Despertar del cementerio nueva versión

Despertar del cementerio nueva versión


Despertar del Cementerio and M33 CFW source code

This project is a continuation of the M33 Team's work with using modern technics and exploits. The main advatage over their version is this version supports 03g and the infamous TA-088v3. In theory the bootrom exploit used should work on any PSP hardware ever released, however 5.00 firmware only supports 01g, 02g, 03g.

The source code in this repositry is based on Despertar del Cementerio 7, 3.90 M33 published by Mathieulh and a lot of reverse engineering of DC8 and 5.00 M33. The psptools folder is used to encrypt and sign the built modules, a modified version of Infinity psptools.

Thanks to:

M33 Team Developers (Dark_Alex, adrahil, Mathieulh)
Mathieulh for answering my questions and rubberducking
Davee for 03g bootrom dump and psptools.
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