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-Actualizada la sección de GP32 en "PD roms"
GP32News escribió:The GP32 section is back on PDRoms !

Kojote just put this section online back, and it's already up to date for almost 98%.
You should go to see this section here !

Source : Kojote from IRC

-Actualizada la web del Gigas engine (Seguro que pronto estará lista la nueva versión [0.7.0])
Recordad que con el GIGAS ENGINE se pueden crear juegos de rol (RPG).



GP32News escribió:Pirotic updated his website and added some screenshots of the next to come version 0.7.0 of Gigas Engine

Discover them HERE

Source : forum of GP32 Xtreme

-Nueva Web del Insane Night


GP32News escribió:Mad Tea Time, creator of Insane Night, has a new website

Discover it HERE

Source : GPZigi

-Novedades para el mod de "Heretic" (Para GPDoom)
Imagen Imagen

Imagen Imagen

GP32News escribió:Drumaster updated his pwad of Heretic

The improvements are :
- I finished the status bar that is now complete (ammo; arms, armor...) and it's
more lovely. ;)
- A lot of new graphics and sounds (many old Doom one replaced by new
Heretic one), as enemy shots, voices, teleport effect... ;)
- If I did well my work, you shouldn't see any Doom enemies anymore. :)
If you do, please tell me. ;)
- I put the weapons at the good vertical place but it's difficult because
GP32 and PC versions haven't the same vertical weapon place and I don't
have any GP32 to test it but now it should be good. :)

-Y una nueva entrevista de Hooka (Esta vez al creador de XRoar [emu de "Dragon 32/64" y "Coco"])
GP32News escribió:Hooka did an interview of Sixxie, the creator of Xroar on GP32

Source : Aquafish on our forum

Fuente de las 5 noticias: GP32News.
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