Beta 5 del Beats Of Rage ya disponible (Actualización: Ya está la 0.51)

Acaba de hacerse pública la beta 0.5 del conocido Beats Of Rage.
Parece que el programador no pierde el tiempo durmiendo y si todo sigue así, la versión definitiva no se hará esperar.


Gp32Xtreme escribió:Our great and the only Squidge has relesed new version of his great and the only ;) Beats of Rage GP32 port. Here is short changelog:

Still got the horrible selection screen at the front, but I think people can live with that for a little longer. This version does have
- a new sprite engine,
- more optimized code,
- ability to change the key mappings,
- and the possibility of saving your settings.
The new sprite engine does take up a little more memory, but no where near what beta3 used up.

Try it out and tell me what you think. I've tested it with Megaman and BOR itself, it may or may not work with other mods. When configuring new player controls, note that the Left paddle and "Select" buttons don't work (can't be selected) at the moment. I'm working on that.

From what I have tested myself besides original BOR pak and Megaman mod also works Mortal Kombat Konquest demo mentioned in the news below (this one when finished will really kick ass).

Fuente de la noticia: GP32Xtreme
Podeis descargar la beta de GP32X(se necesita estar registrado) o de Aquí (DRUMASTER)(próximamente).

BYE [360º] !!!


Parece que ya hay una nueva beta, 0.51.
Gp32Xtreme escribió:This release was faster than usual :) A few hours later Squidge strikes again with new version of GP32 Beats of Rage port which now allow to play other than Megaman and Mortal KOmbat Konquest mods (only those two worked in previous release):

Skeezix sent me a nice little explanation + code on why it doesn't work on the original paks of some mods (such as Ghouls N Ghosts Returns). So, thanks to him, it now works on these mods.

You can download and praise to your new idol ;) here. Below is a short compatibility list of all mods I own on my smc.

Working mods:

Mortal Kombat Konquest - working (and even it is only demo it kicks ass),
Ghouls 'N' Goblins Returns - working (i recommend you to play - it soo funny)
Megaman - working

Not working mods:
Castlevania mod, Sonic mod, Teenage Ninja Turtles.

Fuente: GP32Xtreme
Descarga Aquí (necesita Reg. en GP32X)
Drumaster seguro que la tendrá en Breve.
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