Drumaster Nos Trae Niveles Para El Doom

Drumaster ha actualizado su Web y ha añadido un pack de niveles muy interesante.

Drumaster en su web escribió:Today there is a surprise for you! :) I release some new PWADS I made for GP Doom to allow you to play all the final levels we couldn't reach before with GP Doom (Thy Flesh Consumed episode 4 for Doom I FULL, Wolfenstein levels 31 & 32 for Doom II, for Plutonia and for TNT = 15 new playable levels on GP32!) Use them as normal PWADS (TNT_FINAL.WAD for example is to use with TNT.WAD...). Final levels are available in Download > GP Doom section! :D

Además de un pack de armas y otras utilidades (para que todo el mundo se las descargue)

Drumaster escribió:I release some weapons patches I made for all Doom version (available in Download > GP Doom section). Those patches improve weapons graphics (better brightness for GP32) and show them more at screen. To use my patches, use Wintex (also in Download > GP Doom section) and merge each patch (with the "Merge in IWAD" command) with each of your Doom version (ex: TNT_PATCH.WAD with your TNT.WAD). Enjoy them! :D

Fuente de la noticia: Gp32News.
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