Corona 4gb. U1d1 voltages, trace repair. Only beeps

Please can some one share the voltages on u1d1
On a corona 4gb board please...

My cosole just beep and not turning on
Psu is orange light

i apologize about my bad english. its not my mother language and i seldom practice it.
i show you a few images that contains some little info about how U1d1 traces work (the first one its usefull if you need to repair blown traces) . you need to search the nand datasheet to know the "pin configuration" (to know what each pin does) . that information and a lot of repair and install schematics are avaliable in my custom autogg 17526 sofware version [toctoc]


Thanks for the images
Can some one tell me the voltage on the U1D1 pins from a working corona board please

Please can some one verify what the voltage should be on pin 1 on U1D1 nand
From My research U1D1, pin 1 is VDD but I am not getting any voltage

I have attached image, (taken from google, not mine) , highlighted in yellow is where the damage is.
On pad 1 on U1D1, the top trace has been rebuilt but no voltage on the VIA (circle hole)
what can i do
Also the trace from pin 2 going upwards has totally gone

Please can someone show where alternative points is

Also what is meant by "custom autogg 17526 sofware version"

you need to follow the pin 1 trace to locate the voltage circuit. i dont have any corona to show you how to do it. sorry pal
yes but can you show me, high lighting on the photo where it is pls

i dont have a corona console right now to scratch traces and to show where is voltage Ic to check the xbox voltage output . you need a multitester to achieve the goal. btw ... pin number its determined in "image 1" as the red pin on upper left side, pin 2 is the black one located down the red pin... etcétera

in image 2 pin #1 its marked with a pink rectangle marker located right in the bottom left of the shown image

you have marked pin number 2 in your image.... thats NOT the voltage trace ... thats the CLOCK (SCLK) pin

i need an image of your console. do you have blown traces or not? we can start with that
I have successfully done the trace repair but still beeping
I have checked all my standby voltages and they are ok

Then you need to recompile a new nand to flash it . only beeping issue can be result of a bad nand program. (if everything seems to be ok)
Thats what I do not know
Some say it is the ksb
some say that it could be mosfet, resistor or cap
I dont have another ksb and dont think it is the ksb

i dont have a firmware back up
please help


Dude... To put it simple: i cant help you if you dont describe all the problem. I can assume a lot of things ... I dont think its caused by a bad SOUTHBRIDGE either

Have you dumped the nand before or you have tried and you blown the traces or something?
The console was working fine on retail / stock firmware
The console needed trace repair and had no 3.3v
so i replaced u5a1 using ams117-3.3 method and now The console just beeps that is it nothing else
I have replaced the rf card and tried with front button as well as the power pads on the board
nothing happens just beeps
No light on RF card and power brick light is orange

I do not have nand backup / dump
I tested voltage on pin 1 on the nand and get nothing

please ... post all your pocedure with full steps ... like 1.- console was working fine .
". - i tried to solder the nanddumper and i blown pin number x, y ,z. i repaired the trace but..... etcétera

have you left oscilator crystal soldered to ground?
well i was trying to rgh it but my soldering iron was on the blink so the board screwed up
no wires soldered on to the crystyl

I have repaired several traces and checked all joints and connections with multimeter

post all procedure with detailed steps, or i will not be able to help you. thanks
What more detail steps
I have said everything
I tried to solder the usb sd reader wires but ripped some pads and some traces
all of that is now fixed but not turning on

i do not know how much more detail you want me to say as I have said
Hello All
Please can some one help
coul you please upload pictures of the nand area and the traces reparied?
Im trying but pics not coming out clear

What could be causing this..
Please help
Many Thanks
many things, without pictures i could not help you.
What could be many things
such as what

I have been doing some voltage measurements and attached are voltages found on J5B1
i think your South Bridge is dead, but not totally sure, could you upload pictures of your trace repair?
Can the south bridge be repaired without replacing
No, you would have to extract the South Bridge, measure voltages again, and if there is not any short, then replace the Sout Bridge for another working one.
the replace south bridge is expensive
so how do i know for sure if the south bridge is gone

what i have been reading is that people are saying it could be a cap or resistor

Dude ... First of all "THIS IS a SPANISH FORUM . so .... SPEAK IN SPANISH PLEASE, you can use the google translattor. Its easy to use . AFTER THIS MESSAGE im going to answer only in spanish

Ahora .. No somos adivinos ó magos para determinar la causa de tu problema si NO haces una descripción DETALLADA de cómo fué que averiaste tu consola para poder DETERMINAR una POSIBLE SOLUCIÓN.

Si no lo haces de esa manera NO podremos ayudarte... Es como si quisieras que un cirujano te haga una operación de páncreas con los ojos cerrados. saludos
I do not know how the console got this way
i dont

Cómo que sólo no sabes? ... Para empezar : estabas instalandole chip?, un nand dumper?.... La consola murió de la nada?... Empezó a fallar la fuente? (PSU) , reconstruiste pistas y alguna no quedó bien soldada?.... Trataste de hacer cambio de nand?.... Estás consiente de que cualquier error de voltaje NO sólo es provocado por resistencias ó capacitores defectuosos Y que también tenga que ver hasta en el SOUTHBRIDGE?.....

Vuelvo a repetir: no has explicado nada de nada. Sólo preguntar esperando respuestas exactas es IMPOSIBLE, como encontrar una aguja en un pajar
I was trying to read the nand to do a mod but wanted to get retail working first

i have checked all the traces over and over
all the wres checked

have not replaced nand because dpnt have backup of firmware

i dont have another south bridge chip to replace with

Checa las resistencia y capacitores cercanos al southbridge para asegurarte de que funcionan bien y que mandan el voltaje adecuado a la nand. Capacitores desvalorizados pueden ser problemáticos.
Eso antes de buscar un reemplazo de southbridge (si dices que no tienes entonces debes empezar a buscar)
can you highlight which ones please
thanks so much

No tengo una motherboard corona a la mano para enseñarte. Sigue todas las líneas de conexión entre el southbridge y la nand con un multímetro. Si son smd entonces basándote en su valor puedes medirlas. Un ejemplo.... Si tienes smd 221 eso equivale a 220 ohms...

Por eso necesitamos que nos mandes imágenes ... Aunque digas que se ven mal . sólo para tomarlas como referencia
ok i will upload
can you high light on images from google pls
which caps to test

I will greatly appreciate it so so sso much
On your last picture you show voltage measures, 0v (gnd) 5v , 3.3v and betweet those another 0v which should be 3.3v. normally that fault means ksb is bad, one way to measure that ic is test left SIDE of U1B1 (near SATA HDD) ,if you DON'T have that voltage then your ksb is bad. Removing ksb would restore your missing 3.3v. unfortunately you need a reballing machine to avoid further damages to the board
Dark Knight_TJ escribió:On your last picture you show voltage measures, 0v (gnd) 5v , 3.3v and betweet those another 0v which should be 3.3v. normally that fault means ksb is bad, one way to measure that ic is test left SIDE of U1B1 (near SATA HDD) ,if you DON'T have that voltage then your ksb is bad. Removing ksb would restore your missing 3.3v. unfortunately you need a reballing machine to avoid further damages to the board

Thanks for your reply
I do not have spare ksb, do you have one that you can send to me
I dont think it is the ksb
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