BREAKiNG NEWS: Paradox comment on PS3 iSO Loader!

segun dicen en foros ps3new lso de paradox an dicho k el isoloader no funciona en la consola pal!!!!!

Released minutes ago is Armored_Core_4_USA_PS3-PARADOX from the GODS @ Paradox. They have some very interesting comments on the PS3 iSO Loader and more as follows from the NFO File, and feel free to drop by iRC EFNet #PS3News as well:
| |
| Well where should I start? Seems there have been a large number |
| of LEECHERS moaning about our lack of 'special notes' or the fact |
| we haven't released a 'loader' for PS3 titles - something which I |
| feel is bang out of order since none of you f*ckwits have the |
| slightest idea of what is involved to produce this. |
| |
| We have been working on something for a while in which yes we have |
| dropped some hints in some areas not for you to think 'the loader |
| will be released soon' - more so we've hit a stumbling block lets |
| see if anyone else can help get us past this stumbling block - |
| Something which had worked previously for other problems. But what |
| do I see now? We give a great big pat on the back to someone who |
| did a great job for a similar thing on the PSP and he has the nerve |
| to have a go at US! NO Alej... P. B. we dont need help from |
| outside, if we need help we will ask it directly to the person! |
| Not with the help of a simple txt messages which is public! We |
| rather play a match of football against you on your brother stadium |
| name.. then some kind of lame war! Respect to you! And not to |
| a friend who thinks hes god! Even we are not GODS! |
| |
| So.....where are we now?? Quite simply another stumbling block. |
| We've been happly chugging along getting nice progress then got a |
| PAL PS3 and found it didnt work like it supposed to be! - seems |
| PAL is different in some ways, and no we know peoples will think |
| all firmwares are the same, so why would there be a different? |
| simple answer "Hardware". So were now trying to work on a solution |
| to this. |
| |
| So an ETA on this??? Could anyone please measure a piece of |
| string!! All we can say is it will be ready when its ready. Were |
| not the type of group that releases shoddy goods so sit back and |
| give us the time required to sort it. |
| |
| And to all those b*tching in forums STFU - if you wanna b*tch write |
| your own - oh sorry forgot your thick as fcuk and your knowledge is |
| limited to FTP downloads and WinRAR..... |
| |
| And need to remember we dont always hang around as |
| the boss/PDX or whatever but what you don't realise is without us |
| you wouldn't have been able to get to where you are today. |
| |
| From PDX Console Leader |
esto ya se ha comentado.

de todas maneras utiliza el foro de paradox, para tener solo un hilo y no liarnos mas
Repe. Ya se ha hablado de ello en el hilo oficial

Saludos [oki]

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