Dos nuevos juegos:Gates of Chaos y Shade:Wrath of Angels

Ambos juegos del desarrollador CENEGA.

Gates of Chaos sera un RPG y Shade sera un "horror game" de accion.

-Fotos de Gates of chaos para pc:

-Fotos de Shade para PC:

Nota de prensa:

Back to their roots as Nokia N-Gage meets CENEGA publishing
June 8, 2004

Nokia today announced that Prague-based CENEGA PUBLISHING is planning to deliver selected titles for the N-Gage platform. In the latter half of 2004 and early 2005, CENEGA and Nokia expect to release two titles: Roots: Gates of Chaos, an RPG featuring a exclusive storyline for the N-Gage platform, and Shade: Wrath of Angels, a 3D horror game with exclusive N-Gage multiplayer features.

"This is a fantastic chance for CENEGA games to take advantage of the unique mobile connected features that the N-Gage platform provides. The Roots: Gate of Chaos and Shade: Wrath of Angels on the N-Gage platform will allow players to join their allies and experience the real meaning of brotherhood in arms via multiplayer gaming over Bluetooth wireless technology. CENEGA fans will be able to enjoy two of their favorite games anytime, anywhere they wish," said Slavomir Pavlicek, General Manager, Cenega Publishing.

"Working with CENEGA means that N-Gage gamers can play fantastic titles like Roots: Gates of Chaos and Shade: Wrath of Angels, which should have gamers on tenterhooks across the globe. With Roots, and its support for up to 4-player multiplayer gaming and Shade's 2-player deathmatch mode, we expect to have a long and happy relationship with CENEGA and keep gamers thumbs occupied worldwide," said Pasi Pölönen, Director of Game Publishing, Games Business unit, Nokia.

The prequel to other, older versions of The Roots, Roots: Gates of Chaos on N-Gage takes place 1000 years in the past, in a time where the gods' struggle for world domination has turned into an open war. Wild hordes of monsters ravage the world as the gods fail to maintain the balance of the universe, concentrating instead on mobilizing their own armies in preparation for the final battle. A player's mission, should they choose to accept, is to become one of the gallant heroes fighting to help the Lady of Life defeat her nemesis the Demon Lord. Roots is playable in Cooperation and Competition modes with up to four players via Bluetooth wireless technology.

Shade: Wrath of Angels is an intriguing 3D horror action-adventure game which grips the player from the outset, as they find themselves wracking their brains to solve puzzles and problems of logic that would stump even Einstein. Throughout the game's four chapters, gamers must be ever alert as unexpected predators follow them through different times and dimensions. Gamers can use a range of attacking styles from close combat, spell casting, and gunfire to create a bizarre and unique gameplay experience that will leave them wanting more. Shade: Wrath of Angels is expected to have a two-player Deathmatch mode via Bluetooth wireless technology.

CENEGA PUBLISHING, s.r.o., based in Prague, Czech Republic, was founded in April 2002 to search and support new projects within Central and Eastern Europe to bring them to the worldwide market. CENEGA PUBLISHING, s.r.o. is a subsidiary of CENEGA N.V., a holding company to the largest computer software distributor in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary . For further information, please visit our website at:
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Haber si sueltan imagenes de las versiones ngage pero seguramente seran en 3d y por la pinta del juego, o cambian bastante la estetica o tendran que currarse un buen motor ya que parte de los juegos transcurren en exteriores amplios (pueblos etc...)
Dudo que funcione decentemente en la N-Gage con esos gráficos [+risas]

Ojalá me equivoque XD
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