10 razones para esperar Revolution (IGN de nuevo)

#10. Limited Funds and Quantities
There it is: the most obvious reason to stay away from Microsoft's new console. Ironically, you may have no choice in the matter. Xbox 360 doesn't come cheap and it doesn't come easy. The low-end system retails for $299 and the high-end version for $100 more. Add in a second wireless controller, a network adapter, and a handful of games, and the platform could set you back as much as $1,000 smackers. That's a lot of cash to drop for the so-called high-definition gaming revolution.

Every bit as big of a deterrent is that Xbox 360 is only available in very limited supply through March of next year, according to Microsoft. What this really means is that if you haven't pre-ordered it already, you won't be able to get it in time to enjoy it this holiday. Just ask the thousands of gamers who camped out in front of their local videogames retailer for 12 hours straight only to be turned away when supplies fell well short of expectations.

The news gets worse. If you're a desperate parent who promised your son a 360 for Christmas, but didn't reserve a unit a head of time, you'll have to break the bank to make good. Crafty consumers are already selling 360s on EBay, but they're going for ridiculously inflated prices. We don't know what's more frightening: the fact that sellers are asking $2,000-plus for the system, or that these auctions are still yielding dozens of bidders.
A screenshot of Perfect Dark Zero, which plays exactly like its N64 predecessor.

#9. Same Games, Prettier Graphics
We don't want to downplay some of the presentational accomplishments that first generation games have already demonstrated on Microsoft's new console. Certainly titles like Condemned bring to the table more atmospheric and immersive gameplay environments than were commonplace in the previous round of consoles. And yet, if you're expecting completely new gameplay scenarios, you're bound to be in for a disappointment with the 360 selection -- at least thus far. The fact of the matter is, all of the Xbox 360 launch titles offer prettier, more realistic graphics, but don't really play fundamentally different from current generation projects. Perfect Dark Zero, for example, plays a lot like Perfect Dark (N64) with significantly enhanced visuals. Madden 360 plays like Madden, but it looks more lifelike. Are we still impressed? Sure. But is it enough to warrant a new, pricy console? Perhaps not. If you only pick up a console per generation, you might consider waiting to see what the competitors offer. Whether you ultimately choose to go with a PlayStation 3 or a Revolution, you might be better served, and for exceptionally different reasons. PS3 promises more power than 360 and potentially greater visual accomplishments. In contrast, Revolution is set to bring about an entirely new way to play games.

#8. 360 Doesn't Have Legend of Zelda
We don't want to dwell on the obvious, but it is an important point, especially since you're reading a Nintendo-centric channel and not a Microsoft one. Xbox 360 may have a lot of things going for it, but the platform doesn't have The Legend of Zelda franchise -- and it never will. If you want to control series hero Link in an all new home console adventure, you can only do it with Nintendo Revolution. And the same is true for all of Nintendo's major games, from Mario to Pikmin, F-Zero and Kid Icarus. You can only find them on one next generation platform and it's not Xbox 360. Considering that millions of gamers have stayed loyal to the Big N through the years simply because they adore these characters and franchises, you'll definitely want to consider this point when planning your next hardware purchase.

#7. Girls and Grandpas Will Play Revolution
Not exactly a riveting headline, we know, but there's some truth to it. Microsoft's new console is designed from the ground up to appeal to hardcore gamers and it shows. There are several major first-person shooters available at the system's launch to prove this point. And that's just fine. But what about the rest of the world? Can you ever look forward to the day when your girlfriend legitimately wants to play a videogame with or against you, or is it destined to remain a reoccurring daydream? It just might happen, if Nintendo has its way. The company has designed Revolution to be an attractive entertainment option for casual gamers -- a.k.a. your mom, your girlfriend and your grandpa. That's because many Revolution games will be pick-up-and-play friendly and offer enhanced multiplayer components. The official teaser video for the console's new controller spotlights casuals as they intuitively enjoy everything from cooking to tennis games. Will it really happen? It's still up in the air, but there's certainly a better chance with Revolution than any other console. And you know you want to rock your girlfriend in a Revolution-exclusive fly-swatting contest.

#6. Metroid Prime 3
True enough, Samus Aran is one of the greatest videogame heroines ever created and she's reason enough to wait for Revolution over Xbox 360 if you're only getting one system. But we're citing Metroid Prime 3 here to make a point, which is that Revolution will also cater to hardcore players with traditional software. Prime 3 is already deep in development by Retro Studios and it will make use of Revolution's pioneering controller for a level of precision and freedom simply not possible on Xbox 360. Halo 3 may be the most anticipated FPS of all time, but we will guarantee you this right now: Metroid Prime 3 is going to absolutely eclipse it where control is concerned. And that really begs the question, are we playing these games or are we looking at them? Hardcore players can look forward to a variety of adult software on Nintendo's new system, including a new Final Fantasy, a first-person shooter from Ubisoft, and much more. And since developers are already dedicating large teams to make Revolution software, discerning crowds can finally look forward to something sorely missing from the majority of third party GameCube titles: original efforts designed from the ground up for the system.

#5. Revolution Will Be a Lot Cheaper
It comes back to price. Do you want to pay $400 and up for your videogame system? If the answer is no then you should skip 360 and wait for Revolution. Nintendo's future console will ship at a price point hundreds of dollars cheaper than competitors. We don't have official numbers yet, but early word from analysts, developers and even Nintendo itself is that a mass market price is absolutely integral for Revolution's launch. Some have speculated that the console could debut at under $200 big ones, which seems to be the magic number for the majority of consumers.
Revolution plays five generations of games. Here we see Mario on NES, S-NES, N64 and GCN.

#4. True Backward Compatibility
Microsoft calls Xbox 360 a backward compatible console, but that's not entirely true. The fact is, hundreds of Xbox games -- like The Chronicles of Riddick -- cannot yet be played on the company's latest machine. This is unfortunate because it means that 360 buyers will need to hold onto their original Xbox systems to play many older offerings, which is not ideal, particularly for minimalists who'd prefer to avoid clutter in their living rooms.

Revolution is in contrast the ultimate backward compatible console. It not only plays every GameCube title in existence, but potentially every game ever released for a Nintendo platform. The Big N refers to this functionality as a "virtual console." The system accepts both GameCube and Revolution discs into its slot-loading drive. Meanwhile, four controller ports and two Memory Pak slots located to one side of Revolution enable full GameCube support. But the fun doesn't stop there. Revolution works in conjunction with Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection service, allowing users to connect to designated servers and download their favorite NES, S-NES and N64 games, all of which are fully playable.

Super Mario Bros. Super Mario World. Super Mario 64. Super Mario Sunshine. Super Mario 128. Five generations of AAA software. One console.

Xbox 360 cannot begin to compete.

#3. Revolution is Small, Stylish, and Quiet
Xbox 360 may have a stylish design, but the system is neither small nor quiet. These issues are not to be shrugged off or underestimated. Consumers today are more demanding than ever before. They want form and functionality. Case in point: Apple Computer has made a name for itself with products that meet the computing requirements of buyers without sacrificing hardware presentation. The design of Revolution would likely make Apple's people proud. It's gorgeous. Not only does its glossy white (or black) shell look like an Apple concept, but it's tiny, doing for consoles what iMac does for computers. Gamers can with Revolution fit the device anywhere and the chances are good that it will look outstanding. Complementing both the machine's design and its size is another welcomed truth: it's going to be incomprehensibly quiet, according to Nintendo.
The Xbox 360's power adapter is roughly 1,000 times larger than Earth.

These benefits may seem easy to dismiss, but trust us when we stress that they're worth your consideration. We've been playing with our Xbox 360s for a couple of weeks and they're big, they're bulky and they're loud. The 360's power adapter alone could probably serve as a foundation for a two-story house -- it's that big and obtrusive. And when powering through a game of Perfect Dark Zero, we need to turn the volume up to distract ourselves from the system's overbearing fan.

#2. Super Smash Bros. Online
It would have been easy for us to compile this list had we chosen to simply feature a series of inevitable Revolution games. Certainly the next generation console versions of everything from Pokemon to Nintendogs would be more than enough reasons to convince Nintendo fans to wait for Revolution. But we decided to instead pull back a little ways and look at the potential of the console as a whole. Now, however, we're going in for a closer peek. If any single game sums up the potential of Revolution, or why you should wait for it above any competing system, it's the new Super Smash Bros. title. It's underway by Nintendo and HAL and it promises several amazing things: first and foremost, an unparalleled cast of cherished mascots. Second, new and improved fighting mechanics made possible by way of the Revolution controller. And every bit as important, a massive online multiplayer component. The GameCube Super Smash Bros. Melee remains one of the console's best titles, and gamers continue to explore it at great lengths even today. The Revolution sequel could be vastly superior.

Now let's step back again. Super Smash Bros. Revolution is significant because it also represents Nintendo's long overdue journey into home console online gaming. The possibilities are endless. Imagine an online-enhanced Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Or an online interface in Metroid Prime 3 where you play as Samus and your friends as Space Pirates.

We would never speak ill of Xbox Live. It is a phenomenal service and a major reason to pick up an Xbox 360. But if given the chance to play Perfect Dark Zero or Mario Kart DS online, we'd choose Nintendo's racer any day of the week -- and it is bound to pale in comparison to the inevitable Revolution version. If you are like us, you may want to skip 360 and wait for Revolution.

#1. The Controller Will Change Everything
Let's get right to the point. High-definition games look fabulous. Xbox 360 has them and Revolution doesn't. So if you're a Nintendo nut who's keen on in-game visuals -- and we all are -- you're probably disappointed with Nintendo's decision to cut HD from its next generation console. That's understandable. We're not asking you to forget about the omission. We are, however, suggesting that you reconsider your gaming priorities. Because there will come a point -- maybe this year, maybe in two or three -- when the novelty of crisper textures wears a little thin. And what do you have left? What has always been and what will always be the most important element of any videogame: gameplay.

If you're the type of gamer who agrees with these statements then you will absolutely, positively want to skip Xbox 360 and wait for Revolution.

Nintendo's next generation console is poised to live up to its codename. Not because it can process a gatrillion polygons. Not because it can run every game at 120 frames per second. But because it dares to change the very definition of videogames with a unique new controller that dismisses many of the mechanical fundamentals that Nintendo itself invented.

Revolution owners will no longer be limited by their controllers. The pioneering peripheral transcends the archaic dual-analog setup to give you full 3D movement and manipulation in your games. You can swing a sword like you would in real life. You can dice an onion as though it were right in front of you. Or you can shoot down an enemy as if the gun were in your hand and not merely a clumsy extension of an analog stick. This is true gaming innovation and its uses are limitless.

The Revolution controller (with its accessories) will cater to both the hardcore and casual gamer in ways not possible on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. It will enable new and inventive games not possible on other systems. And it will potentially make games better than they have ever been before.

Pues ademas de ps3, tambien lo han puesto con revolution.
Yo me qedo con la xbox360 xDDD.

bueno ami como me convencen las 2 me quedo con las 2 xD
The Xbox 360's power adapter is roughly 1,000 times larger than Earth.
Pos pagar 300€ por un cacharro que no es mas grande que el adaptador de 360 es un robo xDDDD. Joder al menos que parezca que hemos comprao algo, que luego la peña dice pero tio que has comprao eso que es? 300€ por esa cosa con una raja xDDDD.
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Increible como son de pesadas algunas paginas, la cruz esta echada, tan pronto dicen una cosa como dicen otra diferente.

Lo que puede hacer el puto dinero......

Y yo, como muchos disfrutaremos de nuestra XBOX360, mientras que otros están aun una patata de PS2, que ya se a quedado atrás desde el día que salio la XBOX.
Aun que, hay gente que PS2 cree aun que es la mejor maquina del mercado. Y si, lo fue, y eso pensaba yo tambien hasta que me compre la XBOX. Cosa que no me paso cuando compre la PS2, cuando aun tenia la Dreamcast, pensaba para mi este es el gran cambio si vamos a peor.

Esto son gilipolleces y son cosas que sabemos de sobra, por norma general la consola que sale mas tarde tiene que ser mejor que todas las demás que haya hasta ese momento en el mercado, ya sea hace unos meses o años. Salvo nintendo, que va a su bola, hasta ahora.

Yo e disfrutado y seguiré disfrutando de las consolas que tengo y e tenido y voy a tener, pero como todo, en su momento.

Y ahora el día 2 va a ser un gran momento.
No entiendo nada, no se a lo mejor cuandos saquen la PS3 i la Revo haran lo mismo a la inversa ?

Pero en fin, lo mejor es poder pillarse las 3 no ? [looco]
10 razones para no esperar a xbox 720.

1. Jugar a xbox 360 y no leer cansineces.

2. lo de la fuente de alimentacion tiene su gracia [poraki]

etcetera [alien]
¿Y esto no deberia ir en multi? Al igual que el de 10 razones para esperar a la ps3. Lo digo por que ya van dias que cae mucha mierda en el subforo x360 y ya cansa.

Yo tenia claro desde un principio decidirme cuando estén todas en el mercado.

Por ahora puede que estas navidades solo caiga una DS para mi y una GP2X para mi hermano :-)
Tranquilizaos tios, se ve que IGN está haciendo ésto con las consolas. Seguro que cuando se sepa más de PS3 o Revolution, harán otro reportaje, estilo "10 razones por comprarse la Xbox 360 y no la PS3/Revo". Si ésto no es asím completamente de acuerdo con vosotros...

URTYK escribió:Pos pagar 300€ por un cacharro que no es mas grande que el adaptador de 360 es un robo xDDDD. Joder al menos que parezca que hemos comprao algo, que luego la peña dice pero tio que has comprao eso que es? 300€ por esa cosa con una raja xDDDD.
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1 razon porque voy a comprar Xbox 360, Ps3, y Revolution (si puedo)

La Razon: Porque tengo dinero y puedo comprarlas.

Juas. [poraki] Faltaria mas. Estan locos estos romanos, y encima hay un año enterito para ahorrar ¿o es que no se han dado cuenta, es como si se hubieran puesto de acuerdo y todo?

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10 razones para esperar a la PS3----------- perfecto, que digan lo que quieran.
10 razones para esperar a Revolution----- perfecto, que digan l que quieran.
1 razon para comprar la Xbox 360---------- porque con mi dinero hago lo que me salga de los cataplines.

Si todavia pusieran cosas con fundamento...........
pues mira, me han convencido, mañana voy a cancelar la reserva [poraki] [poraki]
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