algún repositorio y tal

Olvida lo que he dicho de los repositorios que veo en tus enlaces wue si tiene un github

La verdad ese reproductor junto a VLC era el que usaba en windows la verdad para mi uno de los mejore si no el mejor a la par de VLC y muchas veces superandolo
En efecto, y es lo primero que aclara la persona que esta llevando este proyecto no oficial. Asi que es solo mantenerlo vivo pero no mejorarlo ni agregarle ni cambiar codigo.
TRASTARO escribió:En efecto, y es lo primero que aclara la persona que esta llevando este proyecto no oficial. Asi que es solo mantenerlo vivo pero no mejorarlo ni agregarle ni cambiar codigo.

Bueno algo es algo, espero que alguno se anime a coger el timon y seguir mejorándolo au que me imagino que por el momento con parches de seguridad y demás va fetén
En ese sentido es mejor PotPlayer Daum, el c ual esta creado para sacarle provecho al hardware actual y trae funciones que no tiene MPC-HC/MPC-BE sin decir que es un proyecto vivo
Por ahi hay otro que deberian resucitar, y es el splitter HAALI MEDIA SPLITTER.

La ultima versionq ue han compilado es la Haali Media Splitter

Media Player Classic MPC-HC 1.9.0 update brings dark theme support
The developers of the Media Player Classic application MPC-HC (Media Player Classic Home Cinema) have released version 1.9.0 of the media player for all supported operating systems.

Fuente: Ghacks

Changes from 1.8.8 to 1.9.0:

  • Updates:
    • Updated LAV Filters to v0.74.1-31-ge94f9
  • Changes/additions/improvements:
    • Added a dark theme option for the GUI. You can enable it through: Menu > View > Dark theme
    • The dark theme also has a more modern looking seekbar. You can adjust seekbar height in: Options > Advanced
    • Added option for vertical alignment of the video. This for example allows you to have a black bar only below the video.
    • Custom toolbar button file is now loaded using these filenames: toolbar.[png/bmp/svg] (normal theme / grayscale buttons), toolbar_dark.[png/bmp/svg] (dark theme / grayscale), color_toolbar.[png/bmp/svg] (normal theme / colored buttons), color_toolbar_dark.[png/bmp/svg] (dark theme / colored buttons)
    • Added support for playing contents of uncompressed RAR5 archives. Previously only RAR4 was supported.
    • Added manual search functionality to the subtitle download results window.
    • Improved positioning of PGS subtitles
    • Some optimizations for subtitle texture size. This should improve performance on systems with multiple screens. And also reduce GPU memory usage.
    • Added column sorting and a search/filter option to the keybindings options page.
    • The supported languages of the OpenSubtitles/SubDB subtitle providers are now hardcoded, so the player no longer needs to connect to the Internet each time the subtitle options page is viewed.
    • Reloading a stream with CTRL+E will now call youtube-dl again to get a fresh URL.
    • Added basic support for MPC Video Renderer (https://github.com/Aleksoid1978/VideoRenderer). What currently works with this new renderer is: Hardware decoding, Subtitles, and Pan&Scan. What not yet works is: OSD, Rotation, and Shaders. That will be added in a future update.
  • Fixes:
    • Crash when detaching a (cloned) monitor during playback.
    • D3D exclusive not working anymore when transitioning to fullscreen a second time.
    • Restored window size was sometimes wrong due to DPI settings
    • Workaround for Intel driver bug where Brightness and Hue values of -100 are unsupported.
Que tiene de especial respecto a otros reproductores?
Y pasamos a la version 1.9.1

https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releas ... .1.x64.zip
https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releas ... .1.x86.zip

Changes from 1.9.0 to 1.9.1:

- ICC color profile is now also applied on coverart
- Added LumaSharpen and Sepia shaders
- Added a shortcut for toggling default subtitle style (see Options > Player > Keys)
- Improved the visual appearance of the volume control in dark theme
- Improved the visual appearance of the transition to full screen (on Windows 8+)

- Fixed slow loading of huge playlist (regression in 1.9.0)
- Fixed autoplay issue with madVR on secondary screen (regression in 1.9.0)
- Fixed large text in option window due to text scaling of Windows 10 (regression in 1.9.0)
- Fixed issue where subtitles could be rendered at a too low resolution after video resize (regression in 1.9.0)
- Fixed a small memory leak with PNG coverart
- Fixed rendering of certain SSA subs that use opaque boxes as background for translated texts
- youtube-dl processing is now skipped when an URL points directly to a media file

Y contamos con la version 1.9.2

Changelog 1.9.1 to 1.9.2:
* Updated LAV Filters to v0.74.1-34-g1ceac

+ Added A-B Repeat functionality. You can set the timeline markers with [ and ] keys.
+ Added a 25% zoom shortcut and menu entry
+ Added support for reading title information (EXTM3U) from m3u playlist files.
+ Added mousewheel tilt left/right support for shortcut settings (Options > Player > Keys)
+ Added basic support for external WebVTT subtitles (.vtt). Only simple text formatting is supported. Advanced tags are ignored.
+ Significantly improved performance of adding (many) files to the playlist.
+ Changed logic of "Auto Fit (larger only)". Previously it would resize if the video was too large to fit on the screen. Now it always resizes when the video is larger then the specified auto fit factor percentage of the screen size.

! Fixed a few small GUI regressions related to dark theme
! Fixed a few rare crashes
! Fixed coverart not always loading for files with their own external coverart image file
! Improved compatibility of internal audio renderer with DTV playback
! When player is minimized it now stays minimized when adding files to playlist from Explorer
Version 1.9.3

Changes from 1.9.2 to 1.9.3:

- Updated MediaInfo DLL to v20.03

- When changing the video playback rate, external subtitles will now appear at correct time with matching rate. With embedded subtitles that already worked before.
- Improved responsiveness in seeking when dragging seekbar thumb
- Skip to next/previous file now also works after closing a file or when current file fails to play
- Screenshots are now taken at display aspect ratio
- Added option to include subtitles in screenshots
- Added workaround for AMD driver bug to make VP9 hardware acceleration work on compatible AMD GPUs
- Added support for AAC-ADTS audio format in DVB streams

- Fixed regression that broke parsing of .pls playlist files
- Fixed regression with auto-zoom dropdown box value
- Fixed regression with RAR source filter on archives with a single file inside
- Fixed bug that caused artist and title text to be displayed incorrectly on audio CDs
- Fixed a few other small bugs

Subtitle search/download using OpenSubtitles now requires a login. You can create a free account on opensubtitles.org website. After that, you can configure it here: MPC-HC options > Subtitles > Misc > Right-click on OpenSubtitles > Setup
Joder que ritmo de actualizacion n la virgen
aljares escribió:Joder que ritmo de actualizacion n la virgen

Yo me alegro si vuelvo a windows se cual volvería a ser mi reproductor de video favorito
MPC-HC > VLC > Smplayer + MPV
Nueva version 1.9.4
https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releas ... 34.x64.zip


- Added support for shaders, rotation, and statistics overlay for MPC Video Renderer
- Round down displayed time instead of rounding to nearest second
- Some changes to the player menu so that certain items are only enabled when relevant
- Enabled use of DrDump crash reporter

- Fixed regression in previous version that could break jump to next/previous file
- Fixed handling of 8-bit PCM in internal audio renderer

Pues me viene de puta madre, porque el ultimo oficial tenia un bug molesto que te continuaba la reproducción pausada si le dabas click a una notificación de escritorio
Version 1.9.6

Changes from 1.9.5 to 1.9.6:

- Updated LAV Filters to 0.74.1-60-g9842e

- Assigned Delete as a default key binding for "Move to recycle bin" action
- Added advanced option to configure how often the time in the status bar is updated. Changed default from 40 to 100ms.

- Fixed stability issue when seeking using a remote control app
- Improved loading speed of webvtt subtitle files
- Fixed issue with certain DVD menu transitions when using internal audio renderer
- A few other small fixes
. @ElChabaldelPc .

ElChabaldelPc escribió:Pues me viene de puta madre, porque el ultimo oficial tenia un bug molesto que te continuaba la reproducción pausada si le dabas click a una notificación de escritorio

Pues a mi no me ha ocurrido nunca nada de eso, quizás tengas mal algo del S.O., no sé decirte...

Yo sigo usando la última versión oficial (1.7.13) y hasta la fecha no he tenido ni un solo problema para que me reproduzca cualquier archivo de vídeo, ni he tenido ningún bug ni nada, no sé a veces hasta que punto las últimas versiones de los LAV Filters, etc... añaden alguna funcionalidad palpable o qué, o puede que la mayoría del contenido que se puede descargar no saque provecho de ellos, no sé, de momento y mientras no tenga ningún problema creo que seguiré con esta versión, así tampoco tengo que estar comiéndome la cabeza en actualizar, jeje ;)

1.9.6 to 1.9.7:


Updated LAV Filters to 0.74.1-64-g5162c


Improved drag&drop to better handle subtitle files


Fixed seeking in WebM files that only have audio cue points and no video cue points
Fixed wrong parsing of timestamps in certain WebVTT subtitle files
Several other small (crash) fixes

https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releas ... 44.x64.zip

Si van a alternar MPC-HC con MPC-BE, usen la version mas reciente de ese reproductor BE, ya que desde esta version, MPC-HC emplea un nuevo sistema de render y como son muy semejantes [al find e cuentas son ambos un fork del MPC original] el sistema puede confundirse y originar que existan culegues en ambos reproductores.

https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releas ... 70.x64.zip

Si van a alternar MPC-HC con MPC-BE, usen la version mas reciente de ese reproductor BE, ya que desde esta version, MPC-HC emplea un nuevo sistema de render y como son muy semejantes [al find e cuentas son ambos un fork del MPC original] el sistema puede confundirse y originar que existan culegues en ambos reproductores.
https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releas ... 26.x64.exe

- Updated LAV Filters to 0.74.1-75-gb1db4
- Updated MediaInfo DLL to 20.09

- Duplicate hotkeys are now highlighted
- Added support for using Ctrl/Alt/Shift modifiers for mouse actions
- Added new default mouse action for seeking through video: Ctrl + Mouse wheel
- You can customize hotkeys and mouse actions here: Options > Player > Keys
- Improved parsing of (local) M3U playlist files
- Streaming HLS M3U playlists are handled directly by LAV Splitter
- Added new menu entry for changing playback speed: Menu > Play > Playback rate
- Subtitle search on OpenSubtitles now also searches by file name if no match was found for file hash
- Improved DVD region code bypass
- "Launch files in fullscreen" option now only engages fullscreen for video files
- Improved display of URLs in titlebar
- Very long entries in recent file list are now shortened for better menu display
- Added advanced options for displaying the current audio and subtitle language in statusbar
- Improved support for external WebVTT subtitles

- Fixed DVD playback speed and menu issues with internal audio renderer
- Fixed issue where file could still be in use after closing it
- Fixed subtitle search on Podnapisi for Portuguese Brazil language (language code "pob")
- Fixed rare issue with subtitle queue that could cause flickering/blinking subtitles
- Fixed potential crash when taking screenshots with subtitles included
- Fixed issue where clicking on seekbar could trigger two identical seek actions
- A few other small fixes and improvements

https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releas ... 92.x64.zip

Lo sobresaliente es soporte directo a AV1

- Added dark theme
- Includes latest LAV Filters
- Added support for new codecs such as AOMedia AV1
- Added support for youtube-dl
- Added support for MPC Video Renderer
- Added A-B Repeat
- Subtitle performance improvements
- Lots of other useful improvements and additions in functionality
- Lots of bug fixes
Tengo que probarlo, el antivirus que tengo me avisa de actualizaciones pero si está en plan no oficial o en otro sitio nada, claro.

https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releas ... .5.x64.zip

Changes from 1.9.4 to 1.9.5:
- Added advanced option to disable crash reporter
- Added support for D3D11 shaders when using MPC Video Renderer

- Fixed several (rare) crashes found with the crash reporter

https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releas ... .9.x64.exe
https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releas ... .9.x64.zip

Changes from 1.9.8 to 1.9.9:


Updated LAV Filters to 0.74.1-92-g88da5


Added video preview functionality to the seekbar
You can enable this in: Options > Tweaks
For performance reasons, preview is only shown in case of local file playback. It is disabled for online streams and spinning discs.
Preview is currently also only enabled for files that have keyframes for fast seeking.
To avoid interference with the main video playback, preview does not use hardware accelerated decoding.
Don't enable preview if you have a slow computer that already struggles with normal video playback.
Added menu entries and hotkeys for toggling shaders on/off
Added support for CUE sheets
Increased default value for number of recent files that is remembered from 20 to 40
Reduced minimum allow playback rate from 0.125x to 0.05x
Some seeking improvements. Unprocessed seeks can no longer queue up when seeking is slow.
The internal audio renderer can now fallback to default audio device if it fails to initialize the output device that is selected in the options


Fixed some issues with parsing M3U playlists
Fixed issue with opening online .asx playlist
Fixed GDI resource leak in dark theme
Fixed hang with MPC Video Renderer if max subpic texture size was set to VIDEO
Fixed automatic metadata based rotation with MPC Video Renderer
Several crash fixes
Several other small fixes and improvements
Me pica la curiosidad. En qué se diferencia este reproductor de WMP o VLC?
En que tiene sus filtros decodificacores integrados, ademas de poder usar externos, tiene su propio sistema de mejoras visulaes, manejo del audio y aceptar el uso de filtros decodificadores externos o tambien filtros del manejo y mejoras de imagen externos [p.e. madVR], mejor control de los subtitulos, etc.
TRASTARO escribió:@Astro_Gungar
En que tiene sus filtros decodificacores integrados, ademas de poder usar externos, tiene su propio sistema de mejoras visulaes, manejo del audio y aceptar el uso de filtros decodificadores externos o tambien filtros del manejo y mejoras de imagen externos [p.e. madVR], mejor control de los subtitulos, etc.

Gracias compañero. Me lo descargaré y veré que tal. Un saludo ;)
Nueva versión 1.9.12

Changes from 1.9.11 to 1.9.12:


  • Changed default setting for subtitle texture resolution. This change only affects playback on screens with 4K resolution. In that case subtitles are now rendered at 1080p resolution (and then scaled to final size). This improves performance on such systems. You can of course change the setting to 4k if you prefer slightly sharper subtitles.
  • Some improvements related to the youtube-dl support.
  • Added support for downloading subtitles for streams extracted by youtube-dl. You can specify desired subtitle language(s) here: Options > Advanced
  • Strips html tags when found in SRT subtitles.
  • Added prompt when enabling OpenSubtitle option, mentioning than an account is required on their website.
  • Removed SubDB subtitle provider. Their site has been offline for a long time.
  • Removed obsolete RealMedia and QuickTime frameworks. These were only available in 32-bit builds, and were already not used by default anymore for a long time. Now such files are always played using the internal DirectShow codecs.


  • Fixed issue where recent file list could get cleared when opening a file with a very long path.
  • Several other small fixes and improvements.
MPC-HC 1.9.13:
https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releas ... 13.x64.zip

- Fixed bug that could result in very low quality subtitles in certain situations. [regression in 1.9.12]
- Fixed video display issue when moving the player to a larger resolution monitor. [regression in 1.9.12]
- Fixed "launch in fullscreen" option not working when D3D fullscreen exclusive mode was enabled.
- Fixed issue where a chosen audio dub was not loaded when opening a video through the File menu.
- Fixed a rare player freeze when manually loading subtitles. Could happen on very old systems if subpicture texture allocation failed.
Changes from 1.9.13 to 1.9.14
https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releas ... 14.x64.zip
https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releas ... 14.x64.exe

- Updated LAV Filters to version 0.75.1

- Some optimizations in the filter graph builder. Should give a small reduction in file loading time in some situations.
- Added a small safezone above and below the seekbar where (accidental) mouse clicks/drags are ignored.
- Improved backwards framestep for DVDs. It now seeks back ~500ms to ensure it shows a different frame. The DVD Navigator unfortunately does not offer better accuracy.
- Improved region code handling for DVDs
- Added support for loading external fonts for SSA/ASS subtitles. The player check for "fonts" subfolder in location of video file.

- Fixed regression that broke loading of audio dub through command line parameter
MPC-HC 1.9.16


x86 EXE: https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releas ... 16.x64.exe
x86 ZIP: https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releas ... 16.x64.zip
x64 EXE: https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releas ... 16.x86.exe
x64 ZIP: https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releas ... 16.x86.zip

Changes from 1.9.15 to 1.9.16:

- Updated LAV Filters to version 0.75.1-4-gfaff6
- Updated MediaInfo DLL to v21.09

- Added advanced option to specify location of Youtube-DL executable.
- Added support for yt-dlp.exe (fork of Youtube-DL).
- Added advanced option to display video fourcc and resolution in status bar.
- Added advanced option to display A-B repeat marker values in status bar.
- When saving a favorite you can now also store the AB-repeat markers
- Adjusting subtitle delay now also works with the external VSFilter/XySubFilter subtitle renderers.
- Enabled processing of play/pause command when no media is loaded, but playlist is not empty. This now also allows resuming playback by pressing spacebar or clicking on the video area.
- Clicking mouse middle button on the systray icon now toggles play/pause.
- When the global after playback event is set to "play next file in folder", the player will now close the current file when no next file is available. This allow the screensaver to activate.
- Added a second WASAPI based internal audio renderer. The existing internal renderer has been renamed to SaneAR (its original name). Don't ask what the difference is between the two. There is little difference in behavior and functionality.

- Fix for running DVB scan not working in stopped state.
Grqndes cambios haciendola la mayor actualizacion hasta ahora con soporte mejorado para win10 y win11, ademas de varioas correcciones.

MPC-HC 1.9.17

https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releas ... 17.x64.exe
https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releas ... 17.x64.zip

- Updated LAV Filters to version 0.75.1-10-g75744

- Added support for System Media Transport Controls in Windows 8.1/10/11. This displays playback controls for the player when adjusting volume in Windows. You can enable this functionality through: Options > Advanced > UseSMTC
- Some improvements to SaneAR Audio Renderer: It now automatically falls back to shared mode when exclusive mode is enabled but unsupported. Exclusive mode option no longer needs to be enabled for bitstreaming, instead it is used implicitly when bitstreaming.
- Generating a thumbnail sheet is now faster. It now seeks to keyframes as much as possible.
- Added an advanced option to disable automatic pause when locking the screen in Windows.
- You can now use "off" as a value in the subtitle track preference setting. It may follow language codes that you do prefer to use. In that case it will disable subtitles only if no preceding language code has matched.
- Some visual improvements to playlist numbering and title editing.
- Some improvements for subtitle selection and language name display for the rare situation where a language does not have a LCID.
- Some optimizations to the filter graph builder. This should speed up file loading in some situations.
- The player now reloads the video file when resumed after hibernate or very long pause (> 30 min). This is done as a workaround for driver bugs. It will remember playback position and track selection.
- DVB improvement: It now stores the symbol rate for scanned channels.
- Added support for wildcards in filenames in M3U playlists.

- Fixed subtitles being early by a few frames with VMR9 renderer.
- Fixed a subtitle parsing issue for files that contained 4-byte UTF-8 characters (such as emojis). Those are handled properly now.
- Fixed an issue with drag&drop of a folder onto the playlist window.
- Several other small fixes
Alguien sabe como cambiar internamente la forma en el que el programa busca los frames de un video en la linea del tiempo con el raton?

Antes en la version 1.9.7 x64 , a peticion de un par de usuarios (me incluyo) hicieron que, al desactivar el Fast Seek hiciera que al mantener el click izquierdo del raton en la linea del tiempo mientras se reproduce el video y lo movieras lentamente vieras el siguiente frame muchisimo mas rapido (respuesta de carga mas rapida), siendo mas preciso

A diferencia de ahora que te hace arrastrar el raton algo mas lejos para ver el siguiente frame

Se habló aqui , que cambiaron la reacción en el 1.9.7 a 100ms , pero no se en que parte del codigo o en que archivo del programa se debe modificar para hacer que ocurra este milagrillo (para algunos)


Alguien me puede ayudar, porfa?
Hola tenia instalado las version 1635 y de un dia para otro no me reprodujo mas videos y no podia abir firefox ni steam los desintale y volvio todo a la normalidad pero los instalo y no me deja abrir ciertos programas ¿ con esta version se solucionara?
Nada pierdes nada con probar ¿no crees?, porque ademas, sino te has dado cuenta puse la version para instalar y la version que no requiere instalar [descomprimes y usas]
MPC-HC 1.9.18:

https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releas ... 18.x64.zip
https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releas ... 18.x86.zip

- Updated LAV Filters to version 0.75.1-19-g80347

- The seekbar thumb now follows the mouse pointer when dragging and only jumps to final seek position after the drag ends. Previously it would jump to the actual (keyframe) seek points during the drag. This could give a jumpy experience for files with large keyframe gaps or short durations.
- Lowered minimum value for seekbar preview size option from 10% to 5% of screen width.
- Added advanced option to disable/adjust the reload after long pause behavior.
- Seekbar preview is now always disabled when playing from optical media.

- Fixed issue with parsing subtitles that have wrong line endings (CR only).
- Fixed issue where an online subtitle file wasn't parsed completely due to a filesize limitation in the code.
- A few other small fixes and internal optimizations.

Overview of features
A lot of people seem to be unaware of some of the awesome features that have been added to MPC-HC in the past years. Here is a list of useful options and features that everyone should know about:
- Dark interface
- Menu > View > Dark Theme
- When using dark theme it is also possible to change the height of the seekbar and size of the toolbar buttons.
- Options > Advanced
- Video preview on the seekbar
- Options > Tweaks > Show preview on seek bar
- Adjust playback speed
- Menu > Play > Playback rate
- The buttons in the player that control playback rate take a 2x step by default. This can be customized to smaller values (like 10%):
- Options > Playback > Speed step
- Adjusting playback speed works best with the internal audio renderer. This also has automatic pitch correction.
- Options > Playback > Output > Audio Renderer
- MPC-HC can remember playback position, so you can resume from that point later
- Options > Player > History
- You can quickly seek through a video with Ctrl + Mouse Scrollwheel.
- You can jump to next/previous file in a folder by pressing PageUp/PageDown.
- You can perform automatic actions at end of file. For example to go to next file or close player.
- Options > Playback > After Playback (permanent setting)
- Menu > Play > After Playback (for current file only)
- A-B repeat
- You can loop a segment of a video. Press [ and ] to set start and stop markers.
- You can rotate/flip/mirror/stretch/zoom the video
- Menu > View > Pan&Scan
- This is also easily done with hotkeys (see below).
- There are lots of keyboard hotkeys and mouse actions to control the player. They can be customized as well.
- Options > Player > Keys
- Tip: there is a search box above the table.
- You can stream videos directly from Youtube and many other video websites
- Put yt-dlp.exe in the MPC-HC installation folder.
- Then you can open website URLs in the player: Menu > File > Open File/URL
- You can even download those videos: Menu > File > Save a copy
- Tip: to be able to download in best quality with yt-dlp/youtube-dl, it is recommended to also put ffmpeg.exe in the MPC-HC folder.
- Several YDL configuration options are found here: Options > Advanced
- This includes an option to specify the location of the .exe in case you don't want to put it in MPC-HC folder.
- Note: instead of yt-dlp.exe you can also use youtube-dl.exe. I do however recommend using yt-dlp because that works better and has active development, while youtube-dl development is currently inactive.
- Play HDR video
- This requires using madVR or MPC Video Renderer.
- After installation these renderers can be selected here:
- Options > Playback > Output
- Ability to search for and download subtitles, either automatically or manually (press D):
- Options > Subtitles > Misc
- Besides all these (new) features, there have also been many bugfixes and internal improvements in the player in the past years that give better performance and stability. It also has updated internal codecs. Support was added for CUE sheets, WebVTT subtitles, etc.
me acabáis de alegrar la tarde, descargando.
y porque no usar MPC-BE??? que ese si lo actualizan y es la continuacion del mpc
Tanto MPC-HC como MPC-BE son continuacion del proyecto original MPC, pero cada uno sigue su agenda y objetivos ya oparticulaes, con sus prioridades a X desarrollos.
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