DVDMODMAN AKA MR T Feb-16-01, 01:36 PM (EST)
Hey you ****ing lamers
Why dont you all ##### of you robbing basterds!!!!!!
At least give guys like me some time to recoup the developement costs of the mod!!!!!

This ''chip ripping'' will STOP guys like me fron developeing modchips ever again! then what the ##### will you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fukin moddchip that saves you £££££££££££££
Whats wrong with ya ??? we gave the neo1 hex out FREE so you could play your ps1 backups.

I dont //remember the FIRST Playstation mod chip being FREE (the one s before mayumi and old crow)

And remember the hex code for MY neo chip IS copyright protected the chip rippers cant remove this and as NO ONE IN THE WORLD has the same chip i/and others will know they ripped it

sorry for the bitching but sometimes i get a bit PISSED OF!!!!

and a couple of responses......

"RE: To Mr. T"
Totally share your opinion and feelings. People spend more effort and time trying to get someone’s code than they would actually spend to design their own.
I haven’t looked in your code but I think you’re not loosing too much if someone extracts it. If you check archive of this and Hansi’s boards you will notice that in May/June 2000 several people had direct load chip for PSX games on PS2. For example the one we've done (hDl and KVaks) worked on Japanese PS2 playing ALL PSX games from any region, originals and copies WITHOUT any swap FULL software colour correction and PAL (vertical size and position) problem fix. We didn’t work on PS2 since that time but do not worry mate, the chip you’ve done now must be very basic anyway.



P.S. First paragraph of this msg is the main one, the second one just for your knowledge.

and another..........


Mr DVDMODMAN.. You are the ****ing joke!!!!
Your piss weak excuse of a chip relies on the ar2 (original at that...Your chip obviously can't even load a PS2 copy.. hahaha ) to play ps2 copies. You haven't even worked out secondary protection yet
You blokes did not have a clue until "static" came across gs2/ar2's ability to boot copies, so where is your so called development costs???

You say you don't remember the first mod being free(before old crow etc)...FFS at least you could throw in a disc and the bloody thing would play...(I'm sure people wouldn't mind paying "top dollar" for something that works properly...Not like your pissweak swap with ar2

I would suggest getting off your arse and writing a decent code instead of sitting back ripping off people to the tune of $49US per chip That's if you are as good as you claim...

I suppose we will be getting ripped off with "walters" new code for PS1 as well

While on this subject, when will we see a chip that does all?????????????
joe tio!! mas vuelto loco
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