Downgrader para PSP 3.50 releaseado

Eso, que ya ha salido el HEN para bajarla con el lumines y tal.

Fuente maxconsole y dcemu

Sitio oficial:

To use this downgrader, you will need the following:

- A PSP, upgraded to the official Sony v3.50 firmware. You should also set your language settings to "English".

- A legal Lumines UMD, either the EU (ULES00043) or US (ULUS10002) version. The original, Platinum, or Greatest Hits versions are all fine. Support for the Japanese version will come soon.

- Sufficient intelligence and english language skills to be able to carefully and throroughly read the instructions.

- It would also help if you've previously run the Illuminati Hello World, so that you're familiar with how to run the Illuminati exploit.
For instructions on how to run the downgrader, see the Downgrader_HOWTO.txt file in the ZIP.

Future plans? Firstly, we intend to provide a solution for people who are stuck on firmware 3.10 or 3.11, unable to upgrade to 3.50 due to the new Sony checks. The exact format of that solution is still to be decided. We also intend to develop an eLoader for v3.50 HEN, so that those who do not want to downgrade will still be able to run some homebrew.

Y por supuesto el maravilloso tutorial made in eol para hacer el downgrade por nuestro querido Alek:
Excelente noticia felicidades a los que tienen firmware 3.10 en adelante a jugar se ha dicho
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